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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The rot in the far right Evangelical mind

The text below explains why we are stunned by the far right "So What?" Christian Evangelicals and their situational morality. 

Adultery and lying is acceptable to them.  As long as the lying isn't under oath and as long as the adultery is only between Trump and his non-Russian mistresses, --  it's no big deal and no one else's business. 

"Why should Trump lose the presidency over such trivial matters," is their thinking.  Since there's nothing illegal about adultery or lying, the "So What?" Xtian Evangelicals are just peachy with Trump's behaviors.

They've chosen to ignore the fact that a Playboy bunny/Playmate was also having a 10-month affair with President Horn Dog just after his 3rd wife gave birth to his 5th child during his spanky-sexy time with Stormy Daniels.

Because none of those adulteries are illegal, the "So What?" Xtian Evangelicals are fine with Trump's alley-cat antics. However, when Bill Clinton was president and his bimbo eruptions and infidelities became public knowledge, those same people were apoplectic over Clinton's sordid and salacious life, and they denounced his promiscuous actions as a horrid example for America's youth. "What will we tell the children!?" they lamented.

Today, those same horrified Xtians dismiss President Spanky's priapic frolics by claiming he was a Democrat during the time of his adulteries. Their thinking  -- or rather situational justification -- is that when he became a member (!) of the GOP, he stopped his chronic surrender to satyriasis, and how he behaved and the payoffs to his mistresses are of no consequence, because now he's a Republican, and Jesus doesn't mind that he broke his marital vows, lied, and cheated on his wives time and time and time again. Amen.

Here's the thing. It's not just the fact that President Tightie Whities was being spanked and shagged by Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and who knows who else. What the Situational Morality Xtians ignore is the possibly illegal contribution of $130,000 to Stormy during the 2016 campaign that may put President Hot Rod in legal jeopardy. 

I wonder how these hypocrites will dismiss that.

Here they are convincing themselves that President Spanky's a good man because none of his adulteries and lying about them (unless under oath) are illegal. 

Here's the rot in the far right Evangelical mind and what they're telling their children:  

"It's okay to cheat on your spouses and to lie about anything AS LONG AS IT'S NOT ILLEGAL and as long as you're a card-carrying member of the GOP! Got that, kiddies? Now go back and read your Bibles!"

Regular readers of P.E. will figure out where this tortuous excuse-making post came from. I refuse to link to it.

If the Stormy Daniels is true, then….


Is it illegal to mess around while you’re married?  Nope
Is it illegal to pay somebody off to keep quiet?   Nope
Can DJT be impeached for any of the above?  Nope
Is it illegal to lie about an affair unless you’re sworn to tell the truth?  Nope
Is she Russian?    (!)   Nope
What happens if it’s proven DJT slept with Daniels….
I got to thinking yesterday…What’s the BIG WOOP?

The question they ask then is:  WHAT'S THE BIG WOOP?  
The answer is that people with even the smallest amount of morality and decency would find a man as devoid of probity and character as President Hanky-Spanky thoroughly repulsive and rotten to his debauched core.

And that, Dear Readers, is the POTUS that they support and admire.


The Prince of Dorkness said...

Whether ’tis true or not, this whole Stormy Daniels escapade is a smoke screen by the Left. If Donald Trump the man shamed his wife and home, that’s between them and is not illegal. There’s so much hypocrisy from the liberals. When it was revealed that Obama was a dope smoking, radical Marxist, homosexual, not a word was spoken or a finger pointed. When Ted Kennedy murdered a young girl with his car then sat on the info and didn’t report it, there was silence. When Bill Clinton raped and actually bit women and Hillary Clinton had lovers, again, not a word was said against them. (The Clinton’s have also had many people murdered.) There’s been many more real crimes committed by mostly Demoncrats through time. And all we hear are crickets from the Left. It’s sickening.

Shaw Kenawe said...

tPoD, excuse me? The only place your lie about Mr. Obama was revealed was in the fevered swamps of the far right wing news and blog sites. Even you have not backed that libel with any evidence. Also, a car accident is NOT murder. Bill Clinton has never been charged with rape. You are obviously out of your mind.The rest of the comment proves it.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... does the term unhinged come to mind? The Price, or maybe the King of Dorkness has left this insane rant across a few sites. It's worth posting if only to show off the idiocy of the extreme, or dare I just say the right these days. Many folks seem to believe us commie lefties won't even post dissenting views, unable to comprehend that all views are welcome if they are cogent, based in fact and can be posted with an adult vocabulary that leaves out 90% of the language used at places like WYD.

Regarding the "hypocrisy" shown by the left... the left never claimed a person could not serve if they led an immoral lifestyle. That was the view of conservatives led by folks like El Rushbo, James Dobson and Bill Bennet. Their view was that character flaws and morality that did not agree with theirs should disqualify you from public service. This included of course affairs and lying.

In fact it is the right and conservatives who are showing the hypocrisy as they have totally eschewed those views because they've now got an immoral, lying cad... here's a direct quote from one supporter... " I DO think Trump is a stinkin’ CAD toward his wife. And I am 100% positive Stormy isn’t the only one, of course! I don’t admire any man whose pitiful ego makes him cheat on a faithful wife…(i suppose she is)..but there’s a lot I don’t admire about Trump. Still, I remain loyal (ish)..."

