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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Trump Stirs Up more Violence

Trump warns of violence if GOP loses midterms 

President Donald Trump warned there will be "violence" if the Republicans lose their majority in Congress as a result of the 2018 midterms, in a recording now heard by CNN.

Trump warned of violence and rigged elections if he lost the presidential election in 2016.

Now he's warning of violence again if the Democrats win the mid-terms.

Just this past week, Trump said he likes people who "body-slam journalists." That's inciting violence.

Trump is blaming the media for the violence that HE incites in his mob rallies.

Trump is a morally diseased, demagogue, who has incited violence at all his bund rallies by tolerating his mobs' screaming "LOCK HER UP!" and by calling America's media "enemies of the people."

All that we are seeing lies squarely on the shoulders of this cowardly, weak, morally diseased man-child.


Gail Collins, NYTimes:

"Terrible week. 

Donald Trump was on the road trying to rev up the country against a pitiful caravan of poor people struggling through Mexico. Meanwhile, there was a spate of bombing attempts directed at some of the president’s regular tirade targets, from Hillary Clinton to George Soros to CNN. The F.B.I. is working on the bombs. Trump has urged the country to unify, to which the country presumably replied, “Now you tell us?” 

 At his rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday night, Trump did have some early words for peace and harmony. Then he demanded that the media “set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and often time false attacks.” You would think that for at least one evening he’d just mention the importance of a free press. Or even suggest that, say, body-slamming reporters is a bad thing. This is getting scarier and scarier. 

The president has been on a rally marathon in which he alternates between saying things that are meant to whip his audience into rage and things that are just wildly egocentric and imaginary. He’ll never improve. All we can do is hope he sticks to his less dangerous form of awfulness."


Anonymous said...

This is what Trump bots are saying about the bombing threats against two presidents, a Secretary of state, a vice president, an x-CIA head, and other Democrat officials:

I was just watching FOX’s morning show and Steve Doocey asked an expert what he thought of these bombings; The guy said there’s something odd that nothing’s exploded, and mentioned some other things, closing with “It’s my belief that the Left has done this to make the Right look bad; this works with all I’m hearing”
Doocey and Kilmeade embarrassed the guy, saying “OH! We’re not conjecturing about that…it’s far, far too early” blaH BLAH BLAH.
The guy was so careful to say it was HIS OPINION that this was the case and they squashed him. I found this short sighted, mean and weird.

I think it’s Rubio who said we live in a society where people can have different viewpoints and that eliminates the need for violence like this. I believe Rubio statement is outdated. We have violence today because ANTIFA, BLM and the LEFTIST POLITICIANS, CNN, etc., do not alllow anything thinking but their’s…hence,VIOLENCE HAS ARRIVED IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS

These people are Americas very own Nazis.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, the idiot who wrote that nonsense chooses to ignore the fact that it is the alt-right in America that has committed more violence than Middle East terrorists. The idiot who wrote that also chooses to ignore his/her president praising Nazis!

That same idiot also ignores the fact that just this past week, Trump congratulated a politician for body-slamming a journalist. That same idiot ignores the fact that Trump has called CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC,CBS, The New York Times, The WaPo, and anyone who opposes him "the enemies of the people."

That idiot supports a fascist president, and he/she is part of the descent into the gutter America is experiencing at this point in our history. That idiot knows NOTHING about being an American. NOTHING. NOT A G-D THING.