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"I am proud to shut down the government for border security ... I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it." –Donald Trump

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

From Crooks and Liars:


Dave Miller said...

To your banner...

Trump only hires the best people. And then they leave or are fired. Even on the mothership, at least a few of them wonder why they keep hiring such "Jerks" if they "supposedly picked from the best?"

Maybe reality is starting to set in that in fact Trump has no idea how to manage a government effectively.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, you are a wonderfully optimistic person, and that is important in these dark times. But I'll believe in leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows before I believe Trumpistas seeing Lord Dampnut for the liar and fraud that he is. They want so much to have a winner in the White House that they've hitched their wagons TWICE (don't forget the GWB adm.) to an incompetent baboon hoping he'll deliver them to the Promise Land. SAD!

Rational Nation USA said...

There is a business book, Thriving on Chaos, perhaps tRump is trying to following the book?

Nah, he's too dumb to understand the concept to intelligently apply it to government.

Optimism is the stream in which all positive and good things flow. But the well (source) from which it springs must be pure. When it comes to tRump and his administration we know it is a lost hope.

Or something like that...

Anonymous said...

Ms. Shaw, do you realize the majority of Americans now approve of Trumps tax cuts/reform policy?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, Anon, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Anonymous said...

Well Ms. Shaw, lower taxes,bonuses,higher wages and better paying jobs may just play well in the voting booth

L.P. said...

"The development forces the British government to confront the possibility that once again, an attack on British soil was carried out by the government of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, which Western intelligence officials say has, with alarming frequency, ordered the killing of people who have crossed it."

Meanwhile, the idiot we have for president keeps defending Putin. Does this not say anything to Agent Orange's supporters about their intentions?

Anonymous said...

It's cute how the Trumpanzees have to come running to liberal blogs to tell people about the one thing tRump did that's popular. What they don't mention is that the tax breaks for them will end but the tax breaks for the billionaires will not and they will add trillions to the deficit. His fans are really dumb. Sorry.

Shaw Kenawe said...

L.P., I read about that. I also read that since Putin became president of Russia something like 17 Russians have died in Britain of suspicious causes as well as poisonings.

Anon, Yes, the trump cultists are convinced God chose him to take America back to its glory days. The rest of the sane world sees trump destroying it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Anonymous said...
Well Ms. Shaw, lower taxes,bonuses,higher wages and better paying jobs may just play well in the voting booth."

If the president were not a corrupt fraud, yes, that might be true. But you have a fish stinking from head and rotting everying below him.

40% turnover in 13 months, highest turnover since Reagan's administration. I understand your desperate need to promote the jackass in the WH. I feel your pain.

The Mueller investigation will have the last word on what happens in America's voting booths.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... the great majority of the tax cuts corporations received, over 60%, are being used for corporate buybacks and management bonuses, not for capital investment or wage increases as the Trump Admin claimed. It's just a fact.

Those corporate tax cuts are also permanent, while the tax cuts for ppl like you and me end after 10 year and our taxes go up.

The steel tariffs Pres Trump is proposing will, according to Sec Commerce Ross only add a trivial $175.00 in costs to Americans pocketbooks. He said the $175.00 was "trivial." And yet, when pressed about how little average Americans will get see in their temporary tax cut, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke of how nice the $1.50 a week, or about $75.00, was for us to get.

Somehow $175.00 is trivial when it's on the expense side, but $75.00 is a nice amount when it's on the income side. How do you and Republicans work through the idiocy of your party's statements? How do you work through the daily lies and obfuscations of the Trump Admin?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "How do you and Republicans work through the idiocy of your party's statements? How do you work through the daily lies and obfuscations of the Trump Admin?"

I can guess, Dave. The remaining people in the GOP who continue to support Trump's corruption, lies, and immorality believe all can be forgiven if the country is doing well economically.

IOW, to hell with our Constitution, our sense of honor and patriotism. As long as they get their dollars, no matter how paltry, they'll stick with Trump.

A majority of Americans knows Trump's character is deplorable, but when a group sticks with someone like Trump for financial reward, what does that say about them?