Even they know he's a CAD with a pitiful ego, yet they still support him.

I guess that's to be expected from people like the Dork.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw, you've been remiss in mentioning Trumps horrible approval ratings lately. Guess you find more things pertinant.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...


rape... consensual sex.

Progressive conclusions: no difference.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Dave, rather then trotting off to Mexico have you thought about preaching the word of God to the MS 13 members killing numerous people in the Las Vegas area?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, how do those people talk to their children and grandchildren? Do they really tell them that a man or woman can be a morally rotten human being, but as long as he or she delivers their agenda, it's okay to overlook the fact that he or she is a cad? Do they lie to their kids and grandkids about Trump's sordid life?

If the far right Evangelicals had not gone after Bill Clinton and other Democrats whose moral failing were out there, we'd have nothing to say, but it is true that it is the Family Values crowed that insisted that a man or woman's character was as important as his or her political agenda.

Now that Trump is there president, we know they're as disloyal to their values and ideals as Trump is to his wives and mistresses. (Yes, he even cheated on his mistress while cheating with her on his 3rd wife.)

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ No one here is conflating rape and consensual sex. What my post is about is the Xtian Evangelicals accepting a moral pig who cheated on all 3 wives and even cheated on his mistress, Karen McDougal, with Stormy. No one brought up rape, so your comment is irrelevant to this post. Oh. Wait. Are you trying to justify President Spanky's immoral behavior? Oh, I see, as long as his mistresses agreed to his shagging them, it's morally fine? Nice values you "Christians" have.

Anonymous @1:58, Here's an idea: Tend to your own business and take care of what YOU do to make this world a better place. Has it ever occured to you that Pastor Dave may have been called to do what he's doing and to minister where he's ministering? He doesn't need your unasked for advice.

Anonymous @1:50, I'm happy to report that Trump's average approval rating is still underwater and he's still THE MOST DISLIKED president in modern American history, Rassmussen's skewed poll notwithstanding. More Americans dislike Trump than like him. HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Ms,Shaw, does the same hold true when Obamas approval was under 50%? Did the majority dislike him then?

Ray Cranston said...

The guy who cheated on all three wives today called President Obama "Cheating Obama."

I'm not a praying guy, but I've been praying for Mueller's continued good health so we can rid ouselves of the diseased hulk in "tippy-toppy" House!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @2"23 President Obama NEVER had the sustained rotten approval numbers that President Hanky-Spanky has sustained. #45 couldn't break 50% on the day after his inauguration, and it's been downhill since then.

Plus there's the fact that FiveThirtyEight blog’s composite of approval rating polls shows Obama was well ahead of Trump after a year in the White House.

Obama had an average approval rating of 49.6 percent through 343 days while Trump came in at 37.7 percent.

Did President Obama dip down to where #45's been for a year? Sure, but President Obama never stayed there the way #45 has.

You, Anon, seem to be overly obsessed with Trump's rotten approval by the American people. SAD!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous: NO more about Trump's lously numbers. This post is about the hypocrisy of the far right Xtian Evangelicals and their embrace of a man totally without morals.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, I saw that. Trump has the mentality of a junior high mean girl. We all feel the way you feel about Mueller finishing his job and, it is hoped, finishes that bloated cheating creep in the White House.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

"No one here is conflating rape and consensual sex."

"Because none of those adulteries are illegal, the "So What?" Xtian Evangelicals are fine with Trump's alley-cat antics. However, when Bill Clinton was president and his bimbo eruptions and infidelities became public knowledge, those same people were apoplectic over Clinton's sordid and salacious life, and they denounced his promiscuous actions as a horrid example for America's youth. "What will we tell the children!?" they lamented."

from Wiki:

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States (1993–2001), has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct by three women: Juanita Broaddrick accuses Clinton of raping her in 1978; Kathleen Willey accuses Clinton of groping her without consent in 1993; and Paula Jones accuses Clinton of exposing himself to her in 1991 and sexually harassing her.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ, Here's an idea, take your Bill Clinton obsession and find another blog to obsess with it, MMkay

Trump is now the POTUS, not Clinton. Trump has also been accused of child rape as well as having dozens of women's testaments to his sexual misconduct. Are you trying to justify President Spanky's salacious and whorish behavior with that of Bill Clinton? It certainly looks like it. What you're doing is saying Trump is as much of a sexual deviant and pig as Clinton, right? But you're okay with Trump?

Here's the difference: The Evangelical Christians who touted Family Values and who condemned Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct SAY NOTHING ABOUT THE PIG NOW RESIDING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. You and your friends seem not to understand the disgusting hypocrisy on that situation.

But I'm not surprised. You and your confreres have double standards on sexual misconduct. In fact, it appears a double standard is the only standard you people have.

BB-Idaho said...

Double standards, I'd say: Trump's sexual crudities 'trump' those of Bill.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho, you'll never hear a Trumpeteer admit that.

Flying Junior said...

That wasn't the real FJ.

That was minus FJ! A negative at best. lol

I"m noodling around trying to see if you answered my call for classical music.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ, I did answer you with a list of some of my favorites.

It's in the untitled post of April 1, last comment.