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Thursday, May 30, 2019

What happened with the USS McCain during Trump's visit to Japan says a lot about Trump's lack of grace and human decency and its affect on his staffers

The fact that people working for our president went out of their way to try to make sure that Trump saw no reminders of McCain while on his visit to Japan is more than the usual outrage of the day. It’s not a distraction from the results of Mueller report, which all but stated the president of the United States sought to obstruct justice, and the White House’s ongoing defying of congressional subpoenas. Instead, it’s all of a piece — and shows what a dangerous spot our nation is in.
Trump is a notoriously thin-skinned man, quick to dish out insults, but unable to take anything resembling normal give and take, whether in politics or life. He shows no grace, humility or growth as a human being, never mind a politician. Trump bashes his enemies — either real or perceived — with a third-grader’s wit, coming up with nasty nicknames or other insults for those who he believes are against him. But he can’t abide even the slightest criticism, no matter how light. And when nasty names don’t work, Trump issues threats, urging Americans to consider boycotting everything from CNN (for being “unfair”) to motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson (for contemplating moving manufacturing operations out of the country). He’s demanded investigations of Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James B. Comey.
Trump’s feud with McCain perfectly captured the former’s thin skin. The man who skipped the draft to Vietnam courtesy of “bone spurs” in his foot that mysteriously disappeared routinely raged against the man who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war and was left permanently disabled as a result. McCain’s famous thumbs down on repealing the Affordable Care Act did add to Trump’s rage against him, but it’s no coincidence that the president hated a living, breathing rebuke to his faux patriotism. McCain, agree or disagree with his politics, served his country and did a heroic thing when called to do so. Trump, on the other hand, appears less than concerned he might well be in the White House thanks to Russian interference in the 2016 election.
As for the appearing, disappearing and reappearing USS John S. McCain, the entire episode contains more than a whiff of a reminder of how censors in the Soviet Union made formerly prominent figures who’d fallen out of favor with Joseph Stalin disappear in official photos. If a former high-ranking Communist Party official was executed, assassinated, sent to the gulag or otherwise exiled from government, their literal likeness often also vanished from official photographs. It happened to well-known political rivals such as Leon Trotsky, and as well as to the faces of those only factotums connected to the Kremlin would likely recognize. It was a form of rewriting history by erasing it from existence.
Trump, it is obvious, would like to do the same. He repeatedly exaggerated the size of the crowds at his inauguration, and just last week retweeted a Fox Business montage of House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi having trouble speaking. He repeatedly lies about matters large and small, all but willing a not unsubstantial number of Americans to believe his own personal version of reality, which can often best be described with the phrase he so often likes to use — fake news. At the same time, he governs the White House in a stream of invective and chaos, subjecting people who fall out of favor to public humiliation.
No doubt the White House staffer who asked that the USS John S. McCain get temporarily vanished thought it was a good idea. This person no doubt didn’t want to risk a presidential temper tantrum, or Trump saying something vile and inappropriate about McCain on — of all days — Memorial Day. But democracies can’t survive when good governance is downgraded in favor of attempts to satisfy the moods and whims of a small, petty and greedy man at the top. But Trump, it seems, is just fine with that.

This is the petty little tyrant the TrumpCultists admire


Here's a link to the White House email that ordered the ship named after McCain to be out of Little Tyrant Trump's sight. Again, this is the behavior of a classic dictator/tyrant, and TrumpCultists have nothing to say about this shameful, disgraceful action.

White House Asked Navy to Hide John McCain Warship During Trump’s Visit

By Maggie Haberman and Helene Cooper May 29, 2019 476 

The White House asked the Navy to hide a destroyer named after Senator John McCain in order to avoid having the ship appear in photographs taken while President Trump was visiting Japan this week, White House and military officials said Wednesday. 

 Although Navy officials insisted they did not hide the ship, the John S. McCain, they did give all of the sailors aboard the day off on Tuesday as Mr. Trump visited Yokosuka Naval Base. 

 Two Navy sailors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, said that the McCain sailors were not invited to hear Mr. Trump speak that day aboard the amphibious assault ship Wasp, while sailors from other American warships at the base were. 

"Trump admitted that the name had been obscured by “someone who knew” that he hated McCain."

Little Tyrant Trump knows in his wicked black heart of hearts that he'll never be as loved, admired, or respected as the late Senator John McCain is.

Except for the TrumpCultists, Americans salute McCain's sacrifices for his country and will forever associate Trump with cheating, fraud, and being a malignant liar.

