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Thursday, July 6, 2017

More on the Trump-Russia Scandals from the Wall Street Journal

Steve Benen:

"In recent months, those watching this scandal progress haven’t just wondered about possible collusion and cooperation between the Trump campaign and Moscow. We’ve also asked related questions such as, what would that collusion look like? In what form? Through what mechanisms? A possible answer is coming into focus.

Over the holiday weekend, the Wall Street Journal moved the ball forward with some additional details."


 "A longtime Republican activist who led an operation hoping to obtain Hillary Clinton emails from hackers listed senior members of the Trump campaign, including some who now serve as top aides in the White House, in a recruitment document for his effort.

 The activist, Peter W. Smith, named the officials in a section of the document marked “Trump Campaign.” The document was dated Sept. 7, 2016…. Officials identified in the document include Steve Bannon, now chief strategist for President Donald Trump; Kellyanne Conway, former campaign manager and now White House counselor; Sam Clovis, a policy adviser to the Trump campaign and now a senior adviser at the Agriculture Department; and retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who was a campaign adviser and briefly was national security adviser in the Trump administration."  

Steve Benen:

"So, we’re talking about some of the first real evidence of collusion between a Republican in the U.S. and Russians hoping to help put Donald Trump in power. These new reports are shining light on who this Republican was working with – and the possibility of this man, Smith, working as an intermediary between the Trump campaign and the foreign adversary that attacked the American election. 

 Indeed, according to Smith, who died in April, he was in communications with top members of Trump’s campaign team while he was trying to collude with Russian agents to obtain Clinton emails."


Trump has never accused The Wall Street Journal of being "FAKE NEWS!"  So we take its reporting as REAL NEWS! 

I wonder if President 30 Percent reads the WSJ...


Ray Cranston said...

Trump said this in a speech written for him:

"The West will never ever be broken."

The West is already broken because it' elected an ignorant baboon as the most powerful person on the planet. We are mocked around the world for having done this to ourselves. Only other ignorant baboons support tRump.

Infidel753 said...

according to Smith, who died in April,

Can you imagine if a key figure in something involving Hillary Clinton had died just as an investigation was gearing up? The wingnut conspiratards would have screeched about it from now till Doomsday.

I really doubt Trump reads the WSJ unless they put out a comic-book version, and even then he'd probably think it has too many hard words.

Thanks for the link!

Kevin Robbins said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Infidel. Peter Smith would go down in wingnut history along with Vince Foster and Seth Rich if the shoe was on the other foot.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The current GOP is not just a sad collection of shameful hypocrites, they're also rotten cowards afraid of seeing the creep they voted for as the fraud and Russia apologist that he is. He is hated and mocked around the world.