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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"The evil that men do..."

There are people and institutions in this country with moral standards and an ability to understand evil when they see it. The Salt Lake Tribune is one of those institutions that is not afraid to go after a government -- the American government -- for its complicity in war crimes against children and families. 

Trump cultists who continue to support the Trump regime are complicit in this evil as well.

Utah's largest paper compares child separation to war crimes in scathing editorial

The largest newspaper in Utah issued a scathing rebuke of the Trump administration’s immigration policies in a new editorial on Tuesday. 

 The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board compared the separation of immigrant families at the border to war crimes in a piece titled “Our treatment of refugee children is a national disgrace.” 

“It can be hard for normal people to grasp that their own government — and its individual agents, officers and attorneys — is involved in a heartless and brainless effort to visit so much deliberate cruelty upon asylum-seeking families,” the editorial board wrote.


"The piece accused the government of “dehumanizing” immigrants and “telling lies about how many people are crossing the border illegally, how many of them are gang members and drug dealers and rapists” in order to make Americans ignore the situation. 

 “If you want to make people believe a lie, the experts taught us, make it big,” the board wrote. “And, apparently, if you want to make people sit still for an atrocity, make it just big enough to have no personality, no individual human face.”

Remember when the GOP used to be the party of "Law and Order?" It is now, under President Porn Star Shagger, the party of Lawlessness and Disorder.

Parents desperate as government misses migrant family reunification deadline

Nearly 3,000 minors in total still need to be reunited with their parents.


Anonymous said...

OT: Imagine if Hillary made a secret deal to replace a Supreme Court Justice with a loyal Justice who will protect you from investigation and prosecution?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, the Goopers have two sets of values, one for themselves and one for the rest of us. Their values are whatever helps keep them in power, legal or illegal. Those aren't "core values," but rather an operating system similar to the Mafia.

skudrunner said...

Any president even obama the great nominates justices who share their political views. Tell me that sotomayor or kagan are not political hacks for the left. They should all be impartial but that has never or will never happen. Clinton put the unbiased ginsburg on the court which shows they all want their agenda pushed.

The leftists are making noise about RvW being overturned and since it is the law I can't see how that would happen. Chuckie had his statement against djt nominee written up a week ago all he needed was a name.

You do realize that the queen lost because the democrats had no plan or message and hating Trump is not a message. I know polls show he is hated but they also showed -H- won.
Maybe we ca elect a fiscal conservative president who doesn't want to change society, maybe Kucinich will run again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "Maybe we ca elect a fiscal conservative president who doesn't want to change society, maybe Kucinich will run again."

It's not likely that America will want to see anyone from the GOP sit in the White House after President Porn Star Shagger finishes dirtying it and ruining our reputation all over the world (Oh, except for totalitarian countries, which he admires and wishes to emulate.)

Now, can you and Anon at the top of the comment section stick to the topic? Gee, thanks.