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Monday, July 16, 2018


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skudrunner said...

It was truly an embarrassing event and he should be impeached. He would have been better off threatening Putin to stop it or there would be dire consequences. Draw a line in the sand and tell him not to cross it or we would take back our uranium we gave them.

What did everyone expect when businessperson meets with a trained intelligence officer. No meeting would have been better because then we can just hate each other and the world is a better place AKA NKO. This is the third president in a row Putin has embarrassed and none of them had the cohones to drop a bomb on him, disgraceful.

Can you imagine if this was barry the magnificent. He would have given them billions and told them we are sorry for not liking them in the past. Of course he never met with the leaders of any hostile country unless he is doing a apology tour.

Everyone knows what is needed at a time like this. We need another Reagan.

Dave Miller said...

Remember how angry they were at the thought of Pres Obama “apologizing”?

And now? Full support.

Pretty incredible...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skudrunner manages to make Trump's and the GOP's disaster about President Obama. This is what someone who knows what a deplorable president his party supports, but can't come to terms with how he and his fellow travelers allowed themselves to be sucked into his lies, fake promises, and stupidity. Skud and his blogging friends are responsible for Trump's treasonous behavior. No one else.

Dave, Don't expect any self-examination from those folks. Look at skudrunner's comment to understand how far gone they are. I've said it before: They are irredeemable lost causes. To hell with them all.

Obama fan said...

No we need another Onama!

Reita said...

After watching Trump self destruct in meetings with Kim Jong Un and Putin it is clear that the years of stable international leadership under Obama are greatly missed

The Art of the Deal has proven to be an

Ray Cranston said...

Shaw, Your resident troll skudrunner must have seen this.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... you mean Reagan who actually signed an official US apology to the ppl of Japan and authorized reparations of 20k for each person interned during WWII?

The President who did actually apologize?

That Reagan?

skudrunner said...

Ray, Why is it that you give obama the great a total pass on russia and the election, russia and Syria and the murder of thousands. He knew about it and he did nothing to bring it to anyone's attention nor did he try to stop it. That and his collusion with Iran should have been impeachable offenses but instead he is adored.

Rational Nation USA said...

skuddy, you're really running off the rails of late. The Orange Turd's false fake news pronouncements are really working for you apparently.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, I know people like you will continue to whine about President Obama and his popularity with the American people and the world. He is loved and respected in a way that Trump is not and never will be.

You and your fellow passengers on the Mother Ship have no understanding of why that is. And I've come to the conclusion that you and they will never get it.

Your bashing of President Obama will not be tolerated here again.

skudrunner said...

Rev, So you support internment of American citizens and those in the country legally but not people entering the country illegally. That is very confusing or is it that a Democrat interned them based on their race and a Republican said it was wrong?

I know you support not separating children from their illegal entry parents. Does this mean if someone commits a criminal act and goes to jail their children should go with them. Enforcing laws are such a tricky thing.

Ms Shaw, I apologize for pointing out the popular ex president's errors in judgement. I realize that pointing out the truth is unacceptable or did I misrepresent something.

What is the Mother Ship?

Dave Miller said...

Skud... where do get that I support, it was even talking about who should, or should not be interned.

You made a negative demonstratively false statement about Pres Obama apologizing. From that I sssume you don’t feel a US Pres should apologize... like Pres Reagan did. As he should have.

As for crimes committed, here’s where extremists and ppl willfully neglecting facts get confused. A person entering the US seeking asylum, from anywhere, is not committing a crime. Literally anyone had a right to seek asylum from danger in the US. But we adjudicate those cases when the arrive.

In no case is their arrival a crime. So... why are we separating kids and parents while their case is being heard? Simply, as a deterrent. We are using LEGAL asylum seekers, splitting their families up, to send a message others around the world that the US borders are now closed.

Even to LEGAL asylum seekers.

Dave Miller said...

Gosh I wish ppl could understand simple facts.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, skud willfully disregards facts just as #45 does. Today #45 said that Russia is NOT targeting our coming elections, which is in direct opposition, again, to what his own intelligence agencies have reported.

BTW, did you catch President Obama's speech in South Africa yesterday? What a contrast between #44 and #45. On his worst day, President Obama is a million times classier, smarter, and more humanly decent than Trump could ever be. President Obama wasn't perfect, made mistakes, and could have done better on a lot of issues. BUT. On any of his worst days he maintained the dignity of the Office of the Presidency and never drew condemnation from our close allies the way Trump has done since the day he took office.

skud never acknowledges that and continues to mock and demonize President Obama. But now I just delete those nasty remarks.

Dave Miller said...

BTW... that should read "support internment"...

Tough to comment on a phone and get it right while riding on a bus...