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Friday, July 31, 2015

No Olympics 2024, and Bostonians Celebrate!

I live in one of the most historic parts of the city of Boston and know first-hand how congested and overrun with millions of tourists this small section, The North End, can be during all seasons of the year, yes, even in the winter. That's why my neighbors and I let out a collective sigh of relief when we heard there would be no Boston 2024 Olympics. 

Boston's Mayor Walsh is overwhelmingly supported by the people who would have been affected the most by the influx of millions of visitors to our city for the Olympics and by the taxes that would be levied on us by the inevitable cost overruns. Boston's not the only city to say no to what historically turns out to be financial obligations and logistical nightmares to cities that host these games. Denver, Colorado, Oslo, Norway, and Munich, Germany, to name a few, have, in the recent past, said no -- an intelligent decision to what has become a financial burden to the cities that say yes. 

Since colonial times, Boston has had the reputation of being a city where education is highly valued. This decision reflects the will of a majority of citizens and businesses -- an intelligent decision.

Boston Strong!

From the Boston Globe: 

After months of working as unpaid volunteers, they were celebrating their victory over Boston Olympic bid organizers Boston 2024 with a room full of about 30 colleagues, supporters, and friends. Earlier that day, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and bidding group Boston 2024 made the mutual decision to pull the plug on the city’s bid, following a growing lack of public support and the loss of Mayor Marty Walsh’s full backing. 

The bar event, attended by venture capitalists, state senators, and environmental activists, was as much a celebration as a moment to exhale. “It’s just a big sense of relief,” Michael Femia, who works at Wentworth Institute of Technology and lives in Somerville, said. “We’re here because a lot of people fought really hard. It’s nice that this isn’t going to be hanging over our heads for the next nine years.” Femia echoed the complaints of many Boston-area residents, or at least of those ten people on Twitter who have opposed the city’s bid. 

Many feared the burden Olympic games would place on taxpayers, the MBTA, and the environment. “I was against it from the getgo,” Charles Lax, a venture capitalist of Wellesley said. He came out to celebrate No Boston Olympics’ efforts on Monday night after donating money to the cause, thinking that writing a check now would be proactive, saving him from shelling out extra taxes in the coming years to cover the games’ costs. 

 “David kicked Goliath’s butt to wake up extremely intelligent Boston to the fact that these games are a disaster,” he said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What are cuckservatives? The National Review explains:

While reading Infidel753's excellent analysis of the Donald Trump phenomenon in the GOP, I found a link to an article in the New Republic  by one of Infidel753's commenters.

I'd not heard of the term "cuckservatives," nor did I know that the Trumpistas use the term to define the non-Trumpistas and any GOOPer whom they think is not a true believer or whom they think is a RINO.

The article in TNR explains the term:

"The neologism cuckservative isn’t quite onomatopoeic, but it is a fine example of how the sound of a word can reinforce its meaning: abrasive on the ears, cuckservative appropriately enough has an ugly origin and meaning. The term has emerged out of the white supremacist movement as a term of abuse for white conservatives deemed race traitors unwilling to forthrightly defend the interests of white America. Borrowing shadings from porn (“cuck” is a genre where husbands, often white, watch their wives have sex with other men, often African-Americans) and geek culture (“cuck” is a much-deployed sneer..., cuckservative used to be a fringe bit of jargon but is,... on conservative blogs and Twitter, having its moment."

That's not surprising, since their rage and their expressed feelings of impotence after the 2014 elections have been all over Tea Party blogs and chat boards, where they laughably insist President Obama is destroying America, and where one can read their predictions of the imminent collapse of American society and all that the TPers believe is their birthright:  Imposing their particular brand of Christianity, their anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Muslim, and anti-science biases on all Americans.  

The term "cuckservative" and TNR's analysis explains why someone as politically and personally repulsive as Donald Trump has so many Tea Party followers cheering him on, believing he will lead them out of their self-inflicted misery and onto electoral victory in 2016. 


