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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Surrogate, Howie Carr, Insults Native Americans

(Is there any group that the Trumpistas haven't insulted?)

Howie Carr has been an obnoxious fixture on right wing rabid talk radio here in Boston for over 20 years. I stopped listening to his juvenile rot years ago, and I actually thought he had died. But there he was on Wednesday at a tRump rally in Maine, up to his old junior high school antics again.

I'm not surprised that he'd show up at a rally for tRump.  Little wankers are attracted to big wankers. Being around the biggies gives the little ones the feeling of power. And tRump probably patted the little guy on his head as a "thank-you" for insulting Native Americans.   

Howie, in fact, is the perfect supporter for tRump: a  juvenile, vindictive, greasy little rodent. He should be on tRump's "short" list for veep!

Howie Carr: Trump told me not to apologize for ‘war whoop’

"Shortly after mocking Sen. Elizabeth Warren with a “war whoop,” Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr said he got some advice from the master of controversy himself, Donald Trump."

Well good for you, Howie, you're learning from a master wanker.

Canadian Parliament Chants "Four More Years!" to President Obama

Go read any of the rabid radical right wing blogs and news sites to see how excruciatingly wrong they are about President Obama's approval around the world. The more insane among them claim he's not respected by other countries and that Trump will make America great again by acting like a blathering buffoon.

The opposite is true. What a surprise!

The Canadian Parliament chanted "Four More Years!" after Mr. Obama addressed them yesterday. Canada loves our American president.

Below is a chart from the Pew Research Center showing President Obama's approval numbers around the world.  The overwhelming majority approves of our American president. The rabid radical right wingers, as we know, are nuts and are consumed by their hatred of President Obama. They are in a sad, distinct minority and wrong, as they usually are on most issues:

So the Trumpistas believe Donnie will make America great again by having our allies detest him? How does that work?

 How about Trump? What do our European allies think about the bloviating flesh bag?

 Pew poll: Trump at 9% with Europeans

Clinton earns much more positive marks among Europeans

Just 9% of Europeans surveyed have confidence in the presumptive Republican nominee to do the right thing in world affairs, according to a new Pew Research Center poll Wednesday. 

Eighty-five percent of respondents in 10 EU countries said they have no confidence in Trump, who has described his foreign policy doctrine as "America First." 

Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, earned much more positive marks among Europeans, with 59% saying they have confidence in the former secretary of state. 

Twenty-seven percent expressed no confidence in Clinton, Pew found. 

The Pew poll was conducted among 20,132 respondents in 10 European nations, four major Asia-Pacific countries, Canada and the U.S. from April 4 to May 29, a period that ended weeks before the Brexit vote.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016




In addition to hosting commenters who publish  pornography,  comments that contain anti-Semitism, misogyny, and anti-black racism, Who's Your Daddy blogspot hosts commenters who steal other people's copyrighted material -- plagiarists.

The fake "A Proud Progress" below has been stealing my blog posts, my comments to my readers, as well as my readers' comments over the past months and has been publishing them on various other conservative blogs, but mostly Lisa's Who's Your Daddy blog.

Here's just one recent example from today, June 29, 2016:

Donald Trump's campaign is in trouble financially. Recently Trump claimed that he had raised $3 million with his first ever donation email. But that was just another one of Trump’s many lies.

One of his sons, Donald Trump, Jr., went begging for donations to the Trumper's campaign chest, asking a number of Scottish politicians (which is probably illegal) for contributions. They turned him down, but one of them, MP Natalie McGarry of Glasgow East, also sent along a letter explaining her refusal to finance Don the Con's campaign. 

Directly plagiarized from Progressive Eruptions:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

Another in a series of why we love Scotland:

Donald Trump's campaign is in trouble financially.  Recently Trump claimed that he had raised $3 million with his first ever donation email.  But that was just another one of Trump’s many lies.

One of his sons, Donald Trump, Jr., went begging for donations to the Trumper's campaign chest, asking a number of Scottish politicians (which is probably illegal) for contributions. They turned him down, but one of them, MP Natalie McGarry of Glasgow East, also sent along a letter explaining her refusal to finance Don the Con's campaign. 

