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Saturday, July 31, 2021


The opening and closing numbers from the movie, Chicago, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger.

Original Broadway show choreographed by Bob Fosse.

The opening number with Catherine Zeta-Jones:


The closing number with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger:

Friday, July 30, 2021

This week's recap:

This is the liar, cheat, and fraud that the current GQP worships:


WASHINGTON — President Donald J. Trump pressed top Justice Department officials late last year to declare that the election was corrupt even though they had found no instances of widespread fraud, so that he and his allies in Congress could use the assertion to try to overturn the results, according to new documents provided to lawmakers and obtained by The New York Times.

The demands were an extraordinary instance of a president interfering with an agency that is typically more independent from the White House to advance his personal agenda. They are also the latest example of Mr. Trump’s wide-ranging campaign during his final weeks in office to delegitimize the election results.

The lying liar asking the acting AG to lie.

“Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me” and to congressional allies, Mr. Donoghue wrote in summarizing Mr. Trump’s response.

"President Donald Trump bluntly urged acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen to back claims of voter fraud, which senior Justice officials told him were false."

Trumpers and the bloggers and "news" sites that support  brutalizing law enforcement officers have called the Capitol policemen who testified on July 27, "actors." 

Trumpers and the bloggers and "news" sites saw nothing wrong with what happened during the armed attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. To them it was nothing more than "a little bit of rowdiness." (5 people died as a result of that "little bit of rowdiness.")

Those bloggers and "news" sites are in a cult with Trump as their cult leader. They admire a cheat, a liar, and a fraud and, even witnessing and hearing what the LEOs at the Capitol Building went through on that shocking day in January -- even that concrete evidence does not move them. They will not see what is in front of their noses.

IMO that's because those bloggers and "news" sites are neo-fascists who love Trump more than they love America. They are irredeemably lost causes.

This is real; this is what happened. We saw it with our own eyes; we heard it with our own ears.

The Trumpers and the bloggers deceive themselves by saying it never happened.

My nomination for Worse Person of the Week:


This ugly (I don't mean the physical aspect) neo-fascist, Lauran Ingraham of FAUX NOOZ, bashed and trashed LEOs who were nearly killed during the Trump-incited January 6 attack on the U.S.Capitol.

She told her sycophantic Trump audience that those LEOs were "play-acting" the horror they experienced.

She and the rest of Trumpers are a disgrace to America.

And for "Most Stupid Tweet of the Week" the prize goes to Elise Stefanik:

Should someone tell her?

Quote Tweet
Elise Stefanik
Today’s Anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid reminds us to reflect on the critical role these programs have played to protect the healthcare of millions of families. To safeguard our future, we must reject Socialist healthcare schemes.…


"Mostly Republicans and Trump supporters who are refusing to get vaccinated aren’t “owning the libs.” They are destroying themselves and their communities."--Jason Easley

Tuesday, July 27, 2021




 ‘You will die on your knees’: D.C. officer recalls being pinned. 

Capitol Police officer castigates Trump for saying his supporters were ‘a loving crowd’

Here's that s.o.b. Trump's "loving crowd."

This testimony is why Trump and his cultists didn't want an investigation into that shameful day when Trump's armed thugs tried to overturn democracy!


Trump is not happy': 

CNN reporter says watching Capitol cops trash former president was 'devastating' for him the former president must have been particularly angry that he didn't even have longtime ally Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to make a scene while defending him. 

 "Donald Trump is not happy," she said. "What happened today is what he didn't want to happen. He did not want any committee, and to your point, he didn't have Jim Jordan or any other allies there fighting back or pushing back." 

 She also said it must have stung for Trump watching uniformed Capitol police officers trash him and his political movement."



In 2013, Bobby Jindal, the former GOP governor of Louisiana, said of the GOP:

"We have to stop being the Stupid Party."

Well, the Red State Trumpublicans still haven't taken his advice.

The Trumpublican red states have the highest infection and death rates of the COVID Delta variant because they bought into anti-vax lies spread by their leaders. It's a shame they didn't have the intelligence to go with the science and not the stupid leaders of the Stupid Party

"Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that as of July 23, the 20 states with the highest vaccination rates (counting the District of Columbia as a state) all voted for President Biden. 

 A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of CDC data found that as of July 6, the average vaccination rate in counties that voted for Biden was 46.7 percent. In counties that voted for Donald Trump, the vaccination rate was 35 percent."


