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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Donald Trump" Working hard to insult and disrespect England's beloved Queen Elizabeth II.


London expected 50,000 anti-Trump protestors. Instead, a quarter-million marched.

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Shaw Kenawe said...

Aol is reporting -- Poll: Majority of Russians dislike President Donald Trump

The Russian people dislike our awful POTUS! It appears only the ex-Commie KGB dictator of Russia admires President Spanky.

Lindsey's Graham Cracker said...

Trump has an 11% approval rating in Britain. He thinks they love him. LOL! What a jackass!

Jerry Critter said...

Trump thinks 11% is really 110.0 written in Russian.

Adam said...

To be fair, it's a lot of gas money from the trailer parks to dc.

Howard Brazee said...

I wish that didn't mention bowing - has *any* president bowed to the queen? But the other disgusting things he did are how he treats everybody - especially women.

Ray said...

What does it tell you that more Brits showed up to tell Trump "FUCK OFF" than Americans showed up for his inauguration?

skudrunner said...

Guess if he was running in Britain he would lose the election.

Rational Nation USA said...

I doubt Putin admires tRump Shaw. Putin is a seasoned operative, a professional in his line of work. He is shred, one hell of a lot smarter than tRump, and he is manipulating the Orange Haired narcissist. I have little doubt but what Putin will play the Orange Turf like a fiddle and tRump won't have a clue he's being played.

America elected a clown with delusions of grandeur and America is going to pay a huge price.

Howard Brazee said...

No president bows to a queen. That said, everything else is how Trump treats everybody, especially women.