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Friday, March 30, 2018

Laura Ingraham deservedly gets trolled


Things Jesus is said to have done during Holy Week:
Healed people.
Washed people's feet.
Forgave his betrayer.
Let himself be unjustly arrested, beaten, and killed.

What you've done so far:
Stopped trolling a teenage shooting victim under financial pressure.

Stop using Jesus.


 Good going, David Hogg. Your boycott is working.

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Ingraham to take break from show as advertisers flee over attack on Parkland student

And this:


Bill718 said...

As an Independent Christian voter, I think the presidential election of 2016 was a choice between the 2 worst major party candidates in history. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, manipulative, power hungry lady who couldn't tell the truth if she had to. Donald Trump is a arrogant, lying, womanizing blowhard with an ego the size of Jupiter. Trump won, Clinton lost, election over.

Christian Evangelical folks seem like nice people, but I think it's time you stopped lying to yourselves about your President. Donald J Trump is no more a follower of Jesus Christ than your average maggot. He makes no attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus whatsoever, and the fact that he pays lip service to the (so called) pro life folks, it's just that....lip service. The truth is Trump cares no more about this issue than he does the poor, and has flip -flopped on it several times. (Please see link below)

Jesus reserved his most encouraging and understanding words for those who those who acknowledge their own imperfections, and were struggling to make themselves better people in accordance with GOD's law. Jesus also reserved his most bitter attacks for those arrogant, remorseless, power hungry, religious and political hypocrites who used GOD's word as a tool to further their own greedy play for power and money. Christian Evangelicals, be honest with yourselves

Bill718 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaw Kenawe said...

Hello Bill718, you're new to P.E.

Welcome. And thank you for commenting.

Dave Miller said...

Nice job Bill...

Rational Nation USA said...

Bill718 is new to con sights as well. Seems to be a copy and paste sorta guy.

Bill718 said...

Thank you folks.
Rational Nation USA, I copy things only when I use them for my research. And I would think that others do as well. And only because I prefer to ger my facts correct.

Dave Miller said...

RN... I saw that he’d posted the same commentary on a number of sites as well. I guess we’ll see if he continues to post.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I called B.S. on "Bill&18" over at R.N.'s blog.

He used the excuse of hiding his profile because he didn't want people to know anything about him, but many people use a profile that shows only their blog name and when they started on blogger, and nothing more.

Also, "Bill718" copied and pasted from Message Boards, leaving epithets in his comment that called RN's readers "spineless cowards." ???? Why would anyone new to RN's blog do that?

And, this "Bill718" was especially nasty to me, very much like the trolls on WYD who keep coming here every day hoping to get published. I'm guessing by the tone and language used by "Bill718" that it's really another iteration of TOM/Steve/Paul or Rusky Redneck or any other one of WYD's pathetic sock puppets.

skudrunner said...

Now Ingraham is taking vacation. She and Hannity are the conservative side of madcow and matthews. Both use hate and fear to attract an audience and sometimes it blows up in their face as it did for ingrham this time. I watched Hannity once for a few minutes and decided he is just a spewer of hate much as matthews and madcow are.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, it occurs to me that someone who calls Rachel Maddow "Madcow" is the one who spews hate. She's never said anything mean about you.

Also, Rachel Madow reports facts, and when she gets something wrong (which is rare), she lets her audience know, apologizes, and sets the record straight. You don't like hea, fine. But she's not a mad cow. That's what the real haters call her.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BTW, skud, Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

skudrunner said...

I must have hit the wrong key by mistake. Every talking head slants their spew toward their particular views so there is very little said by any of them that is just the facts. I don't spend any time watching any of them and would rater get my news from NPR.

Thanks but I don't celebrate Easter but do spring.