"The far rightists who find it natural to throw around the term cuckservative feels[sic] that the mainstream GOP has betrayed them, so it’s not surprising that they see Donald Trump, who is willing to hurl manly insults at his rivals as well as denigrate undocumented Mexican immigrants, as a savior."

Donald Trump Is Appealing to "Racist" Voters, Says Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson cuckservative to the rescue!

"The anti-cuckservative movement and Trumpism both grow out of the same fracturing of the Republican Party: Going back to the Southern Strategy of the early 1960s, the party has used racial dog whistles to appeal to bigoted voters. But after losing two elections in a row to a black president, one who is increasingly shaping up to be a transformative figure, those voters are no longer content with dog whistles. They feel that the party they support hasn’t been vocal enough in advocating for the interests of white Americans, so they are searching for a champion. So far, Donald Trump looks to be the hero white nationalists have been waiting for. Cuckservative might be a niche term, but the attitudes it represents are all too common."

The anti-cuckservative hero:

Found via Infidel753

Found via Infidel753

OT: More multiple personalities. Link to "Beverly Hightower's" name:

  1. Lisa, your blog is spot on. It is good to see someone who sees them for what they really are. These people have taken the American people on a ride with the BS they constantly spit out. It is too bad the public bought into all the Obama-ism’s ( they are called lies people). The damage of the 2 terms served by the presidents careless, selfish, and reckless policies will be felt for decades. He may go down in history as the president that destroyed A

Honoring Muslims and Ramadam -- a Tradition Started by a Conservative, Born-Again Christian President

Written by a TeaBagger about Muslims and Islam:

"SORRY! Doesn't BEGIN to go far enough. We MUST outlaw ISLAM in ALL its forms, an[sic] DEPORT all Muslims, and those who SPPORT[sic] and DEFEND them. PERIOD!"

Thanks to a commenter here at P.E., I thought it would be instructive for people to watch this video:

The rabid Tea Party folks, like the one quoted above in bold, went berserk when President Obama recently wished Muslims well after Ramadam. They apparently are ignorant of the fact that one of their own, Conservate/Republican President George W. Bush, started the tradition of wishing Muslims "a blessed Ramadam" during his administration. 

In the video, President Bush praises and honors Islam, calling it "a noble faith." But the TPers' limited knowledge allows them to ridicule only President Obama when the fact is a leader of the GOP and a Born-Again Christian supported and honored Muslims during the end of Ramadam. 

I wonder where the rabid Republican who wrote the bolded rant thinks George W. Bush should live when he's deported?

Monday, July 27, 2015

More Sybil-like multiple personality IDs on that blog...

  1. Click on the names and see where it takes you now.  

    1. God Bless President Obama and God Bless Obamacare. President Obama is the only President in the history of this Great Nation who has felt in his heart, the need of affordable healthcare for the Common American, who can be taken as the middle and lower class American. Please, Hear me out, Now is the time for these Common Americans to show their Respect and Support to the President of the United States in return for this heartfelt thoughtfulness and protest against this lawsuit being filed on the President of this Great Country.
      1. Is Obama a Muslim? No, I cannot prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim, but a look back into his public, and private life from the days he was campaigning to be a Senator from Illinois through his years as the President he sure has raised a lot of questions, including a the biggie and most notable “slip of the tongue” during the television interview with George Stephanopoulus when he referred to himself as a Muslim. 
        1. So the righties think liberals are afraid of Ben Carson. Yeah. I remember when the righties thought liberals were afraid of Sarah Palin when they trotted her out as some right wing genius/savior. How'd that work out for them?

          They never learn and they're determined to trot out another clueless pol who thinks he has a chance to win the presidency? What a joke.
          Don't cha just love sarah’s sense of humor? Sarah, You go girl, it don't matter if you have an IQ of 99, and that you go fishing and hunting for all of your meals, You go girl, I love a woman who speaks her mind, whenever she finds it. keep up the good work . So you go Sarah your our hero! You keep on telling it like it is.
          And in your own plain and stupid manor.
          1. The desperation of those on the right to contrive BENGHAZI into some sort of a "scandal" is palpable and pathetic.

