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Frederick Douglass's descendants speak on this 4th of July

Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Not-So-Happy 4th of July

Displaying a U.S. flag upside down is, among other things, a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life.

No Mr. Trump, the virus is not under control. It is in control.

No parades, no concert on the Esplanade, no gathering together with our fellow Bostonians for cookouts with family and friends to celebrate this historic date in The Cradle of Liberty.

The Covid-19 itself is not Trump's fault. But his inept, incompetent, and grossly reckless handling of the pandemic is his fault. 

The disregard of hundreds of thousands of lost American lives is his fault. All Trump wanted to see was the economy improve by opening up the states, regardless of dire warnings by epidemiologists who said it was too soon.

Now this is where we are, as of 6/25/2020, (as of Thursday, there were 50,000 new cases in the US. We've exceeded the June 25 count):


"The reality is that the virus is not under control; it is in control. Record-shattering numbers of new cases were reported Wednesday in six states: California, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona and Alaska. New daily cases are increasing in 41 states compared to two weeks ago. Outbreaks and superspreader events are erupting, such as clusters from Myrtle Beach, S.C. In five months, the pandemic has killed nearly 19 times as many Americans as have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Trump — whose early reaction to the pandemic was to wish it away, who failed to muster the logistical support to confront it and who then decided to walk away by leaving the response largely to the states — this week continued to engage in magical thinking, referring to the raging pandemic as “certain hot spots.” In fact, states that opened up prematurely in May are paying the price now, and Mr. Trump bears responsibility for encouraging governors to loosen the restrictions too early. It was a bad miscalculation."

So it is difficult for me to be optimistic and happy on this particular 4th of July at this time in my life.

We've had no leadership, only a reckless man undermining the science that showed us how to contain the spread of this virus. Trump refuses to wear a mask because it makes him look unmanly. 

Not wearing a mask during a lethal pandemic actually makes him look like a hopeless moron.

Trump believes that is we do fewer tests, there'll be fewer case of Covid-19 (he actually doesn't know what the "19" attached to "Covid" means.) He uses racist language to describe the virus (Kung flu, China virus), that's all he has to offer the American people: stupidity, anti-science, and racism.

And this 4th of July he'll be in South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore where the foolhardy governor of that state proudly proclaims there'll be no mask-wearing and no social distancing.

We have no leadership, no common sense, no plan for getting this plague under control. And now Covid-19 is IN control.

I don't understand the people who still support this maniac, but I do pity them and feel nothing but contempt for their allegiance to a POTUS who cares nothing for America or the American people.

Friday, July 3, 2020


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