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Monday, March 19, 2018

While the Goopers celebrate McCabe's firing...

Lord Dampnut took several "victory laps" maligning Andrew McCabe this weekend after the controversial firing. Meanwhile, as #45 and the Goopers celebrate their Pyrrhic victory, very good things are happening for the Democrats. 

I'm quite pleased that #45 and his lackeys are not paying attention to this:

NBC News/WSJ poll: •Dems +12 with independents in 2018 •Voters 65+ prefer Dems by +11 •Women are +23 Dem •18-34 are +30 Dem •Dems get whites with college degree +13 •59% of GOPers say they’re loyal to Trump, not Republican Party. 36% loyal to GOP


Dave Miller said...

In fairness Shaw, even NBC news said their poll, because it was so striking, could be an outlier and we need to wait for other polls to confirm what they think they're seeing.

But let's make no mistake, America is deeply troubled by the GOP, President Trump and what is going on.

Let me go off topic sort of...

Conor Lamb won in PA partly because those deep red Trump voters were concerned about losing their, wait for it, healthcare! Or, to put it another way, Obamacare. Friday I had lunch with a dentist friend who is pretty conservative and I assume supported Trump. As we were talking, she told me about a clinic she started for indigent ppl here in Las Vegas. She employs about 10 dentists and technicians there. She said that because of Obamacare she's able to insure them, whereas before, that was not possible. She also shared that she was able to set up the clinic because of a gift from, and the work of a certain county commissioner a few years back. His name? Rory Reid, son of Harry.

She's seeing progressives and progressive ideas in a new light. At least regarding healthcare. And she's a provider!

Both Conor Lamb's win, and my friends experiences show how important health care is going to be in the 2018 and 2020 elections. And in that, once we move out of the 35% who want to give ppl freedom and take away access, the Dems win.

Maybe 2018 will be known as Obama's Revenge as millions vote for democrats who want to strengthen Obamacare.

Yep... I'm just dreamin'...

Shaw Kenawe said...

NO, you're not dreaming, Dave. I've read that health care was the primary concern in the elections won by the Democrats in areas where Trump prevailed in 2016. The present GOP seems not to understand how important health care is to the average American. It is more important than the $1.50 Paul Ryan bragged about to the woman who got her Trump tax cut.

BB-Idaho said...

We ponder whether those demographics can overcome Russian Meddling, Fake News and
rampant gerrymandering, the three enemies of democracy. The swamp draining has uncovered an ugly landfill.

Kevin Robbins said...

At the risk of being overconfident it looks very nice. Thanks for those numbers, Shaw.