Progressive Eruptions has no connection whatsoever with "A Proud Progressive." APP is an internet troll, sock puppet, and plagiarist.

Plagiarism and Online Content Theft 

An argument arises that when the person – who picked up your work to use it elsewhere – is giving a back link to your work, it is not copyright infringement. But it is not the case. If any person uses any of your work – no matter how small it is – for any of his/her personal benefits irrespective of whether or not he gives you the attribution, it is copyright infringement unless that person has a written permission from you. 

 Understanding Copyrights, Patents And Trademarks 

The Intellectual Properties Act covers three specific areas: Content in any form: text, artwork, sound and video including animations Ideas and 

Inventions: Includes inventions that are still on paper 

Symbols: Business trademarks For symbols, you have to get them registered as trademarks so that others cannot use them for their profit. 

Trademarks generally apply to products and services that are more of a tangible nature. 

Ideas and inventions need to be patented and they are the property of the person who gets them registered. While for inventions (patents) and symbols (trademarks), you need some sort of paperwork, you do not need any kind of paperwork for claiming rights to anything that YOU created. 

Once your work is published – irrespective of whether on paper or digital media – you own the sole rights to it.

A Proud Progressive uses my work without my permission. APP is not a "Progressive," but is, in fact, an internet troll who has found a welcoming home at Lisa's Who's Your Daddy blog.  Along with her pornographers, anti-Semites, misogynists, and anti-African-American racists, Lisa can add cheating plagiarists to her stable of horses' asses.

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

Another in a series of why we love Scotland:

Donald Trump's campaign is in trouble financially.  Recently Trump claimed that he had raised $3 million with his first ever donation email.  But that was just another one of Trump’s many lies.

One of his sons, Donald Trump, Jr., went begging for donations to the Trumper's campaign chest, asking a number of Scottish politicians (which is probably illegal) for contributions. They turned him down, but one of them, MP Natalie McGarry of Glasgow East, also sent along a letter explaining her refusal to finance Don the Con's campaign.  

And it is a thing of beauty:

White supremacist Trump supporters:

ABC News:

Mirroring her rebound in the overall race for the White House, Clinton leads Trump by 50-39 percent in trust to handle terrorism in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. 

That’s similar to the gap in March after a more closely divided view last month. This reflects Clinton’s superior marks for her response to Orlando. 

More think she did a better job than Trump responding to the attacks overall (by 18 points, 46-28 percent) and showed better temperament in her response (by 34 points, 59-25 percent). 

Looking forward, more say Clinton gave them confidence that she could handle a similar incident as president (+19 points vs. Trump, 53-34 percent). 

She also prevails, albeit more narrowly, in having better proposals for preventing future attacks (+9 points, 44-35 percent).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Watch This Athlete! Future Olympic Gold?

Follow the link below to see this amazing athlete!

Simone Biles wins fourth consecutive all-around title at P&G Championships

There were Olympic gold medalists on the comeback trail and a junior champion hungry for the big-time spotlight, but as at every competition in the last three years, the P&G Championships belonged to Simone Biles. 

 Biles won her fourth all-around consecutive all-around title, something that's only been done twice before. The latest was Joan Moore Gnat from 1971 to 1974 (although she tied for gold in 1971 and 1972), and then originally by Clara Schroth Lomady from 1949 to 1952. 

 But Biles was in a league of her own, winning all-around gold by notching a lead of 3.900 points over the two nights of competition. She came as close to perfection as possible on her Amanar, getting just one tenth of a point deducted from her score for the two-and-a-half-twisting vault. 

Floor was another victory dance, where her tumbling seemed so effortless and natural that she found time to shoot a wink to Shawn Johnson, watching from the stands, in the middle of the routine.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trolls and Comment Moderation

Below you will find a small sample of the comments Progressive Eruptions has received from trolls over the past few weeks in "comment moderation." I have pages and pages more saved.  It is amazing how these comments coincide with Trump's long and well-deserved slide in the polls as well as the universal ridicule he received on his recent disastrous trip to Scotland.

This is how the rabid radical right wingers deal with people they disagree with. Because of their low IQs and limited vocabulary, most of these comments are monotonous, repetitive, and unrelievedly tedious, the product of enfeebled minds positively obsessed with female genitalia -- a result, no doubt, of having little to no contact with said genitalia, therefore, the obsessive perseveration in talking about it.