Their Savior, who is the emobodiment of morality, justice, and compassion, said this:

"For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?"

skudrunner said...

"40% turnover in 13 months, highest turnover since Reagan's administration."

Thanks for pointing that out because I was unaware of this fact. Since Reagan was the last truly great president working for all of the American people not just the selected few, Trump still has a chance.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, you've conveniently forgotten that Reagan also had one of the most corrupt administrations in modern history. We just lauagh at how willingly Goopers ignore THAT fact:

"By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever."

BTW: President Barack Obama had ZERO officials convicted or indicted for official misconduct and/or crimi nal violations.

What is it about Goopers that they admire corrupt presidents and trash honorable ones? Huh?

Yes, Trump definitely is on track to have his administration as corrupt and criminally shameful as Ronald Reagan's.

I do tire of the hypocrisy of a political party that pretends to be the keeper of pure American family values while at the same time supports a liar, a serial adulterer, and a con man who had to pay $25 million for defrauding people with his fake university. And thats just one out of many sleazy criminal activities Trump and his family is involved in.

Just to remind you, skud -- Trump is supported by the GOP, and the GOP and folks like you trashed a dignified, honorable family man who is the embodiment of family values -- Barack Obama.

That's why my banner is up ahead of today's blogpost: To remind those "family value" voters of who they're supporting.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Shaw, your Republican friend skud should think about the fact that the Republican president is dealing with a law suit involving a porn star who had a sexual affair with Trump and carried it on for a year after Melania gave birth to his son. Funny. I don't remember stories about porn stars and sexual affairs during Mr. Obama's presidency. Sex scandals were what we talked about during the Clinton administration and now we have a Republican president who's involved with paying off his mistresses and stories about his sordid sex life. Plus Trump is being criminally investigated. And several of his people have been indicted.

Why does skudrunner always bring up Obama when his president is such a scumbag?

skudrunner said...

You do forget Holder, oh that's right he was protected by executive privilege. Many of the remainder were protected by the press.
People do not support a president based on family values but on the economy, ask WJC. Is trump gutter trash, yes, has he been successful in positioning America first, yes.

The many the admired world president BHO was horrible on the economy because that was not what he was interested in. His passion was rights for the minority groups and that is all he focused on, and of course fund raising. He did all he could to bring the US on par with other nations and dispel the notion that we are special. I happen to feel special and won't support a president who says I am not responsible and shouldn't feel proud for what I have accomplished.
I support trump in what he is trying to accomplish but I agree he is a disgusting person But so was WJC and alGore

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud: "People do not support a president based on family values but on the economy, ask WJC."

SK: Wait. What? The GOP were livid because of WJC's sexual escapades! And now they're fine with a libertine as long as he has an "R" after his name and the economy ios doing well? The economy was doing well under Clinton, but the Goopers still were disgusted with him.

Skud: "Is trump gutter trash, yes, has he been successful in positioning America first, yes."

That's an opinion, not a fact. America is falling behind in national prestige, health, and quality of life, since the top 1% are still doing even better than when Mr. Obama was president. And those wonderful tax cuts will add another trillion to the deficit. Remember when the GOP lost their minds during Mr. Obama's administration over adding to the deficit? I do.

You and other GOPers are okay with trash in the White House? The economy was doing well under WJC, and he left the country with a surplus, but the Gooopers hated him because of Monicagate. How do you reconcile that without admitting colossal hypocrisy?

Skud: "I happen to feel special and won't support a president who says I am not responsible and shouldn't feel proud for what I have accomplished."

SK: Here's an idea. Why don't you just look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're good enough, you're smart enough, and, darn it!, people like you!

It's a bit disconcerting to hear a grown man need and crave affirmation for doing what other adults all over the world do without needing a president fawn all over him.

I did this sort of affirmation when my children were young and needed encouragement to behave and do well. When they reached college age, they had matured enough so that they weren't constantly in need of being told how fabulous they were.

Lee Arnold said...

