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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"The Secret of Trump's Success is Cheating"


Go read this by Michele Goldberg in the New York Times:

"Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy data firm that helped elect Donald Trump, specializes in “psychographic” profiling, which it sells as a sophisticated way to digitally manipulate huge numbers of people on behalf of its clients. But apparently, when you’re trying to win a campaign, prostitutes, bribes and spies work pretty well too. [...] 

Cambridge Analytica shared office space with Trump’s San Antonio-based digital operation, and took substantial credit for its success. “We are thrilled that our revolutionary approach to data-driven communications played such an integral part in President-elect Donald Trump’s extraordinary win,” Nix said in a Nov. 9, 2016, news release.

With each day, we learn about more corruption,  cheating. lying, venality, hypocrisy, coercion, thuggery, sordidness, debauchery, degrading, degenerate, and squalid behavior by the POTUS. Yet the people who pretend to be the keepers of America's values and morality say nothing, do nothing, and continue to support this American disgrace.

Eugene Robinson of the WaPo:

"It’s not your imagination. Donald Trump’s occupancy of the White House is every bit as insane, corrupt and dangerous as you might fear. [...] 

 If Trump does try to fire Mueller, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should get much of the blame. They have given Trump no reason to believe they will ever stand up to him. 

 Fortunately, the Constitution gives ultimate power to you and me. With every outrageous, shocking and depressing week, the November election becomes more important. The Trump presidency will keep going from bad to worse, and it is our responsibility to use our votes to make it stop."


Whistleblower: We tested Trump slogans in 2014

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie says the company tested Trump slogans such as "drain the swamp" and "deep state" as early as 2014, before Trump announced a presidential run.  Source: CNN

INTERESTING, isn't it? We've read how #45 met with the Russians in 2013 during the Miss Universe pageant :

2013 June 18: Trump writes on Twitter: “The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th. A big deal that will bring our countries together!” 

 Trump, who owned the pageant at the time, adds later that day: “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?” 

July: Russia’s Internet Research Agency LLC, which, according to the Justice Department “is a Russian organization engaged in political and electoral interference operations,” registers with the Russian government as a corporate entity. 

 Oct. 17: Trump says in an interview with David Letterman he has conducted “a lot of business with the Russians.”

 “Well I’ve done a lot of business with the Russians,” Trump says. “They’re smart and they’re tough.” 

Trump goes on to say that Putin is a “tough guy” and that he’s met him “once.”


The Prince Of Darkness said...

Still not helping your idiotic cause

Kevin Robbins said...

I can hardly wait for part 3 of that Channel 4 News report. It's supposed to deal with CA's actions during the election here. Charles Pierce had the clip up for part 2.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The Prince Of Darkness said...
Still not helping your idiotic cause"

Notice how the escapee from the troll factory otherwise known as the Stench Trench WYD doesn't address the post. And that's because it's not smart enough, it's not good enough, and darn it! No one likes it! There isn't a picogram of brain matter among the Trumpistas at that garbage dump.

Kevin I hadn't seen it. Thanks for the tip.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, this is from Pierce's piece in Esquire:

There simply was nothing about the Trump campaign that wasn’t rotten at its core. The candidate himself and most of his advisers had a positive gift for finding the most rancid operatives available to do the most rancid kind of work. By the time the election rolled around, the whole Trump operation had rats in its brains and poisonous spiders in its blood. It produced not a presidency, but a wart-ridden golem of a presidency, wandering and staggering around the landscape with bits of its pestiferous flesh falling into the public prints every day. Good Christ, what has this country done?

Anonymous said...

Seen on a con blog:

"Please pray for the male and female students who are shot, the female is in critical condition. KILLER IS DEAD, thanks to A GUN."

A high school student is in critical condition and another is wounded THANKS TO A GUN!

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... are you speaking about the Donald Trump who called and congratulated Pres Putin on his great election win?

Here's what Sen McCain had to say about it... "an American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country's future, including the countless Russian patriots who have risked so much to protest and resist Putin's regime."

Hard to believe any GOP member or conservative would struggle to agree with what John McCain had to say but then there's this...

Today's GOP... bereft of any intellectual consistency

skudrunner said...

The company got specific information from Facebook. ABC, CNN, DNC, RNC etc gets information from polls. Do they use that information to brain wash people, probably not.
What is all the rage against this information except -H- didn't believe her polls or her husband that she was a terrible candidate and an orange hair guy could beat her.

Maybe the democrats need to come up with a candidate that people don't hate. Better yet maybe the independents can produce a candidate that can win and owe neither corrupt party.

Shaw Kenawe said...


