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Friday, October 13, 2017

Can Someone Explain The Difference?

Compare and contrast Trump's pledges to Americans in Texas vs. Americans in Puerto Rico.

What do you suppose is the reason Trump pledged to be there "every single day after to restore, recover, and REBUILD!" Texas, but is telling Puerto Rico not to expect help from their government  "forever?"

Can someone explain the difference?

Eugene Robinson: 

 "The need to solve the island’s debt problem and update its infrastructure is worthy of serious discussion, but not while people are having to collect unpurified water in buckets from mountain springs — and not as some kind of justification for cutting off relief aid. [...] 

This may be the most un-American thing Trump has ever said or done. I am serious that if he actually withdraws emergency assistance while Puerto Rico is still in such condition, Congress should begin impeachment proceedings. Presidents do not get to pick and choose which Americans to help at times of disaster. We are one country, and we do what we must to help fellow citizens in need."


Dave Miller said...

Everyday this presidency gets worse. I prefer to assume he's just clueless about Puerto Rico but it certainly seems like he considers people there second class citizens.

And the feckless GOP leadership is still silent, as is his cabinet.

The Spirit of Free Choice and Righteous Judgment said...

Trump obviously does not view Puerto Rico and her inhabitants as Americans. Certainly not a Americans worthy of extended assistance during the islands recovery and rebuilding.

okjimm said...

well, trump is uncertain of so much. I think he best talk with the President of the Virgin Islands and have the difference explained to him. V-E-R-Y SLOWLY.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... whY would you expect better from this crowd? Yesterday Rick "Oops" Perry called PR a country and today DJT spoke about the President of the Virgin Islands...

Obviously these guys missed a few classes in school.

Ray Cranston said...

The stupid president Donald Trump doesn't know he's the president of the Virgin Islands and Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a country.

A stupid party the GOP deserves its stupid president and administration. unfortunately we have to suffer their stupidity.

Infidel753 said...

Gosh, the candidate who made anti-Latino bigotry practically the foundation of his campaign is now being negligent about helping Latino US citizens? Who could have seen that coming?

In view of Trump's failure to act, the mayor of San Juan has now appealed to the UN for the help that our own government isn't providing. Puerto Rico is already getting assistance from private companies -- and from Germany. It's a shameful embarrassment for the US.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Spirit, okjimm, Ray President Donald Trump on Friday lamented attacks on American “values” and vowed to protect religious groups in a speech given just over a year after a tape of him bragging about sexual assault went public.

Addressing a crowd at this year’s Values Voter Summit, an ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ event, Trump said he wants to end “attacks on Judeo-Christian values.”

Irony died a long time ago -- June 2015, to be exact.

The guy who's been married 3 times and who cheated on all three wives and who bragged about having affairs with other men's wives in his book; the guy who cheated people out of their money in his fraudlent university scam and then had to pay $25 million to settle, the guy who mocked a POW, a disabled journalist, and a Gold Star family; the guy who encouraged violence at his rallies during his campaign; and last, but certainly not least with this immoral president, the guy who bragged about grabbing women's private parts because he's a star --THAT GUY -- spoke at the "Values Voter Summit!

I don't care what excuses they make for their continued support of DJT, by their continued support they prove they are VALUELESS VOTERS. And hypocrites.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, Trump's shameful reaction to the devastation in Puerto Rico is just another manifestation of his bigotry. We saw it again when he showed up at a "Value Votes Summit," an organization that is virulently anti-LGBT, and considered a hate group.

Trump lied during his campaign when he said the LGBT community has a friend in him. But saying Trump lied is about as surprising as saying the far right Evangelicals are hypocrites.

Dervish Sanders said...

Virtually everything Trump said before and after the campaign was and continues to be lies. The evil racist scumbag DOES NOT CARE what the truth is. Lying is just his MO. I bet a lot of the time he doesn't even realize what he's saying is provably and categorically FALSE. Although, like I said, he wouldn't care. The purpose of speech (as far as this amoral a-hole) is concerned, is to get what he wants... and that's it. Truth, honesty, integrity and basic human kindness and decency aren't considerations for him.

Texas and Florida gave him electoral votes while (if it were a state) PR would have gone for Hillary. That, and it's an island of Hispanics. They can eff off for all he cares. BTW, Puerto Rico was originally home to the TaĆ­no Indians... until Columbus slaughtered them and sold them into slavery. A fact the racist-in-chief failed to mention in his Columbus Day Proclamation. "Diversity" for him appears to be a reference to various White Europeans emigrating to the US and NOT Black, Brown and Asian people (or the Native people who were already here).

Howard Brazee said...

Two differences.

Race & culture is one.

Who Puerto Rico voted for is the other.