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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chief Justice Roberts Orders Investigation Into Kavanaugh Misconduct Charges

Fox News personality Bret Baier on Wednesday reported that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has referred allegations of judicial misconduct claims against Justice Brett Kavanaugh to outside judges for investigation. 

 Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, a George H.W. Bush nominee, forwarded more than a dozen misconduct complaints to the chief justice after determining they were substantive enough that they needed to be investigated by judges outside the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, where Kavanaugh was serving as a judge.


What a great way to start his dubious career on the SCOTUS.

I wonder if President Porn Star Shagger will try to put the fix in on this investigation like he did with the last one that allowed the credibly accused sexual assaulter and boofing beer lover to slither his way onto the SCOTUS.

This is highly unusual and “Never before has a Supreme Court nominee been poised to join the court while a fellow judge recommends that a series of misconduct claims against that nominee warrant review.” 

Somehow, Lord Dampnut and his deranged Cultists will blame the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

This wouldn't happened with Merrick Garland. Today's Rethuglicans are like the Mafia, they're all cooked.

Dervish Sanders said...

Maybe he'll resign? I doubt Brett's troubles are over, despite tRump proclaiming Brett was found innocent and then apologizing on behalf of the American people. Surely he can't stay no matter what comes out...

Jerry said...

I also posted this story yesterday.
Maybe the Chief Justice of the United States can get a proper investigation done.
Lets see Trump try to "fix" this investigation.
I am hopeful, but after what has happened, I will wait to see what happens.
It would be super great if just after being seated on the Supreme Court Kavanaugh was ousted by an investigation started by the Chief Justice himself.

Shaw Kenawe said...

After weeks of Republicans accusing Democrats of holding accusations against Brett Kavanaugh until pursuing them was politically expedient, Chief Justice John Roberts is looking into charges of judicial misconduct against Kavanaugh, now that doing so can’t endanger his confirmation.

Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson forwarded over a dozen substantive complaints against Brett Kavanaugh that were deemed substantive enough that they needed to be investigated outside the circuit court where Kavanaugh sat.

This is what it's like to live in a corrupt country. A fish stinks from the head.

Jerry said...

I agree, that's why I'm not getting my hopes up, but I trust these Judges more than the Republicans. I hope that's not a mistake, but you are right, something stinks.
See my response to your comment on my blog.

Ray said...


Ha Ha. Only kidding. But that's how the Trumpanzees sound when they yell it. The Trumpanzees were all bent because Boofing Brett was unfaily accused of a crime with no evidence but the Trumpanzees scream LOCK HER UP every time The Orange POS shows up at a rally. LOCK HER UP with no evidence? What hypocritical sh*theads Trumpers are!

Dave Miller said...

They chanted "Lock her up" while he talked about Dianne Feinstein and of course, mispronounced her name.

And as they chanted, he spoke of the "Mob of Democrats" coming for you.

You can't make it up.

skudrunner said...

How would you pronounce stein. This is like potato and potato there are many ways to say the name. Lock her up can only be pronounced one way, are we speaking of feinstein or -H- there are so many who should investigated and locked up it is hard to keep track.

Regardless, the liberals will do whatever necessary to bring down this administration and after the last administration and all of their failures I understand.

Now back to actions during trying times. I remember on several occasions when the previous golfer and chief would run to the course after giving a heartfelt speech about a black killing or a police officer being stupid or a bunch of rich white people suffering property damage because of a hurricane. This does go both ways.

Shaw Kenawe said...

SKUDRUNNER: "...there are so many who should investigated and locked up it is hard to keep track."

I feel your pain. So far, the Trump administration has, what 4 felons and how many indictments? With Trump himself fingered by his personal lawyer as an "unidicted co-conspirator."

Please stop with your comparisons to President Obama and his administration that had NOT ONE FELON OR INDICTMENT. No matter how many times you come here and try, you will never be able to say that about Trump and his crime syndicate.

A majority of Americans admire former President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama, and a majority of Americans detest Trump. You know that even if you and the GEEEZus crowd lie to yourselves about it.

skudrunner said...

Agree the Obama's were very likeable and did everything based on optics not on results. I never said trump is pond scum, doesn't care about optics or PC but gets results.
Jack Welch was not a likeable guy but he got results. Most very successful people are not likeable but they are judged on their results not on their likeability.
It is just a different way to judge people. You judge them on the feeley, goody, PC scale, I judge them on what have you done scale. Neither of us is correct, we just look for different ideals. I kinda like not being the subject of government attack and being appreciated for what I have accomplished instead of being told I didn't build what I built and I need to give it to someone who didn't do squat.

Infidel753 said...

Yeesh, between this picture and that extreme close-up of Trump last week, maybe your blog needs some kind of trigger warning. These guys' character is etched on their faces and it isn't pretty.

