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Monday, June 18, 2018

Trump's Border Patrol Agents Caught Laughting at Children Sobbing for Their Parents

This is Trump's America:

Taking babies and children away from their parents and putting them in cages. Never forget that his supporters are okay with this and justify it with lies.


Charlie Pierce, Esquire Magazine:

"The government* of the United States—the thuggish, dishonest and unfathomably cruel administration* that we elected to run the country—has chosen the history of which it will be a part. It is the history of the auction block, of the state-sponsored kidnapper, of the God-alibi-ed prison, of the rattling cattle cars, headed east. That is the history of which the government, and all the people in it, have chosen to be a part. This includes the people who dreamed up this policy, the people who are enforcing this policy, and anyone who isn’t doing anything to stop it. They will be the defendants in the future proceedings, the villains in the future novels, and the monsters in a thousand future nightmares. We choose the history of which we are a part. 


Children Separated From Parents At The Border Heard In Heartbreaking New Audio 

An eight-minute audio clip released by ProPublica features a U.S. Border Patrol agent making jokes about an “orchestra” of wailing children.

"ProPublica has obtained audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, audio that demonstrates what a monstrous regime we are now living under. 

 The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like they’re crying so hard, they can barely breathe. 

They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again, as if those are the only words they know. The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. 

“Well, we have an orchestra here,” he jokes. “What’s missing is a conductor.” 

 The audio was recorded by an anonymous source who gave it to civil rights attorney Jennifer Harbury, who works on the Texas border, then shared with ProPublica. Standing out for reporters was a six-year-old girl from El Salvador who has memorized her aunt's phone number, and pleads with everyone she sees. 

"My mommy says that I’ll go with my aunt and that she’ll come to pick me up there as quickly as possible." That call finally happens, and the aunt recounts it to ProPublica."

 Trump And His Allies Are Either Woefully Misinformed About Family Separations Or Lying Through Their Teeth 

Lawyer moms rally thousands nationwide to protest brutal separations of children and parents


Infidel753 said...

There is really nothing more to be said at this point. It's enraging and horrifying, but it's almost beyond words.

The country will be judged by how it responds to this. Mass protest and a tsunami of calls to Congress stopped ACA repeal and some of the other nastiness planned for Trump's first year. Maybe it can stop this.

As for the Christian Trumpanzees and their endless excuses and rationalizations and obfuscations -- they have indeed chosen the path back into darkness and evil -- the sake kind of darkness and evil that the original Republican party, more than a century and a half ago, was founded to destroy.

Ray Cranston said...

The tRump cultists say this:

"we know it’s tough and sad for any child to be taken from their parents!, we know Obama did much the same thing,

That's a lie that these people continue to spread. A dirty, stinkin' lie. And they know it.

"and we know our own criminals’ children are separated from their parents, so"

The people lookig for asylum are not "criminals."

The tRump cultists are EXACTLY like the "Good Germans" who justified Hilter and his inhuman policies.

They are a cruel and dirty as tRump.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753: "As for the Christian Trumpanzees and their endless excuses and rationalizations and obfuscations -- they have indeed chosen the path back into darkness and evil -- "

The Christians I know are enraged by this atrocity of abusing children. The Evangelicals who go along with it are indeed as Ray stated just like the Good Germans -- they justify evil becsuse they dare not examine why they support a monster like #45.

Jerry Critter said...

Listen to the kids here!