            It's gotten to the point where conservatives don't even know what the truth is anymore.
            1. Don’t those idiotic progressives ever get tired of writing that STUPID JUNK ABOUT REAGAN AND BUSH?

            2. Dr. Gosnell, Abortionist Extraordinaire!February 11, 2015 at 11:37 AM
            3. You mean that after 80 years of Democrats running Chicago, they've finally run out of ideas for combating gang violence and would be willing to give a Republican a shot at i

Oh aren't these brainwashed little darling wonderful. It brings back memories of Mao's Red Brigade youth "activists" who'd beat their own parents to death if they heard them perpetrating ideological incongruities over the dinner table. I’m sure that they’ll grow up to be good full blown Communists.
Now that the Girl Scouts are basically part of Planned Parenthood, all those little Darlings can be knocked up before they are 16 and people will be happy to get rid of their problems, for a fee, of course! Teaching them right, is the LEFTIST way of doing things!

I guess that this the future American Progressives!

  1. Obama said to Christians in his best "preacher-voice": "Get off your high horse, you used to kill people too"

    Isn't it funny, I could have sworn Obama said he is a Christian!
    And later adding that,“in our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” I guess he forgot that slavery ended in America in 1865 but that slavery is ongoing throughout today's Muslim world...and guess he also forgets that the Jim Crow segregation laws were championed by the DEMOCRATS and that it was the REPUBLI
  1. For the life of me Rational Nation USA, I can’t understand your views on Obama. I can’t understand why you claim to be a NON- Supporter of Obama and yet you flock to the side of his loyal supporters. And then come around here with your “High and Mighty” defensive attitude to those who are as displeased with him as I am.. There are perfectly good conservative reasons to dislike Obama's policies, but why embarrass yourself getting into these silly "gotcha" points of view. 

  2. Those Clueless People Are Upset Because President Obama Reached Out to Young People on YouTube With YouTube Star Sensation GloZell as she Interviews President Obama.
    I just laugh at the righties outrage over President Obama’s interview with the YouTube Star Sensation GloZell
    Hear all that chattering and pearl clutching going on in certain areas of the intertubz? Yeah. Lots of clueless folks don't understand why President Obama agreed to being interviewed by GloZell Green. I guess those people think Mr. Obama shouldn't reach out to people they know nothing about or people who represent popular culture they don't understand.
    And for God’s sake, even the "Super Star Queen of YouTube" can get a little tongue-tied.
    During her interview the "Super Star Queen of YouTube" made one little hilarious,
    1. Being that this is the weekend that we Celebrate Martin Luther King, I’d like to post this thought.
      Back in the 2008 primary season, after President Obama trounced the sour puss Mittens Romney in the election and guys like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, the lunatic Ron Paul, made utter fools of themselves. And this time around, they have much of the same clowns around for another Comendy Central act. Only they’ll add Chris Christie to the act, that is if his strained heart can continue to carry about his 400 plus pounds than much longer! Even Fox Noozz seems lukewarm about that phony fat bastard? 

        1. The Racist Conservitives/Repubs have zero respect for our President or the office of the Presidency. But nothing but friendship, pride, and kinship toward white supremacist groups.This is not surprising coming from the political party that routinely insulted and still insults our first bi-racial president and his family, starting with their non-stop demands to see President Obama's birth certificate, something no other president has had to endure. While they piously claim to not hold any racial prejudices (it's only President Obama's policies they're against, you see), they continue to get caught sharing filthy racist photo shopped images of Mr. and Mrs. Obama,