Roberts does have a daughter, and anyway he doesn't strike me as the type who coddles sex abusers. Maybe he wants to know for sure whether Boofy-Boy actually did all that gross stuff he's accused of, if he's got to work alongside the guy for the next couple of decades.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, I post those close-up photos precisely for the reason you explained. Who they are (Trump, Kavanaugh) IS in their faces. And it's ugly.

skudrunner, It's entirely your choice to be a fan of the current president who is a immoral pig, a cheat, a liar, a fraud, and a con man. You believe character doesn't count so long as you get what you want.

Mr. Obama accomplished plenty, and your contiual trashing of him, his character, and his presidency is a reflection on what is important to you and who you are.

Just to remind you: Our economy was saved from sliding into the gutter, jobs were added every month, and most important: President Obama is a decent, loving, faithful husband and father who did not embarrass America on the world stage. President Obama was admired worldwide, and he was not laughed at by the international community. Oh, yes, and one other item you choose not to notice: NOT ONE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL WAS INDICTED OR AN ADMITTED FELON. Apparently those little things don't impress you, and honesty and decency don'tt matter to you and other TrumpCultists. The only thing they admire in Trump is that he bellows "LOCK HER UP!" and "sticks it to the libtards."

Your choice is to admire an immoral pig and a man devoid of human decency.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Here are Trump accomplishments your resident troll can admire:

National debt at highest level since after WWII

For the biggest group of American workers, wages aren’t just flat. They’re falling.

European diplomats reportedly consider Trump a 'laughing stock' who is 'obsessed with Obama'

Rational Nation USA said...

You're right skudrunner, results do matter. So does character. Folks who are completely honest will first acknowledge the President Obama in fact did produce POSITIVE economic results. He SUCCESSFULLY steered us out of the greatest economic dislocation since the Great Depression. They will then acknowledge that he is a man with integrity and character, even while you disagreed with his policies. That's what a person who is honest will do.

Then he will point to the tRump and judge HIM on results AND character. An honest person will acknowledge that tRump has continued the economic expansion. They will then turn to character. ____________________ Sorry skudrunner, I'm having great difficulty with that one. Given his history of misogyny, cheating on three women while being married to them, and so much more that reflect a seriously flawed and deceitful character.

Facts are stubborn things skudrunner. Rose colored trumpian glasses don't change facts.

Sakinago said...

Compared to Obama, President Trump is 150 percent more Favorable. And in my eyes, a Thousand percent better.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sakinago is another escapee from WYD who hides behind a "not available" profile. The poor thing is suffering from Trumpanitis and actually thinks President Porn Star Shagger is popular with the American people.

President Porn Star Shagger's approval rate by the American people is, at this date, 41%.

He's NEVER be able to break 50% approval. Ever.

The most disliked president in modern history.

But Sakinago the Unknown doesn't believe in facts.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is for skudrunner, who actually believes the right wing noise machine that tells him President Porn Star Shagger has accomplished a lot for the working people. LOL!

skudrunner said...

RN, If none of you acquaintances are seeing pay increases you do need to seek out different acquaintances. The East coast is filled with labor mobs and the wadges are dependent on the contracts they negotiate so blame the labor unions if the workers are not seeing increases.

As to Ms. Shaw's beautiful graph. Profits are up which is bad I know. The wadge graph is only inclusive of hourly production and non supervisory workers. Seems like a union issue but a lot of them supported the republicans in the beat down of -H- so I guess it is trumps fault.

Miracles do not happen after the horrid performance of the previous eight years. Prime at zero, companies moving off shore, attacks on the middle class but on the positive side he was a nice guy.

Rational Nation USA said...

tRump certainty has been effective with spreading fake news. And, the unwitting are buying it. Good for tRump, I guess.

BTW. I'm semi retired and LOVING it. I worked my ass off building that retirement.

Dervish Sanders said...

How very strange to see Skud write that, for the reality teevee "star", optics don't matter. Optics are everything to tRump. He uses them to distract the media and fool the gullible.

Rational Nation USA said...

The TRUTH is wages for the lower and middle economic class have been stagnant (adjusted for inflation) for some time. At best the middle class has been reading water with respect to real disposal income. However, under tRump The Magnificent the very top economic class has fared VERY well. OF course that is by design.

You must be doing quite well skuddrunner. The result of tRump's deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy no doubt. Good for you. I fared well when both Reagan and Clinton were President.

Anyhoo, facts ARE stubborn things skudrunner. No matter how hard you try you cannot wish them away. Or, to be what you may wish they were.

skudrunner said...

I don't know about the middle class reading water but all statistics show wadges are up for most hourly workers.
I am still working but plan to retire in two years. Not wealthy yet but working on it and thanks for the encouragement. Being self employed I have to rely on myself to fund my retirement but when I retire at 73 I should be OK.