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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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BREAKING: The vote to expel George Santos is expected to take place later this week and NY Republicans believe they will have the 2/3 majority in the House to expel the fraudster from NY-03

More on the Christian Nationalist, Johnson


Five years ago:

"After an inquiry by The New Civil Rights Movement, a Republican U.S. Congressman has withdrawn from delivering a keynote address at a Christian Bible conference hosted by a far right wing pastor known for calling for the death of gay people. 

Freshman Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) in August was scheduled to deliver a speech titled “The Bible: Equipping the Man of God for Politics and the Culture War,” at Pastor Kevin Swanson’s Bible Family Conference. NCRM profiled Congressman Johnson on Tuesday in an article titled, “Congressman Tied to Anti-Gay Groups Scheduled to Speak at ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor’s Conference.” 

 After an email conversation with Rep. Johnson’s office, his office says he has withdrawn from the conference. As of this writing his name no longer appears on the schedule for Swanson’s conference. Johnson’s office initially told NCRM that “Congressman Johnson was invited to speak to a Christian conference in August. He was unaware of Mr. Swanson’s participation and of his previous comments. Once this was brought to the congressman’s attention, he immediately denounced those comments and withdrew his participation.” 

When NCRM replied, noting there was no record of Rep. Johnson denouncing Swanson’s remarks, Johnson’s office responded: “The Congressman was asked by a friend not associated with Swanson or his organization to join a Bible conference in D.C. Once he learned of Swanson’s connection to the conference he immediately withdrew his participation.” 

 After NCRM’s article Rep. Johnson’s name was removed from the schedule at Swanson’s Bible Family Conference. Johnson’s office also told NCRM: “Congressman Johnson believes and has publicly stated many times that all people are made in God’s image, and God calls us to love all and to treat every person with dignity and respect.” 

But Congressman Johnson has a long history of working with anti-LGBT hate groups. Before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives he was a senior attorney and the national media spokesman for the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-gay hate group. He also was awarded the True Blue Award by another anti-LGBT hate group, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council. 

Rep. Johnson still appears to support the anti-LGBT movement. Last week he posted praise for his “good friend, law school classmate and former colleague, Kyle Duncan, on his confirmation today to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.” 

 LGBT civil rights group Lambda Legal calls Duncan “a lawyer who has built his career around pursuing extreme positions that target members of the LGBTQ community.” 

Speaker Johnson admires and supports Trump and was one of the architects of Trump's plan to stop the certification of the electoral votes and install himself, the loser of the 2020 election. Johnson obviously admires Trump who is facing 91 felony counts and was found liable for raping a woman.

Pat Robertson as Speaker of the House?


The new Speaker of the House was one of the architects of overturning the 2020 election and installing Trump, the loser of the election. That makes him an anti-democracy, anti-Constitutional rebel, and dangerous to America.

Speaker Johnson also  is a Christian Nationalist who has said school shootings are caused by feminists, abortion, and teaching evolution.

This guy is nothing more than Pat Roberts in younger skin. A genuine nutcase.

Psaki: I would love to know what passage in the bible told Johnson to become one of the most important architects behind trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election. Which passage? Was it god whispering in his ear to ignore the constitution and disenfranchise millions of voters?

 “People say, ‘How can a young person go into their schoolhouse and open fire on their classmates?’” Johnson asked the audience. “Because we’ve taught a whole generation — a couple generations now — of Americans, that there’s no right or wrong, that it’s about survival of the fittest, and [that] you evolve from the primordial slime. Why is that life of any sacred value? Because there’s nobody sacred to whom it’s owed. None of this should surprise us.”

As journalists and others uncover more about Johnson and his anti-American, anti-democracy crackpot ideas, we'll see what he really is about.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Friday, October 27, 2023


Republicans’ new Speaker, Mike Johnson: “We don’t live in a democracy,” we live in a “biblical” republic.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

U.S. surpasses 500 mass shootings in 2023

At least 22 killed in shootings in Lewiston, Maine. ‘Person of Interest’ identified, police say.


Twenty-two reported killed and dozens more wounded, but those numbers may change.

