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Saturday, July 21, 2018

This is why we call trump supporters "cultists."

This is shocking, but not surprising. The once great Party of Lincoln is now a cult whose members' allegiance is to a personality, not to the United States of America. I don't look on trump's supporters as American citizens any longer, since they've shown themselves to be apologists for a man who believed a foreign ex-Commie KGB dictator over his own intelligence agencies, and who continues to play the part of a tyrant by denigrating America's free press and other media while supporting a foreign leader who's known for murdering his opponents, invading countries, and stifling freedom of the press in his own country.

Trump's supporters are a disgrace to America, and the following illustrates why:

Poll: Majority of Trump voters would support him even if he colluded with Russia 

Only 14 per cent believe president should resign if found he connived with Moscow


Rational Nation USA said...

Clock is ticking. Sooner or later, and I hope it is sooner, the Orange Turd will out. Hopefully behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Cultist? Actually it's called supporting the president

Kevin Robbins said...

Well, it did prevent Hillary from being elected. That's the coda. Here's an article I liked along those lines.


Where have you gone, Whittaker Chambers?

Dave Miller said...

Sen. Graham explains... Trump, and probably his supporters equate meddling in an election with collusion.

And if that’s true, he’s illegitimate.

Thus the fight...

Anonymous said...

Go figure, 68% of Republicans approve of Trumps performance in Helsinki

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, all President Spanky has is his cultists. He's lost considerable ground with the Independents, a hefty majority of women do not support him either. President Spanky's erratic behavior in office and his boorish manners have driven away many people who voted for him in 2016.

Anonymous @12:29 PM CULTISTS is the correct term for people (Trump's cultists) who have said that they would stick by Trump- even if Mueller proves he colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 elections. Only fellow traitors to America would stick by the man who committed treason. Cultists see no evil in their cult leader.

Kevin from your link: Republicans are now having their own Alger Hiss moment. Butina’s alleged efforts to ingratiate herself with conservative movement organizations and the Republican Party shows that Russia’s interest in Trump is not an operation focused on one man. As explained in the Justice Department affidavit, in October 2016 Butina reported to her Russian mentor that Republicans “are for us” and Democrats “against.” This is not just about one seductive spy, or even one president; it’s about how intertwined Russia and the Republican Party are becoming, and whether the Republican Party is willing and able to disentangle itself.

The GOP is the party now that is soft on Russkies and the once Commie head of the KGB. Imagine that. (I remember when the Mother Ship fellow travelers habitually called President Obama a "Communist." The laughable part is that the former Soviet Union and their thugs are intertwined with the Republcan Party and its president.

Dave. It would be beautiful karma if it turns out Trump was illegitimately elected to the presidency after Trump's smear campaign against President Obama and his birth certificate. We already know that the Russkies infiltrated the NRA, met with Donnie Junior to offer dirt on Hillary, and now we know a Russian spy/sex scandal has hit the Trump administration. The Trup supporters have yet to internalize the fact that this administration is in bed with a hostile foreign country that very well may have installed Trump in the presidency.

Kevin Robbins said...

A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing.

I'm going to go with the OED on this and say they fit the definition. These are supposed conservative Republicans who are worshipping an orange god who's imposing tariffs in violation of all the precepts of free trade. And do I need mention Monday's slavering over his master Putin? Every deceased Republican since the start of the Cold War is rolling in their graves.

Yeah, you call it "supporting the president" if that makes the polonium go down better.

Kevin Robbins said...

Shaw, here's another you might like if you haven't seen it. Apparently, we're getting to the sexy bits of the investigation. God knows what this about. It wouldn't be the same if Roger Stone wasn't involved tho.


Brad Jefferson said...

The devotion to Trump is mind boggling, but it shows he will be harder to get rid of than most people think. He will not just resign like Nixon. He will fight to the bitter end and he will make it bitter. If the Democratic vote is split in 2020 he could even win again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Brad J. The Dems have to be united, but I think Trump has been such a disaster that he's disgusted many Americans. He can't sail by on the accomplishments of the Obama administration's economic recovery, no matter how he tries to take credit for it.