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Thursday, January 31, 2019

#45 claimed Thursday that his top intelligence officials were "misquoted" and "taken out of context" when they publicly broke with some of his core foreign policy views during congressional testimony earlier this week. 

Individual One also said that, Chris Wray, Gina Haspel, and Dan Coats characterized the media’s reporting of their testimony as fake news. Ya just gotta laugh when millions, saw those three testify on Tuesday. Does #45 really think we would believe his unbelievable statement?

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump claimed Thursday that his intelligence chiefs, including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel, told him that they were misquoted when they publicly contradicted him during public on-camera testimony. 

 He made the claim a day after he tweeted that "Intelligence should go back to school!" 

 "They said they were totally misquoted and totally taken out of context," Trump said when asked by CNN if he raised the testimony with Coats and Haspel during his daily briefing on Thursday.

Dear friends, the POTUS is clearly non compos mentis. We all heard LIVE what HIS intel people said during the televised hearing. There was no "fake news." #45 wants us to disbelieve what we heard with our own ears.

He's nuts. We all know that. Except for his 20 percenters.

Individual Number One told the intel community that there's no one who respects them more than he, DJT...

EXCEPT when he doesn't and insults them, calling them "naive," and "passive."

What was the most idiotic statement made(so far) this week by a Trumper?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president,” Sanders said. 

First of all, how does Sanders know what God "wanted?" Did she/he tell Sanders in a private phone call? Or was it a voice in her head?

Second, if God is running around putting politicians in office because she/he WANTS THEM THERE, then obviously, by Sanders/ logic: 

Nancy Pelosi was chosen by God as well.

Evangelicals should be more reverential toward Madam Speaker! She was chosen by GOD! Sarah said so: 

"I think God calls ALL OF US to fill different roles."

A question for Ms. Sanders:

Tell us what the reason could have been for God to call Osama bin Laden for his "different role?" Also all of the young white males who committed massacres across this country with AR-15s?

Don't expect logic from people like Sanders. IMO, anyone who supports DJT is clearly non compos mentis.

And her words prove it.

An Extraordinary Moment

TrumpCultists continue to defend a schlub who knows nothing about foreign policy and is too lazy to read the intel from his own people. 

Image may contain: 7 people, text that says 'Nicholas Burns @RNicholasBurns An extraordinary moment to see a President repudiated by his own government and party on NATO, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, Iran. Time for Congress to steer U.S Foreign policy. The New York Times A Growing Chorus of Republican Critics for Trump's Foreign Policy'

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Barry R McCaffrey @mccaffreyr3 Incredible willful blindness by Trump to looming threats to US national security. He has denied the evidence of our own ntelligence officials. He has concealed from his own Cabinet and Congress private dealings with Putin and KJU. We are in trouble. Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass There is nothing remarkable about the view that NK will keep its nuclear weapons, that Iran complying with the JCPOA, that ISIS not defeated. What is remarkable is that the Potus and his administration do not share these vi...'

 "Trump’s handpicked Intelligence Leaders, Coats and Haspel also warned that Russia will try to interfere in the 2020 election in much the same way it did in the 2016 election. 

The threat assessment report warned about Russian election interference, as well as cyberattacks “to disrupt or damage U.S. civilian and military infrastructure during a crisis.” 

Yet over and over again, Trump has sided with and defended Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. 

In one of the most humiliating moments in American foreign policy, Trump stood on stage next to Putin before a global press gathering last summer and took Putin’s side over that of American intelligence community."

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Stupid Man Makes Joke About Severe, Possibly Life-Threatening Weather Coming to Millions of Americans

That stupid man is, of course, the 30 percenters' preznit. (Wait. He's down to 28% approval, so maybe we should call them them 20 percenters?)

A mature, intelligent president would caution the millions and millions of Americans who will have to endure the brutal weather conditions on the way to the midwest, lake states, and the northeast. Chicago will suffer temperatures colder than Antartica! 

What does President Individual 1 do? Does he give comforting words and advice on how to stay safe and warm to those Americans who will be affected? Of  course not. That would take empathy and human decency, and President Individual 1 has none of those attributes.  All he can do is advertise to America and the world his excrutiating stupidity and ignorance on climate change and its effect on the weather. 

