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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Senate Republicans Just Killed Their Health Care Bill Again

Mitch McConnell Says Senate Will Vote To Repeal Obamacare And Replace It Later

This may be in jeopardy as was the bill that collapsed yesterday since many Republicans are nervous about hanging on to their seats in the 2018 elections.

Let that sink in: The GOPers are not worried about leaving millions of Americans without health care coverage, they're worried about losing an election.

That neatly and concisely tells us all what the current Republican Party is about: 

It's not about governing; it's about holding onto power, no matter what damage they do to Americans -- especially their own constituents.


In other news: 

Trump administration recertified the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Remember the deal that Lord Dampnut said was the worst deal ever made in the entire history of the United States? That worst deal ever -- the one that Donald J. Trump, POTUS, would rip up the first day in office?

That's the deal that Trump just recertified. 

But his core supporters, the Thirty-Six Percenters, still cling to him like lint on a wet wool suit.

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Shaw Kenawe said...

NYTimes editorial:

Republican legislative leaders are in a bind. While they appear to have failed for now in their goal of destroying the Affordable Care Act, their eagerness to shower tax breaks on the wealthy at the expense of health coverage for millions of Americans has crimped their ability to pass other fiscal legislation.

This is not a lament. It’s just as well that they haven’t done anything big, given their goals. But it is a stunning demonstration of incompetence that, with control of the House, the Senate and the White House for six months, Republicans have not only failed to enact any major bills but have also created a legislative logjam that is bound to get worse. [...]

After years spent as obstructionists, obstruction seems to be all they know. Now they’re obstructing themselves, a good thing since it may limit their ability to do harm.

skudrunner said...

What this shows is the repugs can't govern. They have the majority in both house and senate and the presidency and they still can't get anything done. Part of the problem is the dems and media campaign about Russia, Russia, Russia and part is there are congressman who believe they work for the American people and won't support a bill that does not represent the all citizens.
Say what you want, the dems stay together and will even vote for a bill they have never seen and will continue to support a program that does little for the people it was intended for.

Now we can go to the next step and see how many can't afford obamacare and drop it. A program designed to support 30 million and has less than a third participate, great program. The repugs don't have to destroy because it will destroy itself. It is to bad both sides couldn't work together to serve the American people. This will confirm the notion that the swamp needs to be drained of all of them.

Jerry Critter said...

McConnell's desire to repeal without replacement is proof-positive that the republican purpose in any healthcare reform is a tax cut for the wealthiest people in the US. They are willing to sacrifice every good thing about Obamacare just to make the richest of the rich, richer.

Rational Nation USA said...

In my view the democratic leadership, those folks that supported the ACA, should now be crafting legislation to submit that would correct the flaws that were built into the original ACA. Rather than work to obstruct Trump, as he GOP did Obama, strike and strike hard with POSTIVE energy while preparing for a 2019 flip. Ther has never been a better time than now for democrats to peoject positive dynamic leadership. Don't waste it.

Dave Miller said...

Even the full repeal has failed as at least there is sone sanity in the GOP...

Infidel753 said...

RN: The only real fix would be to transition to single-payer, something which a slight majority of the American people now support. I have nothing against the Democrats proposing that and making the case for it, to sharpen the contrast between parties; but there's no way it could get through a Republican-dominated Congress. Probably even some conservative Democrats would refuse to support it.

Still, the reality is that that's the only fix. There's an inherent conflict between the imperatives of a business working to maximize profit (as insurance companies are) and the imperatives of affordable universal coverage. Obamacare probably did as much as can be done to reconcile that conflict, but in the long run health insurance has to be treated as a public utility paid for out of taxes, like fire and police protection or national defense. That can't happen until the Republicans and their ideology are no longer in a position to obstruct.

Rational Nation USA said...

Agreed Infidel. The goal and efforts should be directed at strengthening and increasing the current small majority that supports single payer. My choice would be for a workable American model similar to the Swiss healthcare system.

There was a time I was opposed to universal single payer, but that was then and this is now. The old system wasn't working and the ACA is flawed. It us time to use old American ingenuity and apply it as we think outside the constraints so many of us as accepted for too long.

There is no question but what the outcome of the 2018 mid term election will be critical. It's up to the democrats and independents to make it happen.

skudrunner said...

There was and is obstruction on both sides. You do remember vote for it in order to see it don't you.
Single payer is what the dems have been after for decades. The problem with that proposal is the vast majority of people have health insurance and don't want the government to control their lives anymore than they already do. The cost of a single payer plan would far exceed what the cost is today including the profit the insurance companies make. I would support a plan like England but not Canada.

obamacare is such a nightmare that the only way to change it is to repeal it and start over. It was based on fictitious assumptions and costs. The one size fits all is so attractive that 30% took it. It further illustrates the incompetence and corruption of our elected elite. Working together both sides will come up with a workable plan by 2045.

Rational Nation USA said...

Have you looked at the Swiss healthcare system skudrunner? My guess is you would like it.