"Three states — Florida, Texas and Missouri — accounted for 40 percent of new covid cases last week. It’s the new political geography of sickness and death." --E.J.Dionne

The cynicism of these Republicans is astounding. They encourage anti-vax b.s. among their voters to "own the libs," and now, as they realize they are killing their own voters; and realize that even gerrymandering and voter suppression will not fix that problem, they have a different take. 

Florida Governor DeSantis stands at the head of this Army of the Dead. Their president spent millions to accelerate vaccine research, production, and supply. Then his whole party turned against using the vaccines just because President Biden spearheaded the distribution. They don't want to give Biden a "win" -- a win that would save people's lives, so they won't vaccinate!

How can people be so stupid?

I will answer my own question: The GQP continues to be The Stupid Party.

Monday, July 26, 2021


Trumpers not afraid to go public with their dreams of doing bodily harm to Speaker Pelosi! 

When Barack Obama was president, the same blog published a commenter's wish to have President Obama killed by a "hit man." Now the same blogger wishes she could bring bodily harm to the 2nd in line to the US presidency.

These are NOT nice people, certainly NOT good Christians, and definitely NOT good Americans, even if they tell anyone who'll listen that they are.

BUT! They are exercising their free speech. And we're exercising our freedom to reveal what Trumpers say when they don't think anyone else is reading their deplorable thoughts and prayers.

  1. "McCarthy is not playing dead. He has little power right now.

    But he does have the power to boycott the sham investigation and remove any legitimacy of “bi-partisanship” of the “investigation” which is really a witch-hunt.
    One which Liz Cheney is all too happy to participate in.
    Just heard Fox radio News refer to the “Deadly Attack” on Jan 6th.
    Of course, only one person died. a Trump supporter.
    The REAL deadly attack is on the Constitution by Pelosi and her ilk."

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  2. Ed,

    The attacks on our republic are surreal!

"Can there even BE a more hateful, spiteful, greedy, power-hungry person than a Hillary Clinton or a Nancy Pelosi?"

"Shooting the veteran woman gave the left fuel. It was a big mistake, but remember, it was a WH Security guard that did it, not one of the mob. But some good came out of it. It scared the living’ crap outta Nancy! ;o)"

"(I just love that term MaligNancy!…to see her up there saying we can’t let Jim Jordan on this committee because it’s her job to make sure there’s integrity is enough for me to feel physical harm might do her good, GOd forgive me!)"

NOTE: The above wish to do bodily harm to the 2nd in line to the American presidency is a person who constantly boasts about being a good Christian. I don't think any god forgives people wishing bodily harm to anyone. But then we know the kind of "Christian" the Trumpers pretend to be! They worship a guy who gassed his own people then held high an UPSIDE DOWN Bible to show his cultists what a good "Christian" he is. 

And here's the dumbest of all:

"If it was an insurrection, what government were they trying to overthrow? Donald J Trump still president."

Willful stupidity is a loathsome thing

Saturday, July 24, 2021



with Michael Jackson:

Quick post


I read the Michael Wolff piece in the NYTimes this AM and then read a comment on what Wolff wrote.

The piece by Wolff was mainly about Trump running for POTUS in 2024.

The comment perfectly describes Trump:

"What else is he goingt to do? He doesnt' read. He has no interest in music, dance, movies, TV, theater, or art. He could care less about science. He doesnt' like to travel. He has no firends. He's not interested in helping people. He's not religious. He has no sense of humor. He's not loyal to any sport teams. He has no imagination, no curiosity. He craves junk food. He's the most boring person on the planet. of course, he's going to run. It's all he has left." --JoeG, Levittown, PA.

Thursday, July 22, 2021



Progressive Eruptions will be down for a while.

My California and New York families are here for a visit and to help me celebrate a birthday!

Looking forward to seeing them all, especially the grandkids!!!!

Be excellent to each other!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021



Words fail me. Is Texas part of the U.S.? Read the linked story.

Texas Senate removes requirement to tell students that the KKK are 'morally wrong' 

The move is one of about two dozen curricula that are being removed from requirements. 

 The Texas Senate has passed a bill that would limit teaching certain topics, notably those that revolve around race and racism. 

The agenda item was one of 11 pieces of legislation Gov. Greg Abbott noted when he called for a special session in early July. Senate Bill 3 states that a "teacher may not be compelled to discuss a particular current event or widely debated and currently controversial issue of public policy or social affairs." 

