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Sunday, July 23, 2017

We interrupt Trump's daily assault on America and her laws for something completely different...

An Iceberg Flipped Over, and Its Underside Is Breathtaking 

 On vacation in Antarctica, filmmaker and photographer Alex Cornell captured an unusual sight 

While exploring Cierva Cove, a glacial bay off the peninsula, a scientist aboard Cornell's boat became excited by one iceberg in particular. “Everything I was seeing was pretty exciting,” Cornell admits. “This particular iceberg at the time kind of blended in with all the crazy stuff we were seeing.” 

 But as they approached the mass, which rose about 30 feet out the water, Cornell understood his guide’s excitement. Whereas most iceberg tips are covered in snow or have been weathered by the elements, this one was free of debris, exposing glassy, aqua-green ice with water flowing through it—“almost like an ant colony,” he says. 

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