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Friday, March 3, 2017


The guy who got 5 deferments for a bone spur on his foot during the Vietnam war, and who was cavorting and having sex with so many women that he called his chances of getting an STD his own "personal Vietnam," -- that guy put on a Navy jacket and hat and played "Military Guy" to the disgust of military people who actually served their country:

My skin crawls watching this man wear the uniform of my service. This is disgraceful. 
President Trump praises former president Gerald Ford aboard USS Gerald R. Ford
@BostonGlobe As a vet, seeing this disgusting, pathetic man in that getup aboard the new carrier makes me sick to my stomach. @DeptofDefense
As a vet, I am appalled to see draft-evading  donning a military cap & jacket on a naval aircraft carrier!Insult to navy seal who died
“Trump speaks on aircraft carrier”
Always hate when POTUS use mil personnel as props. Most of the time, they are ordered to attend. -Vet
As a Navy vet, I truly disliked seeing Trump struting around the Gerald Ford carrier. 4 or 5 defferments! Sad
Happening now: @POTUS Trump delivers remarks at the PCU Gerald R. Ford in Newport News, VA
@WhiteHouse @POTUS As a Navy vet, seeing that shirker Trump play at Commander-in-Chief on a carrier makes me ill.
"These veterans are right to be angry. President Trump “loves” our veterans and our military servicepeople – but only as political props for photo-ops.
When it comes to actually doing anything to help or support them, so far all he’s managed to do is to get a Navy SEAL killed in a poorly planned raid, used that SEAL’s widow for a despicable publicity stuntand close down childcare centers at military bases.


Flying Junior said...

Hey! I have this great idea for fixing the economy while at the same time giving huge tax cuts to the uber-wealthy. Wanna hear it? We're going to dramatically increase military spending! Yep. You heard it here first. One more thing...

Once that money is spent, it doesn't exactly just disappear, ask VP Cheney how that works.

Oh yeah. Here is another way I'm going to make America great again. Let's build up a huge force of militarized, private police. Then we an build more prisons at public expense and run them for fun and profit as private prisons. Incredible! It's going to be so amazing.

Presidential? You tell me.

Shaw Kenawe said...

So, F.J., are you the one who's been advising Lord Dampnut?????

Jerry Critter said...

Too bad Trump is "acting" as president instead of being president. Is he still taking weekends off?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry: "Is he still taking weekends off?"

Yes. He's back at his mansion in Florida playing golf. Presidenting is HARD WORK! He's been on 4 golfing weekends and he hasn't been president for 2 months yet. Imagine the squeals from the Goopers if Mr. Obama had done this.

The joke is that Camp David is accumulating cobwebs, since #45 hasn't been there yet. He's too grand for such a place, not enough gold trim on it for him and Mrs. #3.

Rational Nation USA said...

America's new "normal" activities for presnit. Confusion, chaos, tweeting, and golf.

It's a brave new alternative reality of false facts designed to benefit the acting president in every way. And ACTING really is the appropriate description of the man himself.