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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Officially the Democratic Nominee

Bernie Sanders is a class act.

Unlike the Goopers, who last week fed off of vitriol and hate and saw one of their own, Senator Ted Cruz, refuse to endorse their nominee, Bernie and the Democrats showed America and the world how it's done when a party deals in decency and unity.

The Democrats are united.

And the Republicans have Donald J. Trump, who couldn't get past leaders of the Republican Party, presidents, governors, senators, and representatives, to say anything in his favor.

The Democrats have made history.  Again.

The first woman to be nominated by a major political party to be POTUS.

We hope the American people compare and contrast what happened last week at the GOP convention, where hordes of seething, angry people were screaming to jail and, in some cases, execute, an American opposition candidate-- we hope the American people are watching how the Democrats comport themselves compared with how the Goopers behaved.

PM Carpenter:

July 26, 2016


Rational Nation USA said...

It would be better if "the first" was someone who really inspired trust, passion, and a belief that she would actually change and strengthen America. But this is the era of smoke and mirrors and so cynicism flourishes.

Its really no fun voting for someone simply and for no other reason than to prevent a true evil from gaining power.

Bluebull said...

Actually RN, she DOES inspire many of us with trust and passion to see her in office and I KNOW she'll make a much better leader than Drumpf, who makes a mockery of our Republic by his very existence. Far too many people have fallen into the trap of buying all the garbage spewed by the right at Hillary for more than 25 years. Look at how many of their phony 'scandals' have ended up being nothing -- ALL of them. The problem is, the mutts on the right have repeated their anti-Hillary BS so often and with so much vicious hatred that normal people have begun to believe it.

Flying Junior said...

This is extremely exciting. Michelle was so good. She hit it out of the park. Bill gave a heartfelt tribute to his lady that teaches us about who she is and always has been. How many of us can make similar claims about how we spent our youth and most productive years? I thought it was very moving. I can't wait for Obama and Chelsea to speak. It makes me proud to be an American. And damn proud to be part of the democratic party today. Eat your hearts out you dummy Trumpistas!

As far as the lukewarm, lesser of two evils, hold your nose, etc. You're just part of her record-breaking disapproval numbers because you have believed the Citizens United, Breitbart, Fox and Limbaugh propaganda machines painting a cartoon picture of Hillary.

If Mr. and Mrs. Obama trust her, that alone would be reason enough for me to believe in her. Look at it this way, what reason could I possibly have to distrust her? Bernie Sanders isn't saying please, O God please don't let Trump win!?! He's supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Trump is simply a very easy target to make look stupid. But we have Elizabeth to do that. Trump just looks like a very naughty and nasty little boy when compared to Hillary.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Blue Bull, and Flying Junior,

I read an interesting article that showed Hillary Clinton had very high approval numbers while she was a US senator (she was very much liked and respected by her Republican colleagues) and while she was Secretary of State (again, her Republican colleagues gave her high marks as SoS -- even the Trumper said she did a terrific job). It's only when she ran/runs for office: US Senate, and president that the numbers begin to fall. It's interesting, isn't it? Why is she so admired and liked while doing her job? And then reviled and criticized when she seeks a new job?

Can anyone give a rational answer to that?

Some of Hillary's most ardent critics are Democrats -- the BernieBots. But Bernie came through like the honest, loyal, upright man (mensch) that he is.

We cannot allow the loutish brute, Donald Trump to get anywhere near the presidency.

There are other choices, Johnson and Stein, but we all know they won't get elected, so a vote for either of them is a protest vote only.

I find this election too important to vote for a third party candidate who will never get elected.

Remember this: When Hillary wins an election or is appointed to a cabinet position, her approval ratings go up because the American people believe, overall, that she does a good job.

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump looks "like a very naughty and nasty little boy when compared to" most folks.

I'm happy for you all, that you are so inspired by and apparently enamored of HRC. I simply, and for what I consider valid reasons just don't see it that way.

Guess I just believe the CU, Brietbart, FOX News, Limbaugh propaganda in your view. Which is fine, even though I don't.

At any rate Drumpf deserves to be despised, something millions, including me, do. And that my friends, is the bottom line. I'm sure someday another politician/public servant will come along who will inspire me. Until then? I wait.

Reality is what it is. Which is to say reality often lies in ones perception of reality.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "I'm happy for you all, that you are so inspired by and apparently enamored of HRC."

Well, I may be inspired because it is quite a "thing" to have a woman nominated by a major political party in my lifetime, so in that case, it is inspirational, as it would have been had a Republican politician been nominated.

"Enamored?" Nah. I don't fall in love with politicians, because I've learned they'll always break your heart.

I'm just NOT going to jump on the hate wagon that so many other Dems and lots of GOPers have jumped on to make this woman into some sort of demon who wants to suck the blood out of America. She's a typical politician, who isn't particularly good at glad-handing and back-slapping -- she's not an orator, but as I said in my previous comment, she is a hard worker.

I don't like pizzaz-like show-biz in a president; I prefer a workhorse who can get things done. Hillary has demonstrated, while she was a senator, that she can work with and earn the respect of her Republican colleagues. She has political relationships with a lot of those senators, and that may unclog the logjam (if she's elected POTUS) that's been evident these past 7 1/2 years between the WH and Congress. Who knows?

Bluebull said...

At my age, you'd think I was too far 'past it' to become enamored of a politician and there have been VERY few over the years that deserved it, IMO. However, from the minute I heard President Obama speak at the 2000 convention, I knew that this was no ordinary man. When he ran for office, I jumped at the chance to work to get him elected and, I must admit, I worked as hard as one could while undergoing chemotherapy. I knocked on hundreds of doors and plastered my poor pick-up truck with Obama Biden bumper stickers and I like to think I had a hand in turning Florida Blue both times the President won. I've been somewhat let down at times, though usually because I felt Obama gave into the radical, vile right wing too easily. He still, to this day, would love to work with them even though they long ago picked party over country and have been nothing but obstructionist sob's for his entire two terms.
Hillary doesn't inspire me to the same level, but frankly, the more the right keeps up their childish antics, the more enamored I become of her. She must be made of diamond to bear the brunt of the nonsense and phony 'scandals' the pathetic and, imo, unAmerican right keeps throwing at her.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Blue Bull: "However, from the minute I heard President Obama speak at the 2000 convention, I knew that this was no ordinary man. When he ran for office, I jumped at the chance to work to get him elected and, I must admit, I worked as hard as one could while undergoing chemotherapy."

Actually, it was the 2004 convention, on July 27, my birthday, in Boston, and I remember watching, with my family, after a fabulous clambake on the beach on Cape Cod, Mr. Obama speak. I jumped off the couch and pointed my finger at the teevee and yelled "That man's going to be president someday! And thank goodness he's a Democrat!"

Blue Bull, I admire your courage and determination to work while undergoing chemotherapy. I know very, very well how debilitating that is -- from personal experience, my friend. A year ago today, I had my last infusion. So I know.

Bravo to you! I wish you good health!

Kevin Robbins said...

Bless you, Bernie. I understand the upset that his supporters feel and empathize with them. It always sucks to lose in politics. The lowest I've been is the Reagan victory in 1980. You develop a tougher skin with age and more losses.

Bluebull said...

Thanks Shaw. I had my final treatment about 7 months ago. So far, so good. :) Peace and health to you, as well.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, I get that. You're correct.

Bluebull, thank you. So far, so good for me and my scans! I wish you continued good health and good luck. We're in the same club. That's why this election is so important to both of us.