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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NJ Gov Christie Gives More Love to President Obama; Wingnuts All Over America Weep and Gnash Teeth

Oh Snap!  

Grind!  Grind!  Grind!

Do you hear that America?!

That is the sound of angry, irate, raging rightwingers gnashing their teeth after they heard the awful, terrible, horrible Governor Chris Christie tell teevee personalities on some morning show that President Obama HAS KEPT EVERY PROMISE HE MADE TO HIM IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE SANDY!

The awful, terrible, horrible Gov. Christie did not call President Obama the anti-Christ, baby-killing, Commie, Marxist, Socialist, Nazi, teleprompter-reading, Kenyan Usurper (with the "uppity" wife), and THAT WILL NOT DO!

How long now before the long knives come out and the extremists on the right start calling for the head of Chris the Christie???

Wait for it.  Three, two, one...ALL LOSERS ARE BREAKING HELL!

"Chris Christie has done it again. He gave President Obama a big verbal bear hug on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe' program on Monday. The governor was asked whether, six months later, he had any regrets about working with Obama after Superstorm Sandy, given that he has since been described as a “pariah” by members of the GOP. First, the governor simply said “No”, repeating it twice. Then he added:

“I’ve got a job to do. And nothing else crossed my mind… Presidential politics was not what was on my mind that day.”

After describing the progress New Jersey has made in recovering from the storm, as well as the foot-dragging process Congress went through before approving aid, Christie said:

 “Listen, the President’s kept every promise that he made. And the fact is, that’s what I was saying at the time… I was asked how is the President doing and I said, He’s doing a good job… We saw suffering together and when you see that, you are going to either step up and be responsible, or you’re not, and we stepped up and were responsible together.” 

Get out your fainting couches rightwing Obama haters!  A GOPer actually said something non-partisan about President Obama and even *GASP*  praised *GASP* him!

Do I see a crack in the unified wail of rage and detestation that has been the default reaction to everything President Obama has done in his presidency? 

Oh Noes!

A GOP governor and a Democratic President working together to help Americans?  

What will we tell the children?

GOP dies irae?  

Or Americans working together to help Americans?

I report; you decide.


Infidel753 said...

How long now before the long knives come out and the extremists on the right start calling for the head of Chris the Christie???

Don't give them ideas. Even before this latest statement, I'd lost track of how many right-wing commenters I'd seen saying things like "Christie is dead to me" over his hurricane remarks just before the election. Many of them say they could never ever vote for him as a Presidential candidate now.

The only reason they've laid off Christie a bit lately is that they're so busy trashing Rubio over the immigration bill. They're not waiting for the usual candidate demolition derby in the primaries; at this rate, long before 2016, they'll have declared all their potential Presidential candidates unacceptable because of one thing or another.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I think the extremist in the Tea Party are hoping Sarah Palin will return and run for president with Ted Cruz as her vp. Their Dream Extreme Team!

okjimm said...

Speaking of Cruz........ he was right there to vote against Fed Aid for Hurricane Sandy relief.....saying the Fed couldn't afford it, yet was right there asking for Fed Help after the West, TX disaster. Whatta chump.

And I still can't look at Christie without thinking of the Pillsbury Doughboy on Steroids.

Dave Miller said...

How could this be Shaw? Standard conservative dogma in the blogosphere says that Obama cannot be trusted, lies about everything and breaks every promise he makes.

I am sure as this becomes more universally shared that people who are determined to never appreciate anything President Obama does will say that as a RINO, Christie also cannot be trusted and everything he says should also be viewed with suspicion...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Now, now okjimm, no one is supposed to make fun of Christie's girth. Only rightwingers are allowed to do that to Democratic politicians, especially Hillary Clinton. Oh, and algore is fat!


Not content to characterized President Obama as the America-hating anti-Christ, a second, third, and fourth round of accusing him of being a racist is now racing around the blog sphere, using stuff taken out of context from his book, Dreams of My Father as proof that President Obama is anti-white.

Because we all know it is Mr. Obama and his gang of America-hating liberals who've sent those cartoons of watermelons on the White House lawn, of primitive witch doctors, of gorillas and apes as his parents, and nooses as decor all around the internet.

But because Mr. Obama wrote about his sorting out his feelings of not knowing who he was when he was a young man, and because he was honest and expressed those troubling emotions (emotions all young people go through, but can one imagine how it must be for a mixed-race child?)--anyway, because he wrote those down in his book, that's PROOF! that he hates on half of his family! and ALL white people!

KP said...

I would vote Chris Christie if he ever appeared on my ballot. BOOM!

Anonymous said...

They've both found true love at last and plan to leave their wives immediately after the president's second term expires.

President Obama has learned at long last that Fat Can Be Fabulous Fun.

Christie was heard in the hallway outside the hotel site where he and the president were supposed to be "in conference" singing out at the top of his lungs, "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I've Found Thee!"

The president had never thought of himself as a Victor Herbert kinda guy before.

Revelations all around.