Inside the Troll: The Science of Being an Awful Person

Trolls are basically mean-spirited jokesters prowling the Internet for ways to make trouble. It’s entertainment. The behavior is profoundly antisocial, and scientists have been studying it for years — not the easiest pursuit, considering the subculture is based on messing with people. Media-studies scholar Whitney Phillips interviewed self-described trolls about their motivations for her book on the subject, and told the L.A. Times' Patt Morrison, "If they agreed to answer the question, there was a high likelihood they were trolling me." In some ways, trolls are the kids blowing spitballs at the back of their classmates' heads. Most experts agree they crave attention, admiration and a sense of importance, which they probably don't get in real life.

A Dark Mind 

 Authors Paulhus, Trapnell and Dr. Erin Buckels surveyed more than 1,200 Internet users, identifying trolls by how much they agreed with statements such as "I like to troll people in forums or the comments section of websites" and "The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt," as well as by whether they chose "trolling other users" as their favorite activity on comment-based sites. 

 The rest of the surveys assessed personality traits, testing specifically for signs of the "Dark Tetrad" personality, which scientists have linked with bullying behaviors. The Dark Tetrad consists of four traits: narcissism (pathological self-absorption), psychopathy (lack of conscience and empathy), Machiavellianism (a willingness to harm others in the pursuit of self-interest) and sadism (taking pleasure in others' pain). 

The results, while not necessarily surprising in content, were strikingly unambiguous. With the exception of narcissism, subjects identified as trolls scored consistently and significantly higher than non-trolls on the Dark Tetrad traits. The link between trolling and sadism was the strongest — "so strong," the authors wrote, "that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists."

Behold the sadistic mind of the rabid right wing conservative troll and understand why Trump appeals to these small, unexceptional and needy boys:

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Have a Laugh Sunday

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Night Video

Bandaloop Takes Flight in Boston 

"On June 9, 2016 BANDALOOP commemorated The Fallon Company's grand opening of 100 Northern Avenue, a 17-story commercial tower and the fifth building to be completed at Fan Pier on Boston’s waterfront, during a private celebration. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and The Fallon Company President and CEO Joseph F. Fallon will officiated the building’s opening just prior to BANDALOOP’s performance.

 You've probably never seen anything like this before. Six members of the vertical dance troupe BANDALOOP descended the fa├žade of the new 100 Northern Ave. building commemorating its grand opening at Boston's Seaport District. 

The performers are held securely by special rigging allowing them to mesmerize audiences with dynamic physicality and intricate choreography. 

You'll want to turn on the sound for this one." 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Night Funnies

Here's a sample of the Scots' reaction to Trump's stupid tweet on Scotland and the vote to Leave:

The language is at once quite colorful and creative.

Very impressive, Scotland!

Tell us what you really think of our embarrassing "Cheeto Jesus" Scotland!

From facebook:

Adam, look what you did, for Gawd's sake!

Reports saying the U.K. set to go into a recession as a result of their reckless vote:

"The whole world is reeling after a milestone referendum in Britain to leave the European Union. And although leaders of the campaign to exit Europe are crowing over their victory, it seems many Britons may not even know what they had actually voted for.

Awakening to a stock market plunge and a precipitous decline in the value of the pound that Britain hasn't seen in more than 30 years, voters now face a series of economic shocks that analysts say will only worsen before they improve. The consequences of the leave vote will be felt worldwide, even here in the United States, and some British voters say they now regret casting a ballot in favor of Brexit."

The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it Google search history suggests many Britons had little idea what they were voting for. 


Some of the blame for this has to go to the outgoing PM, David Cameron. Agreeing to a binding referendum on something with so dire consequences if the vote is "leave"? 

Man Who Voted For Brexit Is 'A Bit Shocked' His Vote Counted, Is Now 'Worried'

 A transcript: 

 I’m a bit shocked to be honest. I’m shocked that we actually have voted to Leave, I didn’t think that was going to happen. 

 My vote, I didn’t think was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to Remain, and the David Cameron resignation has blown me away to be honest. 