So Trump got Stormy pregnant and he paid for an abortion?
All while married to Melania, after she bore him his little son?
Everyone okay with that? How about you evangelicals? How about you pro-lifers?
Maybe it's just Fake News. You know, like Obama was born in Kenya. Guess we'll be finding out soon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lee, where did that come fro?

Shaw Kenawe said...


Lee Arnold said...

In this passage out of Daniels’ court filings : “sexual partners, alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct, related matters, or paternity information.” Unless Trump’s attorneys were so incredibly sloppy that they merely copy-pasted boilerplate language into the nondisclosure agreement that had nothing to do with the affair, this implies that Trump got Daniels pregnant.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Doesn't matter. Goopers won't care even if he's had 6 mistresses get abortions. His supporters are as depraved as he is.

skudrunner said...

You seem to forget that the former president went on the full attack on anyone who started a small business and was successful, anyone who was not a minority or part of a special interest group. He also said that Americans were not special and we need to bow to the world and be humble.
You may not feel special and have not accomplished what you wanted on your own but there are a lot of us who are proud of who we are and what we have accomplished in spite of the federal government not because of it. You only have to put up with djt for another 2 1/2 years, I endured eight.

Hope you dig out soon from the storms and have had power.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is from Forbes Magazine, 1/20/2016:

During his State of the Union address last night, President Obama boasted that "We're in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history. More than 14 million new jobs, the strongest two years of job growth since the 1990s, an unemployment rate cut in half." Many of these positions have been created by startups and other small businesses.

Entrepreneurship has grown during the Obama Administration, often out of necessity (as was the case during the recession) and because of the growth in technology, which has spurred growth not only in the banking, IT, and biomedical sectors, but also for firms that work with government agencies that handle security and economic development.

"In some parts of our country, we have unemployment rates as low as 2%. New York City’s unemployment rate, as of November 2015, was hovering at 4.8%. Outside of the oil and gas companies and firms that service them, every head of human resources and recruiting I speak with is hiring for 2016," says Steven Lindner, executive partner of The WorkPlace Group, a Florham Park, NJ-based firm specializing in talent assessment and acquisition. "We are actually in a talent crunch right now."

Naturally, the current economic climate is not without peril. However, the past few years of the Obama Administration have been prosperous ones for entrepreneurs on a number of measures. It is why Americans continue to dream big and why foreigners seek to come here to pursue the American Dream of business ownership.

Where's your evidence that Mr. Obama attacked small businesses?

Rational Nation USA said...

ZING with much STING!!

Been waiting for a factual referenced rebuttal from a credible source for quite some time from skudrunner. Perhaps this will be opportunity he takes to produce such,


skudrunner said...

As another blogger named Les told me, I'm not providing you with facts just google it.
I will give you personal evidence instead of taking sides on google.

I don't expect you to understand what the eight years of uncertainty and regulations meant to a business owner. Charging 300 million people to provide for 9 million under the fiasco called Obamacare. Costly MDT to help pay for obamacare, what a joke that is. Having the president say you are not responsible for building your business the government is and to prove it here are another 50 cumbersome and worthless regulations. Passing banking regulations that insure small business cannot borrow money. Naming people who earn 250K are evil even if is pass through and they pay taxes on money they don't keep. Rebounding from a housing crisis that was caused by a house for everyone law started by his own party. Having the slowest recovery in history and counting part time employment and zero wage growth is not a sign of success.

Anonymous said...

Oh Skid, the folks here think Obama was the most accomplished president since Thomas Jefferson even though he actually accomplished very little, but he did give flowery speeches.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @8:28PM,

You forgot to mention that President Obama was also a decent family man, faithful to his one wife, and loving father to his two children by his one wife. And he was never sued for non-payment of contracts or for cheating people out of their money on phony "universities." Also, we don't recall Mr. Obama ever saying Nazis are nice people, or insulting POWs for "getting caught" by the enemy, or by screaming "LOCK HER UP!" about his political opponent, y'know like murderous dictators do?

So, yes, we Democrats think Mr. Obama is a finer, more decent human being than the man you support, y'know, the guy who's had 5 children by 3 wives and countless porn star mistresses -- an immoral pig.

Even skudrunner thinks Trump is trash.