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Monday, March 14, 2016

Here’s how the rest of the world views Trump and campaign nastiness



For the last 7 1/2 years, we've heard the extreme Obama haters on the right bellow that we are not respected around the world since the president took his oath of office. That, of course, is a blatant lie, nurtured in their extreme little minds. In fact since George W. Bush left office, the U.S. has gained respect around the world, and President Obama, overall, is more respected than his predecessor.

Now we're in the middle of a presidential election with the leading T-GOP candidate embarrassing himself and America in front of the world, and few on the extreme right seem to notice.

There are exceptions, and former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, tells us:

“Colin Powell...said that the nasty tone of this presidential election is hurting the image of the U.S. abroad,” Tapper quoted. “He said, ‘Foreigners of the world looking at this are distressed.’”

And here, in a series of political cartoons, is what several countries around the world think of the U.S. as it flirts with the idea of electing a belligerent baboon as the leader of the free world and the world's most powerful military:

(courtesy of Cagle Cartoons / 2016)

The Netherlands:





(courtesy of Cagle Cartoons / 2016)


For more images go HERE.


So my question to the Trump supporters is:  Why were you so concerned about how the rest of the planet perceived the U.S. during the Obama Administration, but you're now oblivious to the world's opinion of Donald Trump? 


anymouse said...

After scanning right wing blogs as I do most mornings, it's clear they've been given the word to defend Drumpf and place all blame on the protesters for the violence at Drumpf rallies around the country. Sigh - they are so typical and predictable with their distortions and lies. To see the same group of bloggers who just weeks ago were screaming in terror at the idea of Drumpf being their nominee now twisting and contorting themselves to make him appear the victim, is breathtaking in it's utter and rank hypocrisy. Of course, it's the right and, without hypocrisy, they'd have nothing else other than some old KKK flyers and a collection of internet hoaxes they are desperate to have people believe in. Such a sad bunch, really. Do they not know how badly they will lose with Drumpf being their nominee? Apparently not. :)

R.R. said...

Donald Trump is a bully who’s stirring up other bullies to rage against Latinos, blacks, Muslims, and other convenient scapegoats – channeling the fears and resentments of the white working class into hatefulness and violence. He deserves to be condemned by every decent American.

Ray Cranston said...

Trump is everything the conservatives hate in a politician but because he's running as a Republican (for now, anyway, he's changed so many times) they choose to ignore his vulgarity, his three marriages, his insults to entire cultures and to his political rivals, his lack of substance on important issues and the absolute revulsion all civilized peoples and countries hold for the SOB. The Tea Party Republicans ignore this because they're "angry?" So like a child throwing a tantrum, they're screaming bloody hell and want to destroy their party to make a point. Don't let Trump or his supporters anywhere near any power they are dangerous and unstable people who would destroy not just their political party but the United States as we know it. We're watching Trump's totalitarian behavior and we should all be afraid.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BlueBull, the rightwing bloggers and news sites are blaming everyone but the repulsive Drumpf for how this election process has degenerated. It was Drumpf who reveled in telling people he'd like to punch opponents in their faces, he "kidded" about killing reporters, his tone has been that of a threatening bully, and he's said nothing about the political process nor what he'd do to make America great again. In fact, he's dragging America down to his narcissistic dystopian vision of the U.S.

And the right wingers are blaming everyone but the person who started all of this: Donald J. Trump. He's been at it since June and it's gotten worse. Now we have to listen to their cries of "Free Speech," while they clutch their pearls about how Trump's campaign has develved into a Fight Club.

Phonies, all of them, and the best thing to do is ignore their fake indignation about an atmosphere they and their nominee created.

R.R. Yes, Trump has created a nasty, violent atmosphere that his followers love. They believe this is the sort of behavior that will solve problems? When have these sort of people been right about anything? Remember how they were sure Sarah Palin would bring victory to the GOP in 2008? And how their majorities in the House and Senate would deliver them all the goodies they've been dreaming of? Wrong again. And of course there was BENGHAZI! which they were sure would sink Hillary. Wrong. They live in a dream world where they believe in unicorns and pixies.

Titan, yeah, Trump is everything the would detest if he had a "D" after his name. But they are nothing if tribal, and the tribe is now pinning their dreams of the White House on Trump.

anymouse said...

Shaw Kenawe said...

BlueBull, the rightwing bloggers and news sites are blaming everyone but the repulsive Drumpf for how this election process has degenerated. It was Drumpf who reveled in telling people he'd like to punch opponents in their faces, he "kidded" about killing reporters, his tone has been that of a threatening bully, and he's said nothing about the political process nor what he'd do to make America great again. In fact, he's dragging America down to his narcissistic dystopian vision of the U.S.