I doubt any ship will be named for the miserable human being, Trump.

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From Roy Vogt:

"Let's unpack this, shall we? 

Cadet Bonespurs avoids military service with 3 medical deferments and 1 student deferment. John McCain serves, gets shot down and is incarcerated in the Hanoi Hilton for years. When he is offered privilege as an Admiral's son to be released early he stays with his fellow POWs. 

Meanwhile, Cadet Bonespurs serves in his "personal Vietnam" (as he jokes with Howard Stern) in the Singles Bars of New York City. One risked STDs, the other risked death daily. 

Cadet Bonespurs is so threatened by Senator McCain's memory he has the Navy hide the ship named after him. 

One of the gentlemen deserves the epithet "Chickensh*t" and I'll leave you to determine which one." 

And finally, from yours truly: Ain't it funny that Dems honor our fallen, regardless of party, while Republicans eat their own? 

Why should anyone be surprised? They are a party of counterfeit Christians, fake Family Values, and plastic Patriots.

"When naval officers can agree to dishonor the memory of a real hero, who suffered five years of torment and refused early release, a statesman who in his first career was blood of their blood and flesh of their flesh, and who is buried on the grounds of the Naval Academy itself, the service is in a bad way," --------argues Eliot A. Cohen.

Imagine supporting a delicate snowflake like Trump.

Imagine feeling this threatened…by a dead person.

Now: imagine what it's like to be a sailor—enlisted in service to your country—being asked kowtow to such a petty, small man on the international stage.

Imagine that person is your commander in chief

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Robert Mueller making a live statement at 11 AM ET

My takeaway from what Mueller said:

The investigation was NOT a "witchhunt." Russian interference to favor Trump against Clinton was real.

The FBI was doing its job.

TRUMP obstructed justice, but we could not charge him under the Constitution.

The process for criminally indicting Trump lies outside the Special Prosecutor's power.

We could never charge the POTUS with a crime because of the law of not indicting a sitting POTUS, but if they could have charged Trump, THEY WOULD HAVE!

Donald J. Trump obstructed justice!

Congress, DO YOUR JOB!


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Donald Trump says there was no evidence. That's a lie.

Donald Trump is and always has been a liar. A cheat. And a fraud.

I believe Robert Mueller.

TeaPublican Rep. Justin Amash read the ENTIRE Mueller report; says Trump should be impeached.

Here's a conservative Republican not afraid to say the truth about the so-called POTUS. There are more out there, I'm sure, but they're mostly cowards. 

Representative Amash showed his party and America the true meaning of patriotism. And that doesn't include sycophantic praise of a POTUS who took the side of a murderous Communist tyrant over an American statesman when he trashed former senator and vice president Joe Biden while in Japan.

President Porn Star Shagger laughed at his latest shinanigans along with his deplorable cultists. 

But America didn't. 

Tea Party Republican Justin Amash (R-Mich.) gets standing ovation at first town hall after calling for Trump's impeachment

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Trump sides with a murderous Communist tyrant and disrespects a former American senator and vice president

Trump: So What if North Korea Fired Off Weapons? Kim Jong Un Dissed Joe Biden for Me 

An "American" president excuses a bloody, murdering, barbaric Communist tyrant who insulted a former American senator and vice president. And the "f***ing moron" sees nothing wrong with disrespecting America while in a foreign country.

In additon to his serial adulteries and illegal payoffs to his mistresses to cover them up, the TrumpCultists support a man who sides with a Communist dictator.

TrumpCultists would not tolerate such stomach-turning behavior from a Democrat, but they say nothing about trump because they are as corrupt and disloyal to America as he is.


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Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

More than 37,000 American flags are now on the Boston Common — an annual tribute to fallen military service members. 

 Each flag represents a Massachusetts resident who has died in military service since the Revolutionary War. 

 This is the 10th year that volunteers have planted the flag garden that goes up before every Memorial Day weekend.

Volunteers Valerie Savin, left, and Sacha Santimano look for bare spots to plant flags. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

More than 37,000 American flags are planted at the Boston Common. (Jesse Costa/WBUR) b

 Sent by a friend (never forget):

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This MEMORIAL DAY....Remembering those Black soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for a nation that did not honor them!

Never forget that the current POTUS mocked those who served in Vietnam by saying his fear of STDs was akin to facing a murderous enemy. 

Also, never forget what he said about a man who was tortured and endured unspeakable agony as a POW in service to America. 