Meanwhile, Australia is breaking records enduring its hottest summer.

But the deeply unpopular idiot that currently defiles the Oval Office thinks it's funny and tweets an unfunny joke. He thinks everything is funny, when, in fact, he's the joke. And so are we for having the misfortune of calling this half-wit of a nincompoop POTUS.

Monday, January 28, 2019


 Nearly half of America has no confidence in Trump 'at all' ... and women hate him \

Trump has YUUUGE negativity among women. Gee, I wonder why? 

 As reported Friday, a new low of 27 percent of women approve of Trump’s job performance, compared with 49 percent of men, a vast gender gap.


Here's appalling news from the CBO:

Is this how President No Confidence makes America great again?

CBO: Shutdown cost economy $3 billion

The S&P differs with the CBO:

 Government shutdown cost US economy at least $6B, S&P says

President No Confidence thanked Americans for their sacrifice and the suffering HE PUT THEM THROUGH for his pointless, useless, reckless partial government shutdown. There's still no money for his vanity project wall, and he caused this country possibly irreparable harm.

President No Confidence is also President Chaos.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

George Conway, Kellyanne's husband, doesn't think much of President Dotard.

In the showdown with Nancy Pelosi, Trump's been exposed as pitifully weak, all bluster, a pathetic negotiator. Pelosi rolled him in every way. Egged on by right wingers, the whole thing was buffoonish from start to finish. *This* is how Trump's Art of the Deal works in real life.

An important point. Even before today, a large portion of the people who tell pollsters they “approve” of Trump only do so “somewhat.” They know he’s an incompetent fool. Even some of the die-harders will quietly concede it—but he’s the only incompetent fool they have.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Statement on Roger Stone's Arrest

JANUARY 26, 2019Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after Special Counsel Mueller released a seven-count indictment of top Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone, for lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction: 

 “The indictment of Roger Stone makes clear that there was a deliberate, coordinated attempt by top Trump campaign officials to influence the 2016 election and subvert the will of the American people. It is staggering that the President has chosen to surround himself with people who violated the integrity of our democracy and lied to the FBI and Congress about it. 

 “In the face of 37 indictments, the President’s continued actions to undermine the Special Counsel investigation raise the questions: what does Putin have on the President, politically, personally or financially? Why has the Trump Administration continued to discuss pulling the U.S. out of NATO, which would be a massive victory for Putin? 

 “Lying to Congress and witness tampering constitute grave crimes. All who commit these illegal acts should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We cannot allow any effort to intimidate witnesses or prevent them from appearing before Congress. “The Special Counsel investigation is working, and the House will continue to exercise our constitutional oversight responsibility and ensure that the Special Counsel investigation can continue free from interference from the White House.”

Friday, January 25, 2019


Trump Agrees to Reopen Government for 3 Weeks in Surprise Retreat From Wall

WASHINGTON — President Trump agreed Friday to reopen the federal government for three weeks while negotiations proceeded over how to secure the nation’s southwestern border, backing down after a monthlong standoff failed to force Democrats to give him billions of dollars for his long-promised wall. The decision paved the way for Congress to pass spending bills as soon as Friday that Mr. Trump will sign to restore normal operations at a series of federal agencies until Feb. 15 and begin paying again the 800,000 federal workers who have been furloughed or forced to work for free for 35 days. 

 The plan includes none of the money for the wall that he had demanded and was essentially the same approach that Mr. Trump rejected at the end of December, meaning he won nothing concrete during the impasse.

Trump "won nothing concrete during the impasse," but he did manage to make hundreds of thousands Americans miserable. He's a weak, incompetent, and ineffectual POTUS who has shown he cares nothing for "the forgotten Americans."


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, meme, suit and text

The Trump administration is crawling with crooks:

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone arrested on seven counts of perjury and obstruction

Trump adviser and original Nixon dirty trickster Roger Stone was arrested on Friday morning in a pre-dawn raid of his Florida home following a seven count indictment by the grand jury. The raid was captured on video, as CNN was at Stone’s home at the moment agents—who were working through the shutdown without pay—arrived to burst into Stone’s residence in a SWAT-style procedure and take the long-time Republican strategist away.