That video you linked to is as telling as the two YouTube videos on this post. For some reason the crazies on the right don't think anyone is paying attention to their absurd hypocrisy and flip-flopping. It's almost comical the way the FAUX NOOZ clowns say completel the opposite on Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un from what they said when President Obama suggested he'd meet with the South Korea leader. No one I know with any honor or intelligence listens to those whackos. They don't mean what they say and listening to them is like reading the Mad Hatter's Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland. It's all nonsense!

And remember they are a distinct minority. Happily 70% of the country thinks they're mad as a Mad Hatter as well.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... have you heard how the GOP has now started to justifying how it is that a minority of ppl can drive the agenda of the nation? It's like this and I quote... "Donald Trump and the GOP have a majority of the people in a majority of the states."

Skud... we could respond, but you show up, troll, drop a quick hit on a candidate who lost, thinking we love her, and leave, never to defend your snark. Enjoy your day.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave The GOP says "Donald Trump and the GOP have a majority of the people in a majority of the states."

But that doesn't work in a country that believes in one man/woman one vote. More Amricans voted for Hillary than voted for Trump. Trump is a minority president because a minority of Americans support him and his corrupt admiistration. All is not lost yet because a majority reject Trump and his lies and immorality. His supporters -- the so-called moral majority -- see nothing wrong with his infidelities, his misogyny, and his cheating. It is beyond belief that even 30 percent of this country accepts this dishonor on our country.

This is what is being reported:

Lie detector test indicates Stormy Daniels truthful about Trump affair.

In the opinion of the polygraph examiner, Daniels was truthful about having unprotected sex with Donald Trump in July 2006.

Maybe this is why #45 is so hellbent to silence Stormhy. Maybe she did get pregnant because of that unprotected sex, and maybe Trump made he get an abortion.

That, of course, won't turn his Evangelical right wingers off of him. They'll only admire him more.

Lee Arnold said...

What will we tell the children?????

"A New York judge has rejected a bid by President Donald Trump to dismiss a lawsuit relating to his alleged groping of "The Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos in 2007.

Lawyers for Trump argued that he is immune from suit in state court while serving as president, but Judge Jennifer Schechter ruled that there was "absolutely no authority" justifying tossing out litigation over "unofficial conduct." The judge also declined to halt the case for the term of Trump's presidency.

The ruling raises the possibility that Trump could be ordered to submit to a deposition about his conduct towards Zervos and perhaps other women as well.

Zervos, who claims Trump kissed her and groped her breast as she was seeking work opportunities, sued Trump for defamation last year after he insisted that her allegations were false."

Remember when the Rethugs insisted that the Paula Jones case go forward even though Clinton was president? Karma BITCHES!

Rational Nation USA said...

Not so hard to believe Dave. tRump is their brand now.

Rational Nation USA said...

... a majority of the people in a majority of the state's.

There IS logic behind this.

My brother always said maybe we should have been 50 desperate states. Perhaps this is why?

Anonymous said...

Trump the Republican president is a cheat a liar and a whoremonger!

Dave Miller said...

What a day! This has to be a momentous time to be a journalist.

You've got to love watching the extreme right twist themselves into pretzels so they can support Trump on stuff as varied as multiple affairs with porn stars, talking directly to dictators, [which they blasted when Obama suggested it] offering congrats to communist dictators who won sham elections and and and...

It's simply amazing...

Dervish Sanders said...

Cambridge Analytica got their data by fooling people with what they called a "personality test". The people taking the test were not told that their data was going to help the Orange Turd campaign. Nor did they know that all their friend's data was going to be taken as well.

The false equivalency on the Right (this is a fact I found out via WYD) is that this is another example of hypocrisy from the Left. Because the Obama campaign was praised for doing the same thing (micro targeting). Except when the Obama campaign collected their data they informed people it was for the Obama campaign (the app was an OBAMA 2012 app, not a "personality test").

BTW, "The Prince Of Darkness" is from WYD. Except POD is a "new" name (not sure if POD is new account or not. I suspect he is a sockpuppet). According to the "new to WYD" POD, it took him only one day to figure out who the creeps are (Ducky and RN). I can't link to anything because Lisa either reverted the post to draft or deleted it. The post concerned Hillary Clinton being bitter (Re her comments in India).

skudrunner said...

David, Of course the dems lone -H- because she is one of them. Rich, believes government is the answer to everything and supports every federal give away ever proposed. How many times has the owner of this blog said she won the popular vote.

On your remark about DJT congratulating putin, were you outraged when Obama did the same thing in 2012 or were you fine with it. My "snarks" as you call them are only considered so when you know they are pointing our the hypocrisy of the former republican party of the progressives.