 I think the period of uncertainty that we’re going to have for the next couple of months, that’s just been magnified now. So yeah, quite worried. 

Adam, look what you did: For God’s sake.

To all who are crowing over this vote:

How's your 401K looking today?

The vote to screw the elites is now screwing you. The "elites" aren't harmed by reckless voting. You are.  No one know how this will affect financial markets all over the world.

But like spoiled children who don't care about consequences for their behavior, the people who supported the Leave are having a great time watching their stocks and 401Ks tank.  Enjoy the long, painful slide into financial uncertainty and possible ruin.

The "ELITES" will do just fine. Your vote did not harm them one bit.

These are the questions that the Brits should have asked BEFORE they cast their emotional votes:

Speaking in Scotland at his golf course, Trump was surrounded by Nazi golf balls.

Trump: Loon and Liar

 "DON the CON Trump is in Scotland today having a bagpipe tribute to himself for being so great and beautiful. 

Down the road the Prime Minister of England is resigning, the European stock market is crashing while England divorces from Europe. 

When asked, the Trumpster said this is "fantastic." 

The republican leader who wants to be President is a certified LOON." -- Mike N.

"Donald Trump landed in Scotland on Friday to take care of some golf business, and immediately upon landing, he offered his endorsement of the UK vote to leave the European Union... Scotland actually voted against the Brexit, 62 percent to 38 percent, and the referendum results increase the chance that Scottish voters will eventually choose the EU over the UK." --Peter Weber  

On Trump's lie-filled harangue about Hillary Clinton, where he told lie after lie:

Trump quickly backtracks on Clinton’s emails: ‘I think I read that and I heard it’

When asked by NBC news host, Lester Holt,  where he got that information, Trump couldn't answer -- the guy who's bragged to America and the world that he has the best memory didn't know where he read that Secretary Clinton's emails were hacked. And that's because there is no proof that happened. In fact Trump failed to show any evidence for any of the claims he made about Clinton on the email controversy and BENGHAZI!  

Hearing rumors is not evidence. Neither is reading for accurate information. Only folks who believe in "false facts" would fall for Trump's ridiculously amateur attempt to smear Secretary Clinton.  There are other ways a competent, smart politician could go after her for her mistakes, but Trump is not up to that task, since he's shown to be averse to facts and truth. Also, he's a buffoon.

Trump is the most dishonest candidate that fact-checking organizations have fact-checked in modern times.

Hillary Clinton is far and away more honest than Trump.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

There he goes again:

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday questioned the faith of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, insinuating that neither may really be a Christian.

Well, no surprise there. Trump is only following the rabid radical right wing's habit of questioning everyone's faith, except their own. They spend the week insulting and denigrating other people's claims to their faiths, then on Sundays brag about how "Christian" they are by putting up Bible verses on their blogs.  They are the definition of pharisaical hypocrites.

Check in on any rabid radical right wing blog or news site, and you'll find them accusing President Obama of being a "secret Muslim," an agnostic, or an atheist. The bottom-feeders don't believe Mr. Obama is a Christian, but they accept Don the Con's transparent pandering on his Christianity.  Two Corinthians?  At one point in his campaign for the nomination, he was asked what his favorite Bible verses were. He responded by claiming it was too personal a question.  But questioning other people's faith isn't too personal?  Well he's a narcissistic jerk, so he's not self-aware of his galloping hypocrisy. However, his hypocrisy gets lapped up by the "true Christians" who see nothing wrong with and accept his obvious lies.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is a lifelong Methodist who CAN quote her favorite Bible verses, and often does.

But we're not surprised to read another instance of Don the Con's attack on Hillary's and President Obama's faith. He's only continuing one of the rabid radical right wingers' favorite past time:  Casting doubt on other people's faith while bragging about what good "Christians" they are.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"There were no Syrians involved."

On Monday, right wingers took to their keyboards to report on a horrible rape in Idaho perpetrated by Syrian refugees.  Without waiting to see if the veracity of this story held up, several right wing blogs published the false reports.

Gateway Pundit:

Police investigating: Idaho Child Raped and Abused by Muslim Refugee Youths, No Arrests

Infidel Blogger's Alliance:

"The joys of taking in Muslim refugees: Idaho:

Muslim Migrants RAPE 5-year-old, hold KNIFE to her throat, strip her naked, rape, and urinate on her."