      1. After reading a progressives blog about the use of the word “Thug” and their getting all pissed over using the word “Thug” to describe a Black guy who was acting like a PUNK, I thought to myself, what’s wrong with calling a Spade a Spade? Nothing! So why not call a Thug a Thug? No, "thug" is not a racist term, but the Blacks and the libs want to made it one. Well then so is"black" and soo...
        1. It seems to me that the Democratic Party, who is now the progressive party and the leftovers from the liberal party that included the free-bee grabbers, the protesters, the Occupy Wall Street mob as well as the Thugs in the NY Subways, through our Liberal education system and our Liberal media, have created a false psychology of "white guilt" in relationship to politics in this country. Is being born White the "original sin" of the Left?
          1. WOW! Talk about HATE SPEECH, and the lack of FREE SPEECH, the left are the champions of that!
            They seem very interested in free speech when they are deceptively accusing their opponents of hypocrisy for the very laws that they enacted.
            1. Ilisa, Ive been reading your blog for a while now. But this is my first and only comment.
              1. And they call us names?

                1. There is no simple answer to this major problem we have in the U.S. As a registered Republican I would never vote for; Government welfare, Obamacare, and countless other free rides for some that are not warranted. You can blame President Obama for all the ills of our country but you will have to admit that there’s enough blame to be shared by all factions of the government Left or Right, Black or White, past or present.
                  1. David I'll tell you MY opinion.

                    1. Amen and Ditto Lisa!!!.... Finally someone who will tell the truth.…we notice that the Marxist, Commie with the Pink tie Ducky could not respond to you directly…all I have is one question 
                      1. To Carson's credit, he's not a moron, or a liar, like some Liberal Ex Secretary of State is . He knows that he doesn't stand a chance. He sells books and talks on TV shows. He doesn't pretend that he is not going to run for president while everyone else in the world knows that he will. . Good for him.
                        1. Anyone Remember
                          "He will use those WMDs again,as he has ten times since 1983" ..Sandy Berger Clinton’s National Security Adviser 1998
                          "Saddam has been engaged in development of WMDs which is a threat.."Nancy Pelosi 1998

                          1. This comment has been removed by the author.
                          2. DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES, Have No Shame. Now we see where these comment imitators are coming from! The one posted on the Progressives blog with MY name on it was NOT written by ME!

                          3. Reply
                          4. President Barack Obama vowed to "degrade and destroy" the Islamist militant group behind the beheading of a second American journalist. "We will not be intimidated," Obama told reporters during a visit to Estonia on Wednesday. "Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served.

                            1. 14 comments:

                              1. The President is the embodiment of the community organizer which is nothing more than a union guy in a suit. Their role is to wax poetic and inspire people to act, that without inspiration have no will to act on their own. They say do this and leave others to "go forth and do it." When it doesn't work out, they don't have answers, they've already moved on to the next thing. If by chance it does work out, they are happy to take the credit.
                                1. Are we to believe that the “Gentle-giant Unarmed Teen-angel Michael Brown, after stealing from and threatening a store clerk moments before, was “Just walking” down the middle of the streets with his fathers blunts and his bag of candy, and mean ol Officer 'Whitey Wilson just opened fire on him for no reason. This is the crap-ola the Media is reporting.
                                  1. So Eric Holder is going to Ferguson! May I ask, What The hell For? To spread fuel on the fire? 
                                  2. 8 comments:

                                    1. You are one cookcoo idiot.


                                      1. What a remarkably useful, constructive, stunningly enlightened remark! I'll never be the same. Hail to thee, O, Messiah! Please please pleasde run for president. We NEED you -- desperately.
                                      2. Now that was an articulate remark C Hunter,thank you 
                                        1. Sorry to hurt your feelings Shaw but I think that you are way off base on this one. I think that your argument is a stupid one. .. okay, Ex-Marine Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested on weapons charges crossing the Mexican boarder with a weapon and violated Mexico’s strict gun law. First of all, why would a gun smuggler try to sell guns that he purchased legally and had them registered in the USA?