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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Creeping Mall- ism in my neighborhood, Boston's North End

In my neighborhood, we have within a 5 to 10 minute walk, two Dunkin' Donuts, a Starbucks , a Peet's Coffee, a Thinking Cup coffee shop, Caffe dello Sport coffee shop, Caffe Vittoria coffee shop, Caffe Paradiso coffee shop, plus Mike's Pastry, Modern Pastry, and Maria's Pastry all offer coffee to their patrons. Within my immediate neighborhood, we have My Cousin's Place that offers coffee to its patrons. We have TWO Seven Elevens within TWO blocks of each other that also offer coffee to its patrons

Starbucks wants to put another coffee shop at the entry to Boston's North End. Why? The North End's coffee needs are amply met.


From my neighbor, Dave G.:

"Just for the record, there are already 6 Starbucks within a short walk from the proposed NE location: Atlantic Av, Long Wharf, State St, Broad St, two in Govt Center, and one soon to open right across the Greenway in Fanueil Hall! Hopefully the City will do the right thing and deny them a take-out license, which will force Starbucks to break the lease they've already signed." 

PS. This neighborhood is called The North End, not "Li'l Italy, or Little Italy." This neighborhood has been called The North End since Colonial times. We don't want to be renamed "Little Italy. 

We are The North End!

Last Little Italy from Rocco Capano on Vimeo.


Kevin Robbins said...

You've got more coffee shops than Seattle.

Dave Miller said...

For years my father in law has gone to the neighborhood donut shop to get coffee, have a donut, buy his lottery tickets and talk with his retirement cronies. Then a while back Dunkin' Donuts bought the location right next door! It effectively started a public relations disaster for the city. ANd there was no way for the city to back our after the deal was signed without being sued by Dunkin'.

Why corporate America felt a need to eviscerate a small local retailer serving the community is beyond me. But that is unbridled capitalism unleashed.

Adam said...

Starbucks grows like wildfire. They've added at least a couple in the last three years in my small city.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect reason for a protest...lets start making cardboard signs

Anonymous said...

That is called free market capitalism and if people don’t support it they will move on. Starbucks is a very socially conscious company and if you express your concerns they will do the right thing.
Never understand what is so great about them and their $7 cup of coffee.

Kevin Robbins said...

If you're in Glens Falls definitely go to Cool Beans. We actually only have one Starbucks now anyway. There was another small one in the area, but it went out.

Ducky's here said...

@Dave - Why corporate America felt a need to eviscerate a small local retailer serving the community is beyond me. But that is unbridled capitalism unleashed
These corporations must grow to satisfy the shareholders.
At some point this requires cannibalizing local businesses.

Why anyone would prefer a pastry from Starbucks instead of one of the established North End bakeries is a mystery to me/

skudrunner said...

Duck, If enough people agree with you and don't support Starbucks then the problem will be solved. Start a movement in your area, signs, protestors, marches and sit in's will bring the message to the people who can have effect. Maybe Starbucks will shut down for a day to hold a seminar on how to dominate a market and drive out small businesses. They could invite a former president who was against small business and was pretty successful at eliminating them.

Starbucks is a millennial's dream of pay more, get less. A lot of people love to hate walmart but they still shop there same goes for Starbucks.