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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday WTF? Blog

Trumpian far right Xtians are the first to tell you that Islam is not a religion but a political movement that is also a death cult.

There are over one billion Muslims on the planet, but the far right Xtians insist that all Muslims are "vermin," and that all Muslims want to kill all non-Muslims. The far right Xtians make no distinction between crazed fundamentalist Muslims who commit jihad in the name of Allah and the millions and millions of peaceful Muslims who go about their lives minding their own business and who have no desire to kill anyone.

The Muslim community in Pittsburgh came together and raised thousands of dollars for the families of the victims slaughtered by a far right crazed shooter. AFAIK, the above-mentioned Xtians made no mention of that act of human decency. That would've spoiled their narrative of the blood-thirsty "Moslem vermin" they love to demonize and whom they've said should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Those far right Xtians need to look at the splinter in their own eyes and see how some of their own kind -- a crazy fundamentalist kind --wish to commit genocide in the name of Christianity:

State Rep’s Outline For Killing Non-Believers In Holy War Is Referred To FBI

A Washington state lawmaker who moonlights as a wannabe theocrat has stumbled into FBI scrutiny over a how-to guide he wrote on killing non-believers and establishing a Christian theocracy.
Five-term Washington state Rep. Matt Shea has been circulating a manual for holy war in the United States, the Seattle Times reported.

The four-page document, titled “Biblical Basis for War,” goes point-by-point over how a Christian theocratic movement could – and should – exterminate its opposition in a battle to win a hypothetical holy war.

At the outset, Shea’s holy army would issue terms of surrender to its enemies. The demands include “stop all abortions,” “no same-sex marriage,” “no idolatry or occultism,” “no communism,” and “must obey Biblical law.”

If the rest of the country refuses to “yield” to these terms, the document advocates a final solution: “kill all males.”

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbThis is the crackpot far right Xtian fundamentalist who is advocating genocide for non-believers in the name of his god. Sound familiar?

Isn't he the picture of an All-American-loving Christian? Wouldn't you let your daughter date this monster? Just by his looks? Clean-cut, good-looking, lovely smile. But
read what lurks in the rotting carrion of this far right Xtian's mind, and remember people voted for this person to represent them.

Matt Shea is a Xtian jihadist, and there are many more like him on the loose in America. 


Howard Brazee said...

The "Christian" far right and the "Islamic" far right have a lot more in common than the "Christian" far right has with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Rational Nation USA said...

Fundamentalist Christianity in the extreme is no less evil than Islamic fundamentalism.

The ONLY ethical and moral justification for the use of force is in self defense against an aggressor. Basic respect for the human rights of others makes this perfectly clear.

Fundies of every religious strip seem not to grasp this. Or, they just don't care. In either case they present great danger to the citizens of the US as well as the world.

Infidel753 said...

Fundies of every religious strip seem not to grasp this.

On the contrary, they simply don't believe it, because their values rest on an entirely different basis -- not individual freedom or human rights, but the supremacy of the will of God. "Morality" consists of conformity to that will, and they are justified in using force to impose such conformity. On everybody. The mentality is the same whether it's Dâ'ish (ISIL) or American Dominionists like Shea.

Of course that God and its commands and taboos exist only in the heads of the fanatics -- fundamentalist religion is best understood as a kind of mental infection which turns humans into robots programmed to spread the infection to others by any means necessary. It's not an alternate moral or philosophical viewpoint, it's a kind of mental rabies.

skudrunner said...

Saying all Muslims are bad is like saying all democrats are socialists.
More people have died in the name of religion than any other cause and if you believe in a greater being than you know that is not what he or she stood for.

On another subject I can't wait until Wednesday when all of the political ads and robo calls will cease. No matter which side is triumphant little will change for the American people. If the republicans remain the majority the democrats will stonewall everything they do and if the democrats take the majority stalemate will ensue. We do have the best politicians money can buy and they make millions while doing what is best for us.

BB-Idaho said...

Shea represents a portion of far eastern Washington. While the state as a whole is very progressive, we note that his district abuts northern Idaho, an historic hotbed of militia thuggery. From Wiki, we learn
“Shea has been the focus of news articles related to angry outbursts at his legislative office, and a report claiming that he was disarmed by a commander while he served in Iraq due to anger management issues. Differences between Shea and Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich resulted in Shea stating "the Southern Poverty Law Center — and the sheriff (Knezovich) that backs them — is the most dangerous organization in this country
And it is not surprising that
“Shea was divorced from his first wife in January 2008. Lisa Shea was granted a protective order by a court after filing court documents complaining that Shea treated her "as a possession," and was physically and emotionally abusive. She attested that Shea "insisted she walk on his left side because his sword, if he had one, would be on his right side," and protested that he would not seek profitable employment despite being a lawyer. Shea denied any physical abuse. Matt Shea subsequently remarried.
In November 2011, Shea allegedly "pulled a gun during a confrontation with another motorist" in what police reports described as an incident of road rage. Shea was initially charged with possessing a loaded handgun in a vehicle without a concealed weapons permit; the charge was ultimately resolved under a "stipulated order of continuance," in which "Shea paid a $75 fee and agreed that the information in the police report is correct" and the charge was dismissed after the passage of one year with no criminal violations.
He is a wannabe Torquemada and coat tail Trumpian, another ugly American. MAGA.

Rational Nation USA said...

Interesting take Infidel. I never thought about it exactly that way but it makes sense.

Dave Miller said...

Wow Skud... you said "Saying all Muslims are bad is like saying all democrats are socialists."

I guess you you believe those statements are false. That would put you in the lower decks on the Mother Ship. Interesting that both examples of such blatant stereotyping are both from the conservative/right/GOP side of the ledger.

BTW... Amen to the end of commercials/ads and robocalls.