Roger Stone, Adviser to Trump, Is Indicted in Mueller Investigation 

The longtime informal adviser to President Trump was charged with seven counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering, according to the special counsel’s office. 

Mr. Stone has spent decades plying the dark arts of scandal-mongering and dirty tricks to help influence American political campaigns. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Good Question.

All the screaming and hollerin' over the Covington< Kentucky, boys' school incident is a distraction from this...

Trump's disapproval rating reaches record high as majority of Americans blame him for government shutdown

"Donald Trump's disapproval ratings have reached record highs as the president refuses to back down from his border wall funding demands, sparking the longest government shutdown in US history. 

 A new CBS News poll released on Wednesday shows the White House and GOP leadership are losing support for the president’s campaign promise of a wall sprawling the entirety of the US-Mexico border, with 71 per cent of voters saying they do not believe the issue is worth keeping the federal government closed. 

 Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s disapproval rating has reached an all-time high at 59 per cent — a figure that’s just one per cent higher than his previous record yet indicative of the president’s declining support amid the border wall battle." 


President Porn Star Shagger is hellbent on ruining not only this country, but himself over his unnecessary partial shutdown of the federal government.

His disapproval numbers continue to grow and his approval numbers continue to sink into the toilet, where they belong.

Plus, Trump showed Americans why Speaker Pelosi is a far, far better leader than he could ever hope to be.

Continue to be resolute, Madam Speaker.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

As we pass the anniversary of the second year of the Trump presidency...

David Faris of The Week, reviews Trump's deplorable presidency so far:

"Today (1/20/2019) marks the two year anniversary of President Trump's ignominious reign over the United States. We are now at the midpoint of Trump's first, perhaps only, term as president of the United States, what we can now understand as our collective Trumpening. 

 It is natural to ask about the consequences of handing the office of the presidency to a friendless, joyless, violence-worshipping narcissist. Unfortunately, what we know about the repercussions of this period is vastly outstripped by the disasters to come. For all the many ignominious assaults that the country has endured over the past two years, we have not yet experienced even a fifth of the calamities this man and his misrule will ultimately inflict upon us. But we know a few things. 

 We know that President Trump has, perhaps permanently, transformed the presidency with his malevolence, ineptitude, and divisiveness. Donald Trump is by far the laziest and least informed person ever to inhabit the White House. In two years, he has defined deviance so far down that he may have forever altered the expectations of the office of the presidency itself. As we have learned from a thousand anonymously sourced news analyses, the president's time is largely unstructured, filled mostly with blocks of compulsive Fox News watching, an activity that he telegraphs to the public by live tweeting it. America's voters are constantly being told, by the president of the United States, to watch particular Fox programs and to applaud quotes by right-wing gadflies uttered without any serious pushback from other guests on what is now effectively Republican state television."

Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy MLK Day! Happy Going to the Superbowl AGAIN Day!

G.O.A.T. Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Argument for Starting Impeachment Proceedings Against Donald J. Trump


"Neal K. Katyal was acting U.S. solicitor general from 2010 to 2011. Michael V. Hayden was director of the National Security Agency from 1999 to 2005 and the Central Intelligence Agency from 2006 to 2009.
We have been exceptionally reluctant to call for the impeachment of President Trump. Impeachment runs the risk of undoing an election and dividing the nation. But there is a big difference between calling for impeachment and calling for an investigation into whether impeachment is appropriate.
After careful review of the articles of impeachment for President Richard M. Nixon, we now believe it is appropriate for the House of Representatives to begin the process by launching an impeachment investigation. No legislator should rush to judgment one way or the other. The process should be designed to uncover the facts.
But if the facts show that Trump ordered or participated in the commission of crimes, in particular crimes that may have allowed him to win the election, we think it incontrovertible that impeachment would be warranted. So too, if the facts show that Trump ordered his personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, as BuzzFeed reported Thursday night in an article that the special counsel is now disputing, he would be guilty of an impeachable offense. One of the Nixon articles was for “approving, condoning . . . and counselling witnesses with respect to the giving of . . . false or misleading testimony in duly instituted judicial and congressional proceedings.”
Separately, if evidence shows that the president has acted as an agent of a foreign power, impeachment would be a proper remedy.
Things might be different if there were a guarantee that Trump would face the consequences of any criminal activity. But many of the president’s defenders have embraced a broad view of executive power, including a radical view that the president cannot generally obstruct justice, as well as the notion that a sitting president cannot be indicted.
Every serious scholar who believes a sitting president cannot be indicted couples it with the need for impeachment in such circumstances — otherwise a president would be above the law. So it follows, from Trump’s own defenders, that the process of investigating whether impeachment is warranted must begin. Trump seeks immunity from internal criminal investigation — but if he is immune from such a process, he must then face a separate external one: by the House of Representatives in impeachment proceedings, as our founders specified in Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution.
On the intelligence side, a host of revelations simply in the past few days should cause all Americans concern. A president meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and taking control of all notes, as reported by The Post? An FBI investigation into whether a sitting president is a compromised Russian asset, as the New York Times reported? And then all the deceptions, denials and distractions by Trump, including shutting down the government based on a rather thin claim of national security. Congress must fulfill its constitutional duty to protect our national security.