True but it even goes beyond that to the fact that Drumpf is nothing but the culmination of many years of Republican craziness and racism. The same right wingers who cluck at Drumpfs' antics are the very same ones who stood by and said nothing when he was the birther king sliming our duly elected president by claiming he wasn't 'qualified', that he was 'illegal' and that he was, broken down to it's most basic - a "them". These very same right wingers never fail to use racist cartoons aimed at the entire Obama family and, indeed, any other person of color they politically disagree with. We've all seen the poorly doctored pictures of President Obama wearing African garb with a bone in his nose. Drumpf is the evil, vile baby the right wing has been working overtime to conceive. It's poetic justice that he will also be the end to their party for decades to come.

Very Dead Andrew said...

Good God, even Breitbarters are hissing at each other — over Donald Trump. Two Breitbarters quit over Trump! The TGOP Implosion continues

Dave Miller said...

Lest we get too smug... the left has issues too. What will happen if the FBI recommends an indictment for Hillary? Will the Obama Justice Dept move forward, or bury the recommendation for what will surely be seen as political reason? And if the Feds do recommend an indictment, and Justice refuses, will the FBI heads resign, as some have said is possible?

What happens if all this comes out after the convention?

What does the Dem party do about the fact that both our candidates, and our on deck batter, Joe Biden, have a combined age over 200?

While many plans of the GOP are extreme, for instance the wall that Mexico is gonna pay for, what realistic solutions are the Dems offering? While I do believe some need to pay higher taxes, continuing to raise taxes on people of means, will at some point reach a breaking point won't it? I mean, with their $$$, why continue to work and make money of it is just going to be taxed?

It's all a mess...

Shaw Kenawe said...

I think we're feeling appalled, not smug, about how Trump's campaign has proceeded -- as is the rest of the world.

As for the FBI and Hillary:

"...the Bureau has acknowledged generally that it is working on matters related to former Secretary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server,” [FBI General Counsel James] Baker wrote to the State Department.

“The FBI has not, however, publicly acknowledged the specific focus, scope, or potential targets of any such proceedings.

“Thus … we remain unable [to] provide [details about the case] without adversely affecting on-going law enforcement efforts,” he concluded.

The letter was sent on Feb. 2 but released on Monday as part of an ongoing lawsuit related to the disclosure of Clinton’s emails from conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

FBI Director James Comey has previously referenced the FBI probe, which the bureau had previously declined to confirm or deny in court filings last year.

Key details about the probe remain unclear, such as whether it is tied to a possible criminal case or whether it has expanded beyond an initial security review.

Comey has previously said that bureau investigators “don’t give a rip about politics,” and would not be put off by the looming presidential campaign." -- The Hill

At this point, we know nothing more than rumors and speculation on what the outcome of the investigation will be. Hillary has become the TGOP's Richard Nixon in its loathing toward her in its hopes of seeing her brought down. The BENGHAZI! gambit failed miserably because there was no criminal intent, but tragic mistakes involved. There were far more embassy and consulate tragedies during GWB's administration and AFAIK, no investigations into any of them. Again this is an ongoing campaign by the TGOP to sabotage Hillary's chances.

I have no idea how the email drama will play out, but I'll take a wild guess and say that Hillary's been around the block long enough to know a thing or two and to know what her enemies in the vast right wing conspiracy are up to. Don't count her out quite yet.

As for the age issue, Trump is about the same age as Hillary and only a few years younger than Bernie, and Reagan was almost 70 year old when he was elected POTUS.

I do agree that the presidency is a young man or woman's job -- look at how Mr. Obama has aged in just 7 1/2 years! But then one would want a more seasoned and mature person's finger on the nuclear button, wouldn't one?

Trump has demonstrated that although he is chronologically mature, he is most certainly NOT mentally mature. He proves this every time he opens his mouth. Yes, he may say a thing or two that people agree with or think is an answer to our problems, but he is in no way temperamentally fit for the job. Again, his violent rallies have proved this. He's had the opportunity to quell the thugs, but he's encouraged and incited them instead. That's not what a country wants in a president.

Neither Hillary nor Bernie behave like preening, bellicose adolescents at their rallies, but that is Trump's behavior, and it stinks.

Infidel753 said...

The last cartoon from Ireland sums it up perfectly. The Swedish one is a grimly plausible vision of the future.

When the wingnuts say that the US under Obama is not respected, what they actually mean is that it is not feared enough, which is what they truly want. Trump would, at least, rectify that. The thought of him holding the nuclear launch codes would terrify any rational person anywhere on Earth.

Rational Nation USA said...

Good question Shaw.