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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS" -- President John Adams

Don't be fooled by what the Porn-Star Shagger-in-Chief did yesterday. Children may not be separated from their families, now, but there's nothing in the E.O. that Trump signed yesterday that makes it permanent. Trump now has made it possible to incarcerate whole familes.

A typical bully, Trump retreated as soon as loud, determined, and strong resistance to his inhumane policy manifested itself and threatened the GOP's chances in the fall elections. I don't believe for one minute that the Porn-Star Shagger-in-Chief cares about the chaos and misery he caused thousands of families. One needs human decency to feel for the families who suffer. We all know that #45 hasn't a drop of human decency in him. 

"On Wednesday, Donald Trump signed an executive order to do what he, and every Trump surrogate who appeared on every form of media, spent the previous week insisting that he absolutely could not do—stop separating kids from their parents at the border. But after claiming that breaking up families was ordained of God, beating his chest over the need to enforce The Law, making careful distinctions between his child-stealing and that carried out by the Nazis, and mostly just blaming everything on the Democrats … Trump found that he could change the policy with a stroke of a pen after all."


"But just because Trump signing that executive order was a defeat for Trump—and it was a defeat for Trump—doesn’t make it a victory for immigrant families. Trump still maintains his zero-tolerance policy, and the document decorated with his latest magic-marker contains not even a hint of a limit on executive power. Not even when that power is being used to … separate parents from their kids. The order leaves open the idea that families can still be separated over “concerns,” and unlike the bill that was signed by every Democratic senator, those concerns don’t have to rise to the level of actions that would, in other legal circumstances, lead to the severance of parental rights. In truth, Trump’s executive order declares and preserves his authority to separate families for any reason at all. Or to detain them as a group. What it doesn’t offer is any limit on his power, or hint of judicial or congressional review."


Trump is a lying bastard, a disgrace to America and all her ideals. Never let the American people forget what the Monster Trump did and is doing to thousands of families seeking refuge from muderous regimes in their countries. Never allow the American people to forget the sounds of children crying for their mothers and fathers. Those sobs will haunt every American's conscience and every American will associate children crying out in fear and agony with the Trump administration. 

#45's supporters bear responsibility for terrorizing children.  


Anonymous said...

What is truly disgusting and disheartening was listening to “people” at a diner in Arizona. All tRump supporters. One woman could barely hold in her disdain: “don’t try and make me feel bad by showing those crying kids. The parents are the problem.”


Jerry Critter said...

“Children may not be separated from their families...”

MAY NOT, not SHALL NOT. This is a very important distinction! In fact Sec. 3 of the EO states:

“...shall, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, maintain custody of alien families...”

Current law allows children to be detained for only 20 days. Then what? Previously, after 20 days, they were released with their parents. They were assisted, monitored, and given court dates. 99% showed up for court, even those who faced deportation!

What now?

Anonymous said...

Before you liberals get all giddy about Trump releasing his child hostages remember this: You don't congratulate the kidnapper when he releases his victims.

Shaw Kenawe said...

#45's administration LIED to American airline carriers about the children they were putting on their planes, saying they were soccer teams. Several airlines refused to be used in this shameful way by the damned lying Trump administration. This stinks rottingly like fascism at its worse.

The Trump administration separate children from their families and lie to airlines to get them to participate in crimes against humanity.

That's where we are now with this fascists administration. Pigs!

Grey One talks sass said...

Anon - you really need to read for comprehension. Right now it appears you are reading to confirm your bias.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well Shaw, I must ask this question. If the parents are knowingly crossing the US border with their children illegally should their NOT be a deterrent to this activity. If so why not? If interning children WITH their parents is not acceptable what should be done.

Bitching is fine, but, a suggested alternative solution should follow.

Anonymous said...

This is an impeachable crime...what are we waiting for

Jerry Critter said...

The first step is to rescind Trump’s zero-rolerance policy and return to the policy in place before Trump changed the policy. First time border crossing is a misdemeanor. Jail is not required. Asking for asylum has a legal process. Jail is not required. A high percentage of both groups show up for their immigration hearings.

skudrunner said...

JC, I will assume you are for open boarders because the way to end the separation of children with an adult is to not enter the country illegally.
You do realize that the little girl in the Time picture was crying because her mother put her down so she could be searched.
You say asking for asylum is a process yet you are not in favor of allowing the process to continue.
What would you do with the 10000 or so kids who enter without an adult. Maybe lock them up with an adult would be the proper thing to do.

Jerry Critter said...

Assume anything you want. It means nothing.

Check your reading skills. I said LEGAL process. No arrest necessary.

Check your reading skills again. I said return to the policy in place before Trump changed the policy. There was a process for dealing with kids entering without an adult.

Check your reading skills once again. My comment was addressed to RN. I am not interested in your assumptions or questions. They mean nothing to me.

skudrunner said...

JC, If you don't want to respond to a question or you don't understand it all you have to do is ask. Attacking the writer is really not necessary although seems to be the norm in some circles. RN posed a question that you really didn't answer. We are a nation of laws which most feel should be followed.