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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Good Morning.

It's still July 4 vacation week.

Here's what's in the news:

NOTED:   Fortune just released its list of the world's 50 greatest leaders. 

President Trump didn't make the cut.

On Thursday, Fortune released its fourth annual list of the world's 50 greatest leaders, and there's one name glaringly absent from the list. Theo Epstein, whose Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year curse in November, tops the ranks of the greatest global leaders in business, government, philanthropy, and the arts, followed by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Pope Francis, Melinda Gates, and Jeff Bezos, the Amazon chief and owner of The Washington Post. 

Not making the Top 50 is President Trump. 

Trump's second national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, made the cut, coming in at No. 7 with this question: "What will happen if and when his adamantly independent thinking conflicts with his duty of loyalty to the president"? 

Also in the Top 50: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), one of Trump's top Republican critics (No. 9); German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Western hemisphere's anti-Trump (No. 10); Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio), one of Trump's last GOP primary rivals (No. 12); and a chorus of other people who famously don't see eye-to-eye with Trump, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (No. 31), comedian Samantha Bee (No. 19), and LeBron James (No. 11). 

 So how did the nominal leader of the free world not make the cut? "Remember as you scan our list that we evaluate each leader within his or her own field of endeavor," Fortune's Geoff Colvin says in his introduction. He began his introduction with the glaring visibility of "tarnished leaders" today, mentioning ousted Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump himself, whose "approval ratings are lower than those of any new president for whom such polling exists."

Well I guess that's a first for a POTUS. But it's not surprising for a preznit whose approval numbers are lower than the numbers calling for his impeachment.

Keep tweeting, Donnie. Soon your only supporters will be Dead Enders, your overprivileged children, and #3 wife.

Oh, wait.

And this:

The Tweeter-in-Chief wages a war with the “FAKE” media, and the American people react:

CNN Has ‘Trust’ Advantage Over President Trump In A New Poll

The survey also showed the New York Times, Washington Post and the broadcast television networks faring better than Trump in trustworthiness.

 50 percent of American adults trust CNN more than Trump, with 43 percent favoring the president. 


Jerry Critter said...

Maybe not really #3 wife!

The Ghost of Thurgood Marshall said...

Obama slams Trump to the world.

Praise the Lord! An American with courage and blessed loyalty to America to call out the festering boil that is contaminating our country and our heritage.

God Bless you President Obama!

BlueBull said...

I miss having a real leader and a real president and FLOTUS instead of this cheeto colored joke and his mail order first (third) lady. It must REALLY big the Tweeter-in-Chief that so many women made the cut and he didn't! Burn baby burn! lol