Alex Jones Info Wars:


Read the blood-thirsty comments on the blogs to see how crazed these people are, willing to believe ANYTHING to reinforce their hatreds and fears.

To say these people are irresponsible is understatement. They are incendiary agitators who latch onto any rumor in order to keep people crazed and ready to start hunting down Muslims, any Muslim, for retribution.

UPDATED: Story of Syrian refugees raping Idaho girl is wrong, prosecutor saysProsecutor: “There were no Syrians involved ... there was no gang-rape”

 No Syrians have been resettled to Twin Falls, officials say 

Authorities are denying reports that Syrians gang-raped a child at knife-point in a Twin Falls apartment complex earlier this month, saying the false claims are being spread to incite anti-refugee sentiments. 

 “There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang-rape,” Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Monday morning. 

His comments largely refute several differing accounts about the incident circulating on anti-refugee resettlement and conspiracy websites and anti-Muslim blogs. Most of those accounts claim a group of Syrian refugees sexually assaulted a mentally disabled girl at knife-point June 2 in the laundry facilities of Fawnbrook Apartments, a low-income housing complex in Twin Falls, and that the attack was celebrated by the perpetrators’ families as city officials orchestrated a cover-up. 

Investigators and the prosecutor were quick to dismiss nearly all those claims Monday. Loebs said he didn’t want to “fan the flames of anti-Syrian refugee people” but suspects the false reports are the work of a local group opposed to refugee resettlement who hoped to stir up trouble by claiming the incident involved Syrian refugees who committed a violent sexual assault. 

 “There is a small group of people in Twin Falls County whose life goal is to eliminate refugees, and thus far they have not been constrained by the truth,” Loebs said. “They have not been constrained by the truth in the past, and I don’t expect them to be constrained by the truth in the future.” 

 An incident did occur, Loebs said, and two juveniles have been charged after authorities obtained video shot on a cellphone. But the details of the case don’t match what’s being reported by anti-refugee groups, the prosecutor said.

"Christian" Republican US Senator from Georgia Prays for President Obama's Death

If an imam in a U.S. mosque had invoked this prayer against a Republican U.S. president, the right wing Christians would be calling for our government to DO SOMETHING! because MOSLEM! TERRORIST!

A United States Senator prayed with his fellow Christians for President Obama's death. These are the same people who call Islam the religion of violence.  

See my blog post of last week for the Christian right's call for death to the LGBT community. Now we have the Christian right hoping for the death of the president of the United States. Also, good old American rabid radical right wing bloggers assert that Mr. Obama is a Muslim and gay and call for the assassination of President Obama,.

Hoping for the death of our American president is "patriotic" with these "Christians" as long as they're doing the praying and not what the rabid radical right wingers call the "moslem vermin" doing the praying. 

I guess it all depends on whose vermin is involved in wishing death and misery on our American president and his family.

Republican US Senator from Georgia prays for the death of our American president.

At a gathering of Christian conservatives in June 2016, Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue publicly encouraged attendees to pray for President Obama’s death. 

The hateful and despicable prayer Perdue referred to is Psalms 109:8 

"Let his days be few." The complete reading is: Let his days be few, and let another take his office. 

Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow. 

Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places. 

 Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labour. 

 Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favour his fatherless children.  
Let his posterity be cut off; and in the generation following let their name be blotted out. 

 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the Lord; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out. 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Almost Every GOP Senator Just Voted to Keep Letting Terror Suspects Buy Guns 

Once again, gun safety measures fail to move forward in Congress after a massacre.

Something to Think About

Interesting History on the Assault Rifle

Light posting this week.

Here's a article that caught my eye.


Mitch Albom at the Detroit Free Press writes—

Citing forefathers is misplaced in gun debate: 

"The assault rifle traces back to Nazi Germany. Did you know that? The Germans were trying to develop a more effective weapon for their soldiers, one that rivaled the firepower of a submachine gun but had better accuracy in more confined spaces. 

 Kill faster, closer in. That was the idea. Adolf Hitler, according to some accounts, even named the weapon: Sturmgewehr. It means “storm rifle.” 