 The bill is a follow-up to an already passed House bill that Abbott signed in May. Among the changes in SB 3 is the removal of a reference to the Ku Klux Klan being "morally wrong" from House Bill 3979, which is set to become law in September.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Trump's "Best people:"

Tom Barrack, Trump's inaugural committee chair, charged with acting as agent of UAE 

The indictment also charges Barrack with obstruction of justice and making multiple false statements.

"Tom Barrack, who chaired former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee, was arrested Tuesday on charges that he unlawfully influenced the foreign policy positions of the campaign and administration to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates, the Justice Department said. 

 In a seven-count indictment, unsealed in a New York federal court, Barrack, 74, and two others are accused of "acting and conspiring to act as agents" of the United Arab Emirates between April 2016 and April 2018. Barrack was also charged with obstruction of justice and making multiple false statements to federal law enforcement agents. 

 The trio acted "to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the United States at the direction of senior UAE officials by influencing the foreign policy positions of the campaign of a candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and, subsequently, the foreign policy positions of the U.S. government in the incoming administration, as well as seeking to influence public opinion in favor of UAE interests," the DOJ said. 

 Barrack, a longtime friend of Trump's, used his friendship with Trump to get language inserted into the then-candidate's energy speech in 2016 about the importance of working with "our Gulf allies" at the behest of Emirati officials, the indictment said. He also arranged a phone call between Trump and a top UAE official in 2017, according to a court filing."

The number of people indicted in Donald J. Trump's administration may surpass the number who were indicted in Ronald W. Reagan's administration. 

And Reagan was POTUS for eight years, not just four, as was Trump.

So far:

Tom Barrack
Steve Bannon
Paul Manafort
Roger Stone
Michael Flynn
Michael Cohen
Rick Gates
George Nader
George Papadopolous

And Rudy Giuliani's license to practice law suspended in New York and Washington D.C. Remember him? Trump's personal lawyer?

His last two personal lawyers were disbarred: Roy Cohn and Michael Cohen.

Also, Trump had to pay $25 million in a law suit he lost that found his Trump University to be a scam. He and his children stole from his Trump Foundation; and for that, they cannot ever establish one again in the state of New York.

Trump was impeached twice.

(We won't bring up his personal failings of serial adulteries, paying off porn stars he shagged after his 3rd wife had his 5th child, and having 20+ women accuse him of sexual harassment and assault.)

On January 6, 2021, Trump incited a mob of armed Trumper thugs to attack the U.S. Capitol, to smear feces over the walls of the Capitol building, destroy property, to cause the deaths of 5 people and injuries to dozens more, and threaten the life of his own vice president.

But mention any of this to a Trump cultist, and they'll tell you it's all "fake news." And "whatabout Barack Obama?!"

This is how cultists in cults behave.

The fact that 30% of this country still finds Donald Trump to be worthy of their admiration and allegiance shows me that our democracy is in deep trouble and on its way toward a very, very dark time.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI TO RAND PAUL TODAY:  “Senator Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially. You do not know what you’re talking about.”

Anti-vax story

I had a home on Cape Cod for 35 years, but sold it after Mr. Shaw Kenawe passed in 2017.

This story caught my eye: 

 Unvaccinated Trump supporter who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of COVID-19

"On Tuesday, the Cape Cod Times reported that Linda Zuern, a former member of the Bourne, Massachusetts Board of Selectmen and a Trump-supporting figure in the local Republican Party, had died of COVID-19. Zuern died at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston of severe complications caused by COVID-19, according to the report. She was 70 years old and had not been vaccinated. 

 'She was a strong woman who believed in speaking the truth and defending our freedoms in America,' Republican State Committeewoman Deborah Dugan told the Cape Cod Times. Dugan was at Zuern's bedside when she died. 

'I would describe her to people as a little woman but a mighty warrior." For months, Zuern, a member of the pro-Trump group the United Cape Patriots, had promoted conspiracy theories about the pandemic on Facebook. She has shared articles accusing the World Health Organization of a coverup of the 'Wuhan Virus' and claiming COVID-19 is cover for 'globalists' to usher in 'U.N. Agenda 2030' — a sustainable development initiative right-wing conspiracy theorists assert is a plot to create a one world government. 

 Zuern also expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, posting their creed of 'WWG1WGA" (Where We Go One, We Go All).' "

What's sad is her friends and family will treat her like a hero instead of an person who made poor decisions. She "Went All," that's for sure -- all the way to oblivion. 

