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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump's America: Abusing and Traumatizing Babies and Children

Detaining Migrant Children Has Lifelong Psychological Effects, Experts Say

Where are the Christians who support #45? Do they not see the damage his policies are doing to babies, children, and teens? Do those Christians actually believe this is something their Savior would have taught in his Sermon on the Mount:

"Blessed are the governments who punish babies and children for what their parents do, for those governments are doing God's work?"

None of the so-called "Christian" blogs are talking about this atrocious crime against humanity. They continue to support a so-called president who heaps praise upon a vicious killer while at the same time allows his administration to terrorize families and traumatize children.

I don't believe in a Hell, but if there were one, I would wish that the hideous Trump spend eternity roasting his onions there.

Trump and the Goopers who remain silent while this travesty is in place deserve to be kicked out of the human race.


Infidel753 said...

Where are the Christians who support #45?

Here's a data point. This post on a conservative Catholic news site, on the issue of how the Church should respond to family separation at the border, currently has 128 comments. In the entire thread, only one person objected to the practice -- and got denounced and called names by other commenters for it. All the others are making excuses or rationalizing or changing the subject. Some samples:

"These kids are very contended right now in these detention centers -- big plasma tv screens, clean sheets on clean beds, three square meals a day."

"Lots of these aren't even families. They're human trafficking in child sex slaves. That's the point of separation."

"The children of the immigrants are being helped in an HHS facility, temporarily, where they are fed, clothed, given somewhere to sleep and have all kinds of games to play. They are probably being treated better there than in their own countries..... I think that all priests, Bishops and Cardinals who vote Demoncrap should be excommunicated! All those ignorant Catholic laity who vote for the party of death need to be taught what that party stands for. They do the work of Satan!"

And remember back when torture became an issue under Bush II, and polls showed that Evangelicals had the highest level of support for it, and atheists the lowest?

To be fair, a few Christian leaders are critical of the policy. But as a general rule, there seems to be something about these Abrahamic religions that promotes moral depravity.

skudrunner said...

Of course you know that it is against the law to house adult criminal offenders with children. The adults broke the law so they should not be kept with children but it sounds better to blame the current administration for enforcing the law and protecting children.

Why not encourage congress to come up with a comprehensive immigration reform instead of following pelosi with her we will not support anything this administration puts forward and we support the obama policy of puching action down the road so we don't have to do anything.

Jerry Critter said...

If I was a Catholic, I would be embarrassed and mad. But I’m not. Nor will I ever be a Catholic, not because of the religion, but because of the people I would have to associate with. That doesn’t prevent me from being mad, however!

Ducky's here said...

The right wing response over on the mothership blames everyone from MS13 to Obama (naturally).
None of it is based in fact let alone human decency.

I wonder if, at sone, level they realize that tRump is a disgusting vulgarity an they have to grasp at straws to justify this monster.
Then I think about their reaction to the border policy and just get depressed.

Jerry Critter said...

There is no federal law that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the United States. There is no federal law that stipulates people crossing the border illegally must be put in jail. There is no federal law that says people asking for asylum should be separated from their children or put in jail. Asking for asylum is legal. Crossing the border illegally is a civil violation, not criminal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jerry but I think The Church might pass on you