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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


This is your current Trumpublican party and its gun-worshipping/fetishizing politicians:



The gutless @GOQ ghouls cheered this. 

#RepublicansAreTheProblem #GunReformNow 

Texas Republican leaders promised action on gun safety after the El Paso shooting. Instead, they passed permitless carry. 

The Texas Legislature passed a bill allowing Texans to carry handguns without a license or training — an expansion of gun rights so divisive Republican leaders in previous years refused to touch it.


Mitt Romney has taken more than $13mil from The NRA, far more than any other Senator. He's right that prayer/condolence are grossly inadequate. But the fact that he won't do more proves his soul is, too. It's not enough to be better than Trump, Mitt.

Joni Ernst has taken:

$3,124,773 from the NRA.
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Joni Ernst
A senseless, horrendous act of evil. My heart is with all those in Texas right now.

26 years ago, a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, killing 16 kids and a teacher. The UK govt responded by enacting tight gun control legislation. In the 9400+ days since, there have been a total of O school shootings in the UK. #Uvalde

Twenty minutes in response to a peaceful protest of less than 100 people. And it will do nothing for those dead kids
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Kieran Healy
Ten days ago it took the Senate about twenty minutes to unanimously pass a bill extending security protection to the family members of Supreme Court justices when it looked like a house might be picketed.