It should be interesting to see how the wives respond once the fit hits the shan.

Check out Boule de suif - a short story by Guy de Maupassant. It explains much.

~ Larry Sinclair

Shaw Kenawe said...

LS, why the cynicism? Does it disturb you that these two pols from opposite parties act like adults.

KP, Christie has a streak of moderation in him, and that could be fatal.

Anonymous said...

Right, in todays mode of politics, there is no place, or reality of cynicism.

skudrunner said...

Christie is showing he can work with both sides which is a good thing for him. Obama has shown for five years that he can't work with either side.

If Christie gets the nomination the gloves will come off and he will go after Hilary in a big with no impunity.

I am glad Obama is not punishing the air traffic controllers and the flying public.

Now he can go back to intimidating seniors, the military and federal employees with cutbacks and how it is the republicans for holding him to his sequester. Looks like another golf trip is in order and mochelle has not taken her caravan to Europe in months.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "Christie is showing he can work with both sides which is a good thing for him. Obama has shown for five years that he can't work with either side."

What sort of logic made you write those two sentences one after the other?

Think about it.

You never fail to be silly.

skudrunner said...

Christie works with the obama who is a democrat therefore working both sides. Christie works with his state legislators who have a democrat majority.

Obama blame his sequester on the GOP. Obama blames his democrats for defeating his background bill. Are the yellow dogs ever going to call for him to lead instead of blame.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry, skud. You still don't get it.


Republican Gov. Christie worked with Democratic President Obama, and Democratic President Obama worked with Republican Governor Christie.

They worked TOGETHER. Therefore, Democrat/liberal Mr. Obama worked with Republican/conservative Mr. Christie.

Okay. So your logic was off on that.

Second is this:

"Speaking to a roundtable of Digital First Media editors in the offices of The Times Herald newspaper, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania lamented that the background checks legislation he co-sponsored with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin didn’t pass because Republicans don’t want to be seen helping the President (even if it means doing the wrong thing).

Toomey explained, “In the end it didn’t pass because we’re so politicized. There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it.”

A Republican confirming that the GOP REFUSES TO WORK WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Do you have anything to prove your claim that Mr. Obama WON'T WORK WITH THE REPUBLICANS?

Give us the proof please, as I've given you proof from a GOPer.


Dave Miller said...

Unfortunately Shaw, I fear that Sen McConnell strategy has worked and that President Obama has been fatally wounded politically.

All of this however, is not the fault of Mr McConnell. Pres. Obama has almost at every turn, failed to see, or refused to believe that politics is a big part of his job.

When he began his campaign in 2007, he must have known that the issue of Rev Wright was going to come up, and yet, he was woefully unprepared when it did.

He was unprepared for, or chose to dismiss the lengths to which the GOP would obfuscate, delay, and work to kill any of his campaign initiatives.

He undercut his liberal base, frequently choosing to instead negotiate with a GOP that would only take total capitulation as a starting point.

What should he have done? I am not sure, but he should have suspected this, and yet, it seems like he did not and so, was unprepared.

It looks to me like our President is in for three years more of the same and worse, it looked yesterday, as if he is resigned to that reality.

I am discouraged for our country if we have fallen into a time where neither party desires to work with the president of the other party.

You can bet the Dems, much to my dismay, will be waiting for the next GOP president so they can give him the same respect President Obama received.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Republican Senator Toomey committed truth when he admitted that the GOP politicians only goal is to obstruct President Obama.

When you say President Obama should not have counted on the GOP's cooperating, do you mean that he should not have counted on what every other president has been able to count on from the opposition?

This is the FIRST president I can remember that has had this sort of obstruction. The background check bill HAD A MAJORITY in the Senate. A MAJORITY. But THE GOP insists on filibustering the majority on every bill.

Why do you think that is?

And if our next president is a Republican, can you tell me why the Democrats in Congress will be eager to work with him?

After what the GOP has done to Mr. Obama?

Les Carpenter said...

I like Christie, Toomey, and Manchin. Imagine that...

KP said...

"KP, Christie has a streak of moderation in him, and that could be fatal."

He has a streak of honesty in him. Christie appears to be up front.

I a begging for a politician to tell me the truth; even if we don't agree on everything.

CafeenMan said...

Anyone who believes that the Dems will act in kind as the Republicans did with President Obama hasn't been paying attention.

The Dems WILL work with Republicans as they always have. Liberals will be ticked off and the right wing will claim not that it's because Dems can behave as adults but because of how great their Republican President is.

During the Bush years the Dems rolled over almost every single time giving him everything he ever wanted. First they said, "We can't stop him anyway - the Republicans have a majority."

Then when the Dems gained a majority they said, "We can't stop him anyway because we don't have a big enough majority."

Strangely, the Republicans have no problem stopping Obama regardless of being a minority in both Houses when President Obama was first sworn in.

Anyway, don't kid yourselves and think the Dems will do to the next Republican President what Republicans have done to President Obama. They won't.