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Monday, June 11, 2018

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin wants to break G-7 alliance of industrial democracies.

Donald Trump jusy smashed G-7 w/a sledgehammer - while embracing the autocrat

the question for Americans is: Why?

no good answers in sight 


Rational Nation USA said...

The ONLY truthful answer us that tRump is an ignorant authoritarian a**hole himself. AND, the dimwitted Republican party that looks the other way to support Dips*it Donnie is as much responsible as the Dips*it himself.

Dave Miller said...

As Pres Trump prepares for his meeting today with the leader of North Korea, his political allies are crowing about how his talking to our enemies is a great sign of leadership.

Here's another view...

When candidate Barack Obama said in a 2007 debate that he’d meet with the leaders of rogue states – including North Korea – without preconditions, critics pounced: Fox News host Sean Hannity ripped his “lack of foreign policy expertise” and called the idea “disturbing” and “naïve."

Sen Tom Cotton wanted to know how it could happen that a US President would make a deal on nukes with a sworn enemy like Iran.

Conservatives, according to a Politico report today, where these quotes are drawn from, called Obama irresponsible for even being photographed with Hugo Chavez, Dictator of Venezuela.

Again I ask... what changed? Why is now suddenly good policy to sit down with our enemies when before it was worthless?

I don't think too many libs have a problem with Trump trying to get a deal with North Korea. We're just stunned at the level of hubris and obfuscation of previously held views when Pres Obama proposed it. Oh, and we're not rooting for our Pres to fail, like the GOP did.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You're a better person than I am, Dave, because while I'm not hoping for failure, I am feeling very cynical about Trump and his motives for this meeting. In what has been documented in photos and on video, we've witnessed that Trump has zero skills in diplomacy or even in basic manners. He's a clumsy, self-serving narcissist, and I believe all he cares about is the photo ops for this historic meeting, a meeting the far righties howled about when President Obama said he'd consider one.

How can anyone expect anything positive from Trump who acted like a petulant toddler while at the G7 summit and whined about his pal and political supporter, Putin, not being included. Trump insulted our allies and advocated for Putin, who invaded Crimea, has his political opponents murdered, and interferred in our election.

I don't respect Trump, and I have no confidence in someone as morally defective and intellectually stunted as he is.

Kim Jong Un will eat Trump's lunch. Trump isn't as smart or cagey as KJU.

Rational Nation USA said...

There is no reasoning with the Trumpista. They are blind to logic and seem to lack the ability to connect dots. Their hypocrisy is on the way to becoming legendary.

The number of serious rational conservatives and republicans are steadily decreasing in numbers. The conservative movement and republicans have sold their souls to the devil. In a manner of speaking.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... it’s just a choice for me... do I think he’s gonna succeed? Not at all. Do I hope he does? Of course. Like I said... no sense in us being like the GOP...

But nothing you’ve said is inaccurate... even his strongest defenders acknowledge he lies constantly.