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Thursday, July 13, 2017

"The 'presidency' is a blasphemy, and Trump is...a disgrace."

In defending Donald "Fredo" Trump, Jr.'s performance on FAUX NOOZ's Hannity show, the so-called "president" Donald Trump, Sr., said his son was 'open, transparent and innocent' in discussing Russia emails

Laughable and the same chronic habit of Trump putting lipstick on a pig of a story about his corrupt regime. 

Here's how to handle the garbage pile of lies Trump and his lackeys put out there to bury the truth:

Charles M. Blow of the New York Times:

"Trump Jr. wasn't 'open, transparent and innocent.' He is devious, knavish and guilty as sin.

I say that we must learn to discard as dishonest everything emanating from this White House. If it's not a lie (and it often is), it's a diversion.

Yes, listen to his speeches and read his tweets. Being an informed, engaged citizen demands that you remain aware of what the country's so-called leader is thinking and doing.

But then shunt it aside. It's all garbage and a waste of mental bandwidth. You only have to remember this:  These people are not to be trusted. Their greatest interest is in their own enrichment. They believe that they exist in a space above the law and outside the rules.

Run everything that you hear from the White House through this filter:  The 'presidency' is a blasphemy and Trump is not only a disgrace but also an assault on the culture and the country.

And take comfort in this eternal truth:  For all things, there comes an end."


And aren't we Americans the lucky duckies because technically what the Trump Regime did is not treason.  

It just smells like it:

From Digby:


"What an interesting bar to be clearing only months into an administration. S.V. Date: 

″Donald Trump Jr.’s hopes of getting Russian government help for his father in last year’s election have popularized a word for critics of the White House: ‘treason.’ And it is almost certainly wrong ― at least in the legal sense. 

‘There is a lot of behavior that is really bad, and is a betrayal of the United States,’ said Carlton Larson, a law professor at University of California, Davis, and an expert on the topic. ‘But it’s not technically treason.’ … While the colloquial meaning of treason is acting against the interest of one’s country, the legal definition ― spelled out in the United States Code ― is much narrower. The law states that an American citizen who ‘levies war’ against the government or gives ‘aid and comfort’ to the nation’s enemies is guilty of treason, punishable by at least five years in prison and possible execution. ” 

 It must be a relief that our president of six months most likely isn't gong to be tried for treason. At [least] not yet. 

 So much winning."

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Dan Mc said...

I don't normally do this, but I'm gonna put on my wrinkly old raincoat and pretend I'm Internet Columbo for a minute. One thing in the e-mails Don Jr. released struck me as a bit odd: when bad hairpiece publicist guy wrote, "This is part of Russia and its governments support of your father's campaign," Don Jr. was just like, "Cool." His response wasn't, "Wait, the Russian government supports my dad's campaign? No shit?" He wasn't surprised at all by what should have been a fairly surprising statement. Was something already going on by that point?