Maine is considered one of the safest states to live in. But no one is safe in a country that allows people with mental heath issues to purchase weapons of war.

Boston Globe:  Who are officials searching for? Robert Card, 40, of Bowdoin, has been identified by authorities as a person of interest in the shootings. 

The Associated Press described Card as a firearms instructor believed to be in the Army Reserve and assigned to a training facility in Saco, Maine.

The numbers: Just five years ago, the country had never experienced 500 mass shootings in one year:

  • 2018: 335 mass shootings
  • 2019: 414 mass shootings
  • 2020: 610 mass shootings
  • 2021: 689 mass shootings
  • 2022: 645 mass shootings

New Speaker Claims God Raises Up Those In Authority.


Newly elected Speaker of the House affirms that God chose Joe Biden to be POTUS!

(The second part about Marxism and Communism is complete bullshyte. The Scandinavian countries and the UK have the lowest numbers of church goers in Europe. They are our American allies; they are not Marxists and Communists. The new speaker is a demagogue and Christian Nationalist. Our Founding Fathers would disapprove of his bullshyte.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2023



Johnson played a leading role in efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Others who worked with and for Trump in trying to overturn the 2020 election have pleaded GUILTY of felonies for doing so.

So, we are going to have a Speaker who tried to overturn the 2020 election, wants to impeach Biden, wanted to shut down the government last month, cut off aid to Ukraine, and opposes gay marriage. 

Good luck to House Republicans in swing districts next year.



Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Breaking News - After an Angry Truth Social Post from Donald Trump, Tom Emmer has withdrawn from speaker of the house

Observation on the current state of the Trumpublican Party:

Another Trump Lawyer Flips

I just read this: 

Palmer Report @PalmerReport:  "Mark Meadows cut an immunity deal with Jack Smith awhile back and has since testified against Trump to the grand jury, per ABC News. 

Even more people will feel compelled to flip now that they know Meadows flipped awhile ago. 

 ABC News @ABC:  "Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was granted immunity in the Jan. 6 probe. Meadows said Trump was 'dishonest' on election night, sources say."  

Indicted felons, Trump and Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis, Former Trump Lawyer, Pleads Guilty in Georgia Election Case
Three lawyers indicted with Donald Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election results will now cooperate with prosecutors in the racketeering case. 

"The plea marks the first time a senior Trump aide has been held criminally accountable for and has admitted to making false statements that the 2020 presidential election was tainted by widespread fraud. In a hearing Tuesday morning, Ellis tearfully admitted that she was wrong and misled and that she no longer believes those false claims."


Another Trump lawyer pleads GUILTY for trying to overturn a free and fair election.

If, as Donald J. Trump claims, this is a witch hunt, then why would his lawyers PLEAD GUILTY to the charges and open themselves up to losing their licenses to practice law?

DoTrump and his gullible cultists ever think about that?

Are Trump cultists still claiming the 2020 election was stolen? 

Monday, October 23, 2023

Ex-president and leading Republican candidate for the presidency:


A perpetual lying liar: 

"Trump claimed on Truth Social that 'Sidney Powell was NEVER my lawyer.' "

Saturday, October 21, 2023


 with the incomparable Leonard Cohen:

Friday, October 20, 2023



Jim Jordan received the lowest percentage of votes for the majority party's speaker nominee since 1859 — almost 164 years ago.

Remember Now-Disgraced Trump Lawyer, Lin Wood?


He turned too!

Remember this?:

This is what happened to former attorney Lin Wood: 

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood to be prosecution witness in Georgia election case, DA says 

 Lin Wood, a pro-Trump attorney who challenged 2020 election, retires his law license 

 Ex-lawyer Lin Wood, who pushed Trump's false election claims, listed as a state witness in Georgia case 

Prosecutors in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' office identified Wood as one of their witnesses in the election subversion case. 

This is the lunatic disgraced Trump attorney still supports and who the Trump cultists want to see back in the White House:

Another Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Georgia RICO Case


Lawyer Chesebro, who authored fake elector memos, pleads guilty in Georgia case 

 Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer who authored memos detailing how Republicans could send false slates of presidential electors to Congress, has pleaded guilty in the Georgia election interference case that charged him and 18 others. 

