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Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump's "Bigly" Success at the G20. Just ask the Russians.

Russian media openly mocks Trump as lesser man than Putin 
By Eric Boehlert | JULY 7, 2017 

Casting Putin as the day's big star, Russia media is mocking Trump and portraying him as pathetically weak.

 Oh my! 

When the G20 leaders met for their annual group photo, Russia’s RT made sure to belittle Trump’s placement, highlighting how he wasn’t featured front-and-center the way President Barack Obama had been in previous years.

 Meanwhile, Russia’s Sputnik stressed that Trump badly wanted to avoid conflict with Putin during his visit, portraying Trump as the lesser of the two leaders, and the one in search of Putin’s blessing.

This photo already everywhere in Russian media (as was a similar one with Obama). Putin knows how to play this game. Trump reaching to him.

PM Carpenter:

Putin's victory 

 "He began by raising the concern of the American people of Russian interference in the 2016 election. He pressed him more than once." So said Rex Tillerson with some interesting wording: "the concern of the American people"— not the president of the United States. 

 As for whether Trump raised the issue even once, let alone more than once? Who knows. This was the Trump White House speaking. "President Putin denied such involvement," added Tillerson, who also remarked that the administration isn't "dismissing the issue," but rather "wanted to focus on 'how do we secure a commitment' that there will not be interference in the future." 

 And that, it seems, was that. Putin won. 

If he insists there was no Russian involvement in the first place, and the White House effectively accepts Putin's denial, then why would Putin pledge not to do again what he said he never did? And what's the penalty for no "commitment"?

Compare and contrast:

President Obama next to Chancellor Merkel

Trump.  Not next to Chancellor Merkel. 


Rational Nation USA said...

Trump has succeeded in diminishing the USA's stature and influence as other major economic powers stand arrayed against many of his positions and policies. Trump and his supporters fail to recognize that we are no longer the only game in town so to speak. Mutual cooperation aimed at creating a win-win is something they reject.

We continue along the Trump path at our own peril.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN USA, the far right is not reachable. They're sick with Trumpitis. It a sort of contageous disease that is passed around in their closed group that will not allow them to ingest a good dose of any information that disagrees with their biases. Therefore, they will continue to get sicker and sicker.

Fortunately, their numbers are small and continue to diminish.