But, like so many other anti-vax, pro-Trumpers, she hung onto her anti-rational slogans to the very end, and lost her life because of them. She worked hard for the results she achieved and imposed onto others . It's doubtful she had any regrets. 

Zealots never do.

Monday, July 19, 2021

This is how a MAJORITY of Americans feel:


John Pavlovitz speaks for millions of Americans:

"It’s simply demoralizing sharing a country with people who think Donald Trump is someone worth emulating: to be surrounded by that kind of moral inversion every single day, to be continually encountering such cruelty. It’s a source of profound and sustained grieving to believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and afforded opportunity—and to know how many simply do not share that belief. I don’t hate these people but I am deeply saddened by them. 

 It isn’t just the reality of the despicable human being who we’ve allowed to ascend to the Presidency that [brings] that sadness, though that would be reason enough for despair. It’s the ugliness we’ve seen in our neighbors as he’s made his way there, and perhaps even worse now following his departure: the doubling down despite all we know about his reckless[ness] and incompetence. It’s the sickness that the America we love has shown itself afflicted with: the weight of every horrible reality about our nation; all our bigotry and discord and hatred set upon our chests, hampering our breath." --John Pavlovitz

Sunday, July 18, 2021

SUNDAY NIGHT DANCING (Because I forgot to queue it up for Saturday night.)


The genius of Bob Fosse again.

The Sexican - Cuarto de la Banda from Sweet Charity:

Friday, July 16, 2021

Trump's deadly legacy for America:


Infidel753 has an excellent post on the subject of Trumpers and vaccines. Please go read it!

They Clapped for Death at CPAC

Trump's cultists actually CHEERING! because hundreds of people are not getting vaccinations so President Biden's goal will not be met.

Trump cultists actually cheering for Americans to die!

Remember when Trump lied and said he saw "thousands of Arab-Americans cheering" the deaths of Americans after 9/ll? A blatant lie.

Well, here we are, America! Trump's cultists are cheering the deaths of Americans to "own the libs."

A terrible, awful, disgusting truth:

"What had been a steady drop in nationwide cases has reverted to a rise, with infections ticking up in many U.S. states. 

At a news briefing Friday, White House Covid-19 Response Team coordinator Jeffrey Zients warned that “as the more transmissible delta variant continues to spread across the country, we will likely continue to experience an increase in covid cases in the weeks ahead.” Making matters worse, in some communities hesitancy to get vaccines has flared into outright enmity against immunizations. 

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, attendees cheered at the country’s failure to meet President Biden's goal of 70 percent of adults having one dose by early July. Republican lawmakers said the president’s door-to-door vaccine campaign should be resisted. 

And Tennessee’s Department of Health will no longer provide information to teenagers on coronavirus vaccines — or any other vaccines — as the Tennessean reported this week. 

 Vaccine hesitancy has persisted in Springfield, Mo., even while the delta variant spreads through the city. As Health reporter Fenit Nirappil documents, Springfield is “a cautionary tale” in how swiftly this variant of concern can rip through unvaccinated communities. 

Earlier in July, ventilators almost become unavailable in one hospital, which is treating more patients this week than it did during the winter surge." --Washington Post

Thursday, July 15, 2021

"If I was going to do a coup..." Donald J. Trump uttered those words.


"If I Did It," by O.J. Simpson

"If I Was Going To Do A Coup," by Donald J. Trump 

 Kaitlan Collins @kaitlancollins · 

"Responding to @PhilipRucker & @CarolLeonnig's book, Trump says in part, "I never threatened, or spoke about, to anyone, a coup of our Government...

If I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley...I’m not into coups!"

(Of course Trump wouldn't want to "do" a coup with Gen. Milley; Trump would choose his favorite traitor, disgraced General Michael Flynn.)

"If I was going to do a coup..." --D.J.Trump  (Would he choose these bottom feeders?)

All these “on the brink,” end of days reports about Trump almost taking the nation off the deep end belie one crucial point: none of that happened over night. It happened every day, little by little, over four years, as Republicans looked on either silently or approvingly.

Horror stories about Trump will continue as more books and memoirs are published. How can anyone be surprised by the revelations? Trump was and is a maniac—the single greatest mistake ever made by the American electorate.

The Lincoln Project
Our mission is clear: Destroy the Republican Party.

January 6 was an attempt to stop the certification of the presidential vote by intimidating and threatening Congress from carrying that out thru acts of violence. A coup is defined as "a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power". Jan. 6th meets that criteria.