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FORGET what a horrible man DJT is:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Beautiful, Wholesome American Family

No nekkid photos all over the internet, no lying about university degrees, no plaigerizing other FLOTUS's speeches, no wearing coats with nasty "I don't care..." messages on the back .

Michelle Obama was a FLOTUS role model, and here she is with her lovely mother and beautiful, accomplished daughters.

We were lucky to have had her in the White House.

Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, Marian Shields Robinson, Sasha Obama sitting in front of a curtain

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Night Wisdom

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The Lunatic-in-Chief who whines about "fake news" Tweeted out a doctored video of Speaker Pelosi which made it look like she was drunk.

The Lunatic-in-Chief, who calls the media "FAKE NEWS" on an almost daily basis  re-Tweeted A FAKE VIDEO in his Twitter account to slander Speaker Pelosi.

The Lunatic-in-Chief told America and the world the other day that  he doesn't "do cover-ups," when all of America and the world knows he tried to cover up his adulterous affairs with a porn star and a playmate, while his wife, Melania, was taking care of his fifth child.

The Lunatic-in-Chief had his staff kiss his large greasy arse and claim that he was calm and rational when he threw his temper tantrum and ended his meeting with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer.

Blind loyalty of sycophants. The basis of any authoritarian rule. That's a loyalty show straight from the old school Soviet Russia playbook...

Trump reaffirmed that he was an "extremely stable genius." 

This is exactly what a tyrant, like Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Un, would demand of his underlings. Total sycophantic praise and lies to affirm Dear Leader's wonderfulness.

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The Lunatic-in-Chief is throwing the word "treason" around when it does not apply to anyone in the intel community. Treason occurs only when America is at war and an American gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

The Lunatic-in-Chief knows nothing about our Constitution nor how our government works.

Speaker Pelosi is driving the Lunatic-in-Chief over the edge. She's smarter, more composed, and knows how to handle children.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Trump's "I am not a crook" moment:

"I don't do cover-ups."

(Except when I denied paying off a porn star to not talk about our sexy time while 3rd wife, Melania, was recovering from the birth of my 5th child.) 

That's a DIFFERENT kind of "cover-up, is it?

Tell us, Donnie, why should anyone ever believe anything that comes out of that mouth of yours?


"The man who bought off Stormy Daniels so thoroughly that his bagman is in the federal sneezer said, "I don't do cover-ups," and, against all odds, his tongue did not burn with fire. The constitutional genius with the world's greatest brain made certain to remind Democrats that, as unlikely as this sounds, one day in the far distant future—of the year, say, 1998—a Republican Congress might bring "the I-word" against a Democratic president for frivolous reasons. I mean, good lord, the Clintons came to one of his weddings. Didn't they talk? The man has a brain of tapioca. "

You can ‘smell Trump’s panicked flopsweat’ as House Dems close in on his taxes: Rick Wilson

Deutsche Bank and Capital One Can Release Trump Records, Judge Rules 

That's Donald J. Trump on the left and the porn star he cheated on Melania with and then tried to cover up. His lawyer went to prison for helping Donnie cover that up.

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Good Morning! A MAJORITY of the American people STILL dislike President Porn Star Shagger! His supporters are the Thirty Percenters!

The "people" support him, Trump claims. Only 30% of  the voting public, the "people," support this corrupt narcissist.

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No photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text that says 'Ryan Struyk @ryanstruyk President Trump's approval rating clocks in at 38% among registered voters in new Quinnipiac poll 11:26 AM 5/21/19 Twitter Web Client'

Sunday, May 19, 2019

See you later

Gone for a few days.

Be excellent to each other.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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President Chaos doesn't know what he's talking about. Again.

h/t Lee Arnold:

Kudlow’s admission contradicts many of Trump’s comments and tweets to the effect that Chinese companies pay the tariffs in what amounts, in the president’s view, to a massive transfer of wealth to the United States from China. Yet almost no economist has agreed with Trump’s view and fact-checkers routinely brand Trump’s assertion false and point out that American importers of goods from China pay the tariffs.

Trump has also asserted that trade wars are “easy to win,” but Kudlow accepted that they come with costs for the U.S. economy, though he downplayed the impact.

On Friday, the Trump administration raised duties on $200 billion of Chinese imports to 25% from 10%, after charging that China had backtracked on commitments it made earlier in the talks. The administration has already hit $50 billion of additional Chinese goods with 25% duties.