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Thursday, June 21, 2018


I checked several sites, including Snopes, to find out if this is true. It is! WTF???

My friend Vicki wrote this:  · Look—you don’t wear a jacket like this if you don’t intend to send a subliminal, or blatantly overt (for that matter), message. Of all the clothing she has and with all the money she has, she could have worn ANYTHING other than this jacket. This is a big “fuck you” to people who actually care about the issue.

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President Porn Star Shagger said the message on Melania's tasteless jacket is for the "fake" media. FLOTUS wore it on her way to see children held in detention camps. The jacket had no reference to media. FLOTUS appears to be as callous and stupid as her monstrously stupid husband.

How many jackets does the wife of a billionaire own? And why did she wear this one on her way to visit children in her husband's detention camps?



Jerry Critter said...

I agree with Spox too. The media should not focus on her wardrobe.

They should focus on the message on the back of her jacket. Is she really that stupid not to know how inappropriate such a message is. I presume she is trying to demonstrate that she cares about the children. Yet she shows a message that says her doesn’t care. Does she think nobody there understands English?

This is the White House showing that they do not care what happens to the kids. Trump is willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of children to get his wall and feed his base of racist, sexist, bigoted, white supremacists.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Is there someone in the WH deliberately trying to sabotage the FLOTUS or is she really that callous and stupid?

Jerry Critter said...

Bannon? Miller?

Ray Cranston said...

From the Mother Ship: "Oh, sure…she didn’t realize. I believe that. I honestly do.
OF COURSE she didn’t realize……..but didn’t ANYBODY when she packed, or when they read it on her, or advised her what to wear………..REALLY?"

The Trumpanzees think very little of the FLOTUS's intelligence. They believe she's too stupid to read what's written on a coat she's wearing or they think she doesn't understand how that would look on her visit to detention camps for children. They believe she's that dumb?

No one with any intelligence believes the former model wouldn't be very careful about the clothes she wears anywhere! What kind of a human being wears a coat with a shitty statement like that when she's visiting children in detention camps set up by her husband?

Jesus! What ghoulish people the Trumps are!

Anonymous said...

She knows exactly every little thing she wears and the impact. C’mon! She’s an effin model that takes hours to just get her hair and makeup right. It was oppressively hot and humid in DC today and I assume Texas, why a jacket at all? She probably has hundreds of jackets and she picks this cheap one with an obscene message? Every day I feel like throwing up.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry and Ray, As Ray said, FLOTUS is a former model. A model is very careful about what she wears. What the hell was she thinking -- obviously she doesn't think.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Possumlady, No one seems to know why FLOTUS wore that stupid jacket. It undercut the missio to see the detention camps she was on. It was bizarre and definitely nutty for her to do what she did. And it was deliberate!

R.D. said...

Seen on a Trump cultist blog: "Get a load of THIS about the photo that "went around the world":

The crying Honduran girl on the cover of Time was not separated from her mother, father says, WaPo 6/22/18/!

And the propaganda war rages on."

Oh stuff it, you hypocrital trog! That little girl REPRESENTS ALL THE CHILDREN being ripped away from parents, even if she wasn't. That's the answer the Trumpcultists give when they're caught posting inaccurate photos and news. They can all stuff their outrage up a very dark and stinky place, starting with the person who wrote the quote!