 Chesebro pleaded guilty Friday to one felony count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents. Prosecutors recommended he serve five years of probation, pay restitution and complete community service, along with testifying at trial.

Trump attorney Ken Chesebro pleads guilty, agrees to testify against co-defendants. He gave a proffer to prosecutors this morning and will turn over all emails and text messages.


Chesebro will face five years probation, $5,000 restitution, 100 hours of community service, apology letter, TRUTHFULLY TESTIFY IN OTHER TRIALS, turn over any outstanding emails, text messages, etc. 

Talk about a sweetheart deal! But he must have significant testimony that Fani Willis wants. 

Don't expect the Trumpers who swallowed Trump's lies about the election being stolen from him to be moved into reality by these two guilty pleas in two days (The Kraken Lady and Chesbro). They'll either not hear or read this important news at all; they'll blame the "Deep State" or Barack Obama; or they'll continue to not believe what's in front of their noses.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Kraken Lady pleads guilty to election conspiracy in Georgia


Former Trump Lawyer, Sidney Powell, pleaded guilty to six counts of conspiracy to commit intentional interference with performance of election duties in the Georgia case.

Prosecutors said in court that Ms. Powell had given them a recorded statement on Wednesday as part of her plea deal. She has agreed to testify against any of the 17 remaining defendants. Ms. Powell has also agreed to turn over documents in her possession related to the case.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Jake Tapper @jaketapper · 1h 

Speaker vote ballot 2 

Jeffries (D) 212 
Jordan (R) 199 
Scalise (R) 7 
McCarthy (R) 5 
Others (R) 10 

 Jordan does worse today than he did yesterday



"Trump takes a dimmer view of Netanyahu — less because of his failed performance than because he can’t forgive the prime minister for calling Biden in 2020 to congratulate him on his victory. Four days after the Hamas attacks, Trump also called Hezbollah, without reprobation, “very smart.” About Vladimir Putin, he said, “I got along with him very good.

Very good. Very smart. The Republican front-runner."


"This column doesn’t always abound with praise for President Biden and his administration. This week’s is an exception. Netanyahu will be remembered, irrevocably, as the man who failed — not tragically, much less heroically, but selfishly, arrogantly, despicably. He maintains political authority but is devoid of moral authority. I cannot imagine a future for him or his cabinet of blowhards and toadies except in exile, walled compounds or prison cells. 

 Biden stepped into the vacuum."


 "It’s a brave trip, even for a president with his vast security apparatus, given that Hamas’s rockets continue to fall indiscriminately on Israel and a second front with Hezbollah could open at any time. He is going, almost surely, to do what he does best: console the bereaved and bereft, give courage to those in fear. 

This is statesmanship in the teeth of far-left opposition and incessant right-wing criticism. It’s the president’s finest hour. I have seen some criticism that the hidden purpose of the trip is for Biden to hug Israel close so that he can stay its hand, or at least slow it. I doubt it, since he could hardly have been clearer in his “60 Minutes” interview that Hamas would have to be eliminated entirely, even as there needed to be a path to a Palestinian state. 

That path is a long one, but Biden gets the big thing right..."


Will the usual anti-Joe Biden whiners even read the whole column and understand why we should be grateful that it is Joe Biden and not Donald Trump who is POTUS at this time?

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

"This country is in big trouble if Jordan is elected."*


We are watching a shambolic Trumpublican Party getting close to choosing Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

Jordan was an active participant in a scheme to subvert the Constitution and illegally install a defeated president in office for a second term.

Jordan is openly contemptuous of the institutions of American democracy and the rule of law (he ignored a Congressional subpoena), and he worked to overthrow the American people's choice for the presidency.

IMO, Jordan is a two-bit criminal not worthy to serve as the Congressional dog catcher.

"No person who loves their country and takes its security seriously could ever even remotely consider voting for Jim Jordan, a preposterous figure whose rise portends a national catastrophe every bit as much as Trump’s did."