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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Another Inductee into Trump's "Hall of the Best People"

"ONLY THE BEST PEOPLE" -- Thursday Edition

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Congratulations to former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin for the end of his service and his induction into Trump's !

We'll never forget the way he put family first by getting taxpayers to cover his wife’s airfare for an 11-day European trip.

"This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine." - Donald Trump

And this:

🎵...another one bites the dust. 🎶

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is out, fired by twitter.

Funny how Trump only hires the BEST people, then fires them to hire other people, who by definition cannot be the best. Maybe he doesnt know what that word means.


Infidel753 said...

Notice he never specified "best at what". In practice, what he wants around him is those who are best at sycophancy. That's a distinction which is very easy to lose.

BB-Idaho said...

How to become head of the VA:
"“He’s very sharp, and he’s very articulate when he speaks to me, and I’ve never known him to repeat himself around me,” Jackson said. “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought process.” Ronny L. Jackson, Trump's favorite doctor, revealing the typical executive selection process that brought us Larry Kudlow and probably Sean Hannity as CIA director. Expertise yes- but solely at sucking up to the immense ego that
haunts the Whitehouse hallways.

Kevin Robbins said...

I'm glad he's attracting the best in lawyers anyway. It's a cinch Manafort, Gates and Flynn have better legal representation. Maybe they have a history of paying people, though.

skudrunner said...

The VA system is better than it was but it is still broken. Most presidents vowed to improve it but none have. It was one of the things Trump promised to fix but he is finding it daunting. The VA is a view into national healthcare both in complexity and cost. Poorly run at an exorbitant cost that provides mediocre care for people who protected our country. They would be better off keeping a few VA's to care for long term care and close the rest turning it over to private healthcare funded by the VA at a fraction of the cost.

Dave Miller said...

I loved one description of how long the recently announced new lawyers lasted... one pundit called their "week" on the team as "Half a Scaramucci".

Now that's creative and at least gives us something to laugh at as this train wreck goes on unabated... at least until November.

Anonymous said...

Can you folks get any more petty

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Anonymous @1:33:

Reporting another firing at the White House of Chaos is not being petty, it's telling the truth, which, apparently you think is petty. SAD!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, that is very clever. I hope I'll remember it when the next person is fired from or quits the White House of Chaos.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, Trump hires only the very best 3rd raters.

BB-Idaho, could it be that it is Dr. Johnson who has "thought process" issues?

Kevin,I wonder how many Scaramuccis it'll be before this lawyer is gone.

The Angry Guy said...


The wingnuts saying that Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to keep quiet, and tRump only had to pay Storym $130,000 to shut her mouth, which, they say, proves he's a better negotiator.

No. It proves once again that tRump is a miserly little weasel who'll pay as little as he can get away with or even nothing, like he's done to everyone he owes money to. He's a cheap rhymes with trick.

The $850,000 btw was not paid to keep Jones quiet but as a settlement to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit. the wingnuts don't seem to know the difference but wh's surprised?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw said... "I hope I'll remember it when the next person is fired from or quits the White House of Chaos."

Shouldn't be too long. Maybe Kelly? Or perhaps his Doc who is gonna struggle to get confirmed as VA Sec... maybe cause he, like a lot of Trumpkin nominees, has no admin experience.