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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Pamela D. Hart and I share a birthday today. 

Happy birthday to Pam. 

To Bugs Bunny,  Charlotte Corday, and me.

This poem by the American poet, W.S. Merwin, sums up how I feel today, even if it is quite bleak:


W. S. Merwin

with the night falling we are saying thank you
we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings
we are running out of the glass rooms
with our mouths full of food to look at the sky
and say thank you
we are standing by the water thanking it
smiling by the windows looking out
in our directions

back from a series of hospitals back from a mugging
after funerals we are saying thank you
after the news of the dead
whether or not we knew them we are saying thank you

over telephones we are saying thank you
in doorways and in the backs of cars and in elevators
remembering wars and the police at the door
and the beatings on stairs we are saying thank you
in the banks we are saying thank you
in the faces of the officials and the rich
and of all who will never change
we go on saying thank you thank you

with the animals dying around us
our lost feelings we are saying thank you
with the forests falling faster than the minutes
of our lives we are saying thank you
with the words going out like cells of a brain
with the cities growing over us
we are saying thank you faster and faster
with nobody listening we are saying thank you
we are saying thank you and waving
dark though it is


okjimm said...

wowsersz! Happy burpday! Have a beer!

Sue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Why aren't we told about this on Facebook??

Hope you are having a wonderful celebration and here's to many many more!

Octopus said...

Happy Birthday, Shaw. Another year wiser, another year younger.

Leslie Parsley said...

I saw Pam's on FB and I saw a photo of the cake you posted but didn't get the connection. In fact, I almost left a comment saying, "?????????????????????"

Happy birthday, my friend. I hope you've had a delightful day and that it continues into the night. xxxooo

Rational Nation USA said...

Happy Birthday Shaw!And many many more...

Shaw Kenawe said...

To okjimm, Sue, (O)CT(O), Leslie, and RN-USA:

Thank you all for your kind wishes. I had a great day.

Grandchildren from NY here on Cape Cod for a vaca. Spent the day on Nauset Beach, dinner at the Captain Linnell House and Boston Cream Pie birthday cake at home. After the grandkids left, out to Mahoney's Bar and Grill for an Almond Joy martini.

Whew! This birthday stuff is hard work!

First Almond Joy martini. Not too bad!

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