More after the break.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Every day we learn of new allegations of corruption by the Liar-in-Chief

House begins direct investigation into whether Trump instructed Cohen to lie

via Daily Kos:

Buzzfeed is reporting that Trump was in frequent communication with Cohen during the extended effort to make a deal in Moscow. Far from being out of the loop, Cohen directly spoke with Trump about the Moscow Project at least 10 times. Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump received regular and detailed updates about the project. 

Those sources have also indicated that in his testimony to the special counsel’s office, Cohen insists that when he was called before Congress, Trump ordered him to lie to Congress. Specifically, Trump instructed Cohen to say that negotiations in Moscow had ended months before they were actually put on hold some time after the Republican convention. 

Trump’s order to lie is supposedly supported by “interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents.”


"President Donald Trump directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter. Trump also supported a plan, set up by Cohen, to visit Russia during the presidential campaign, in order to personally meet President Vladimir Putin and jump-start the tower negotiations. 'Make it happen,' the sources said Trump told Cohen."

Thursday, January 17, 2019


We  never want to hear that Republican Senators Cruz, Cornyn, Ermst, Inhofe, Lee, etc. are tough on Russia. Their vote on Wednesday was a gift to Putin and Trump.

McConnell held a vote for Russian Oligarch to get paid, but he won’t hold a vote for TSA & FAA to get paid. 

Now you know who he cares about, and it’s not the 800,000 Americans who aren't getting paid while they suffer under Trump's government shutdown.

Conservative David Frum:

If Trump now reopens Govt, he visibly surrenders to Pelosi.

If Trump keeps Govt closed, he bleeds support faster. Workers miss next paycheck, air travel delays, govt services fail, and economy stalls.

Trump built the trap and walked into it. Pelosi just locked it behind him.


Remember when Trump bellowed to his cultists that the polls and election were rigged?

Always remember that Trump blames his opponents for the very things that HE IS AND DOES.

"No puppet. No puppet. You're the puppet."

Michael Cohen in a tweet Thursday morning more or less confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that he paid an IT specialist in early 2015 for rigging two online polls in favor of President Trump.

"Go to your room! No SOTU in the House for YOU, Donnie!" --Madam Speaker

She's Boss!

Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi brings down the gavel after being elected during the beginning of the 116th US Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 3, 2019.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


"Here's what I wish the Democrats would say to Trump: 

 Mr. President you can have your wall. You can get it the same way that President Obama got Obamacare; the way Lyndon Johnson got Medicare; the way Franklin Roosevelt got Social Security. In each case the president had a project he wanted enacted; so his administration crafted a bill. That bill went to Congress where committee hearings were held; amendments were proposed; studies were conducted that tested the cost, effectiveness etc. of the proposal; testimony was held in Congress; debate ensued and if the measure had enough support, a vote was taken and the measure was passed. That's how you legislate. It takes hard work, planning and the ability to actually negotiate. Your pet project doesn't get to leap frog over the pathway laid out by the Constitution and 250 years of precedent. You have chosen to skip over this entire process (even when you had majorities in both Houses) and have resorted instead to taking the American public hostage in exchange for your wall. You want a wall? Put down the gun you are holding to the head of the American people and get to work."