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Monday, March 12, 2018


This is what we put our children through...and the best solution is more guns for teachers? It’ll be a miracle if this upcoming generation doesn’t all suffer from PTSD...what have we done to our children?

 Dana Rae March 1 at 1:26pm ·

 Today in school we practiced our active shooter lockdown. One of my first graders was scared and I had to hold him. Today is his birthday. He kept whispering "When will it be over?" into my ear. I kept responding "Soon" as I rocked him and tried to keep his birthday crown from stabbing me.

 I had a mix of 1-5 graders in my classroom because we have a million tests that need to be taken. My fifth grader patted the back of the 2nd grader huddled next to him under a table. A 3rd grade girl cried silently and clutched the hand of her friend. The rest of the kids sat quietly (casket quiet) and stared aimlessly in the dark.

 As the"intruder" tried to break into our room twice, several of them jumped, but remained silently. The 1st grader in my lap began to pant and his heart was beating out of his chest, but he didn't make a peep.

Eventually, the principal announced the lockdown was lifted. I turned on the lights, removed the table from in front of the door, opened the blinds and announced "Let's get back to work. " I was greeted with blank faces... petrified faces.... tear stained faces... confused faces... elated faces...and one "bitch REALLY?" face.

 This is teaching in 2018. And no... I don't want a gun. #teacherlyfe


Ducky's here said...

Have you noticed that the sh''head in chief is walking back all his talk on even minimal gun control legislation but the one thing he's holding firm on is "hardening schools".

The committee to recommend methods will be led by Betsy DeVos. I said it before and I'll say it again, there's a huge contract here for her brother, war profiteer Erik Prince. We need more mercenaries in schools.

Google "Prince Seychelles" to learn what Mueller's developing on Erik.
"Top Arab spy and prince's conduit to the Kremlin were at the Seychelles meeting between Trump donor Erik Prince and Russian oligarch which Mueller is probing"

Wonder if Prince will subcontract school security to Putin.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, Lord Dampnut has acceded to the small and insignificant changes in the gun laws that the NRA has approved. On March 1, Lord Dampnut said senators are afraid of the NRA, but the truth is that this weakling president is the one who's afraid. He caved, and essentially is going to do nothing -- mpt even universal background checks that he said he was in favor of. What sickening little weasels he and the GOP are.

On the Prince/Seychelles scandal -- obviously Erik Prince is a liar and the facts will all come out very soon.

New week; new Trump scandals.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"NOT even universal background checks..."

Rational Nation USA said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

tRump on firearm control issues...

No Balls, No Integrity

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, yes. Sadly.

Jerry Critter said...

We are not the USA. We have become the USNRA - United States of the NRA.