Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston



Friday, August 1, 2014

On Vacation

Since Monday, I've been in serenely beautiful Vermont at the 

Green Mountain Writers' Conference.

One glorious week of writing and interacting with poets, novelists, short story writers, and memoirists, HERE.

Now off to the great state of Maine for a family wedding @Cape Neddick.


FreeThinke said...

Heavenly looking places all, Miss Shaw.

I envy you this extended post-Birthday Treat. Nothing could be finer than the beauty of summer in the Green Mountains and Atlantic shores of New England -- depending in the company one keeps, of course

As a lifelong lover -- and collector -- of curious, amusing, intriguing, satirically suggestive offbeat names, I must say I would have moved heaven and earth to attend that writer's conference just to meet VERANDAH PORCHE.

Could she be related to her Italian counterpart PIAZZA LOGGIA, do you suppose? ;-)

May your days there be filled with sunshine, new insights, and continuous refreshment to your soul!

okjimm said...

pppppppffffft, ya ya ya....and who is gonna feed the trolls while you'r gone, huh?


Rational Nation USA said...

Sounds like a job for a Hobbit, or maybe a Dwarf he?

KP said...

Beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful conference and family wedding.