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Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump Leads Boy Scouts To Boo Former President Obama

Just returned home from taking my grandson to the theater and read this:

The president’s decision to give such an off-the-deep-end rant in front of preteen boys would be shocking if anybody but Trump was delivering the ramble, and social media was quick to weigh in on the spectacle.
After two years I was still naive enough to think "I can eat dinner because he's not going to go on a barely hinged rant to Boy Scouts"
Donald Trump is now asking the Boy Scouts to remember that "incredible night" when he won the election. Seriously.
Trump now telling kids at the Boy Scouts Jamboree about “fake polls” and “fake news” and his “tremendous crowds”
Trump is currently relitigating the 2016 election -- talking Michigan, Wisconsin -- before a crowd of Boy Scouts
Trump says Obama never spoke at a Boy Scouts jamboree. Obama was an actual Boy Scout (probably around the time Trump was dodging the draft).
Boy Scouts of America are booing the first female nominee for President. How proud.
In and of itself, Trump’s speech on Monday was a national embarrassment, whether it was encouraging the crowd to boo for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, lashing out about polling, bragging about his 2016 election, or going off on incoherent tangents about his rich friends.
What’s sadder, though, is that this is the Trump we all know and have come to expect, even in front of a crowd of young boys – heck, especially in front of a crowd of young boys.

The president may have been speaking in front of thousands of boy scouts, but he was certainly the most childish person in attendance.


I have never in my life seen any US president behave with such shocking disregard for the dignity of the office he holds. I truly think Trump is seriously mentally impaired. But if that's not the cause of his stomach-turning, disgusting behavior then he's just a pus-filled evil psychopath.

Scouts booing former Boy Scout and former President Obama is classless and disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Internet blisters Trump for regaling Boy Scouts with ‘unspeakably inappropriate’ tales of playboys and cocktail parties

resident Donald Trump gave what can only be described as a memorable speech at the 2017 Boy "Scout Jamboree, regaling the youngsters with tales of attending cocktail get-togethers with “hot” guests and playboy industrialists.

When he wasn’t sharing nightlife tips, he bragged about his election win and encouraged the Boy Scouts to boo ex-President Barack Obama.

Twitter users were not amused, with one commenter simply calling the whole exhibition “disgusting.”

Along the way, some commenters turned their ire on the Boy Scouts, demanding they apologize for the president’s remarks."

That's not what a normal president would deliver to the Boy Scout Jamboree but Trump is not normal. Who are the people who still support this asshole?

Ray said...

Trump doesn't seem to realize this isn't a campaign rally!! Who acts like this in front a kids? As a parent- I would have been furious, but he seems to prefer running his mouth with no questions asked. What a scumbag!

Kevin Robbins said...

Whenever you think he can't go any lower he manages to descend further into the muck. The only thing more shocking was if he'd encouraged them to take up his sexual assault habits. Maybe at next year's jamboree.

billy pilgrim said...

A Scout is:

and Reverent.

trump might be clean but he's not even close on the rest of them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The only good thing to come from the Trump disaster:

From the publicists at NBC Universal:

"For the first time in the network’s 21-year history, MSNBC finished the week as the most-watched cable Unknownnetwork during weekday prime (M-F 8-11pm) in total viewers. According to Nielsen, MSNBC ended the week of July 17-21 as the #1 cable network for all weekday prime, averaging 2.34 million viewers, ahead of FOX News at 2.25 million."

I don't know and am too lazy to research if MSNBC's #1 ranking comes from more viewers, or less viewers for Fox. Either way, Fox's placing, to use a racetrack term, is good news for horserace news.

Jerry Critter said...

Yes a scout is all those long as you are white, Christian, and hetrosexual.

Flying Junior said...

What the hell is going on with scouting? When I read the New Yorker article on this discouraging speech and its twelve most cringe-worthy moments, with all of the cues regarding cheering, chanting and booing, I thought that the article must have been talking about a jamboree in Mississippi or Texas or some place like that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ: "I thought that the article must have been talking about a jamboree in Mississippi or Texas or some place like that."

Or in Germany in the 1930s.

Stephen B. said...

When you think about it, Shaw, the BSA Jamboree is the perfect audience for Trump. 45,000 all male, mostly white straight Christians in uniform, with the average emotional and intellectual development of twelve year olds who have no choice but to attend.

Anonymous said...

Go back to the Theater And take your Grandson with you I'm sure you took him to a Michael Moore show to see his Bullshit.
Boy, would I hate to have you as a Grandma.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Anonymous @9:48 AM

You must be the same coward who wished Mr. Shaw Kenawe would die quickly when I posted about his illness. Now you're attacking my grandson?

He's 13 years old and has more humanity in his little finger than you and your cesspoolian friends from WYD have in your cowardly, degenerate bodies.

We're not surprised your kind supports the Jackass in the White House.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Follow the money to understand why the BSA allowed the Jackass-in-Chief to turn the Boy Scouts Jamboree into a German 1930s style rally to stir up the all the "good" Germans:

The president of the Boy Scouts needs the Trump administration to approve his mega-merger

Apparently the BSA head needs to kiss Trump's enormous white arse to get what he wants.