Tuck that somewhere in the back of your mind. The first people to really utilize this weapon were Nazis. Not our forefathers. Not Thomas Jefferson. Not George Washington. 

No matter where we stand on the volatile gun control issue, we might think twice about that before boldly embracing assault rifles as part of our American heritage."

h/t dailykos

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Night Funnies

This Week in Trump

"Trump isn't what Republicans stand for. 
He's what they bend over for." --Conan O'Brien

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Honorable Republicans and Trump

There are thoughtful, honorable Republicans out there who put love of country above party loyalty:

Rick Wilson:

“I am getting I-told-you-so delivered to my house by the truckload every day,” Rick Wilson, the Florida Republican consultant who has vocally opposed Trump from the beginning, told me. “I am eating up the I-told-you-so like a fat kid eats cake.” 

Wilson had little patience for the idea that Trump might still turn it around. 

“He’s 70 years old. He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He’s not going to change,” he said. 

“There is no better version of Donald Trump, no mindful, serious, presidential version, only the reality-TV, con-man, pro-wrestling dipshit Donald Trump.”

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois is the first GOP official to rescind his backing for the party’s nominee.

Republican Maryland Gov. Hogan says he won't vote for Trump 

GOP Gov. Charlie Baker won’t vote for Trump, may leave ballot blank

'Highly offensive': GOP lawmakers distance selves from Trump after Orlando response

But there are still many TGOPers who support this disaster of a human being for reasons no sane person can understand.  

Good luck with your thin-skinned racist bully, TeaPublicans who still support him. You're going to need it:

Trump's unfavorables in WaPo/ABC poll:

Independents: 68%

Under 50: 76%
Women 77%
Hispanics 89%
Blacks 94%
According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, "a whopping 70% of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of Trump."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Rabid Radical Right: Paranoia, mendacity, and hatred.


It's no secret that we here at P.E. keep an eye on the rabid radical right in order to gauge how far down into the sewer of paranoia, mendacity, and hatred they are willing to sink in order to justify their bigotry. We know they're willing to post scurrilous fake news stories that attack the POTUS in order to justify their bottomless hatred of our American president.

One only has to look at the lying bigot they're supporting for the presidency in order to understand their toxic, odious mentality.

Here's an example:

It isn't surprising that Trump is their hero and their candidate. He feeds into their darkest paranoia and ignorant claims that President Obama is not one of us, but "The Other," -- a traitor. (Trump was a champion of the birther idiots -- himself being the biggest birther idiot of all time.)

If you've hesitated to believe that our fellow Americans can be this crazy, this willing to soak themselves in malignant lies and calumny, the above poster will disabuse you of that doubt. 

These people aren't merely voicing disagreements with President Obama's policies, they, like all deeply disturbed fanatics, take it to another level and accuse him of being a traitor to the United States of America -- with no evidence whatsoever to back it up, because there is none.  

A poster is all they have -- that and their sweaty paranoid fears.

The above poster that they gleefully pass among themselves gets it all wrong of course.  Right now, President Obama's approval numbers are in the 50s -- higher than were George W. Bush's at this point in his presidency, and on a par with President Reagan's at this point in his presidency. 


Let that sink in as your read their sad, hateful little blogs and news sites.

The American people, through their approval and support, believe that PRESIDENT OBAMA IS MOST DEFINITELY ON OUR SIDE. 

A majority of Americans approve of our American president. They do not share what the above poster represents.  

The above poster's slanderous smear represents everything that is evil, false, and traitorous in our beloved country.  To hell with the rabid right wing creeps who pass it around.

To end this blogpost on a happy note, see below:

Politics | Sat Jun 4, 2016 4:02pm EDT Related: ELECTION 2016, POLITICS

Clinton opens up double-digit lead over Trump nationwide: Reuters/Ipsos poll

“Clinton has a number of advantages in this poll, in addition to her lead,” said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey. “Her supporters are more enthusiastic than Trump’s and more voters overall see her becoming a more appealing candidate than say that for Trump.”


"...troubling findings for Trump in poll include how 63 percent of women say they could never vote for him. “If you can never get the vote of two in three women, who are a majority of voters, that is something that has to change for Trump to emerge victorious...”


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