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Monday, July 11, 2016

No Words Needed

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Anonymous said...

Nice photography

Observer said...

Dangerous and Deranged

JULY 12, 2016, 9:49 AM EDT
After Dallas, Trump says "you were having big, big trouble in many cities. And I think that might be just the beginning for this summer."

I wouldn't put it past the Trumpistas to stir up trouble in the cities so that people panic so much they vote the asshole into office. Why wouldn't Trumpistas do that. It would be to his advantage, and it sounds like that's exactly what Trump is suggesting in that quote above.

Don't trust the Trumpistas and the cons. They'd do anything including start a race war to get power. Its happened in the past and it can happen again.

Observer said...

And here's an interesting comment by a con suggesting why it would be in Trump's best interest to have a summer of rioting. As I said I wouldn't put it past the cons to stir things up for Trump. And here's one of his assholes planting the idea:

July 12, 2016 at 9:02 AM
I just hope and pray Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panther Party continue organizing protest in every American city all summer long. I hope they block highways,block intersections, throw bottles, throw bricks, set shit on fire, curse at the police on camera and create general mayhem all summer.
They will pave the way for Donald Trump to enter the oval office in Jan. 2017. And keeps that POS Hillsry out!
Thanking you in advance.

Connie said...

I'm willfully mixing my metaphors here: the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, all for the lack of a half penny nail.

Evil always sows the seeds of their own destruction. Let's hope that is the case this year. Oh - I define evil as anyone who isn't working towards the good of all - either locally or globally.

The Wank Files said...

Well, well, well. The cons are jumpin' mad cuz people are taking Trump's words out of context? Really. From the same hypocrites who spread Obama's out-of-context "you didnt build that" all over the internet to prove he's a anti-business commie. Yeah those people are howling about context now. Aint it a scream! No. Trump has on more than once praised dictators, so no, what he said about Saddam Hussein wasn't taken out of context it's what he admires, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and other murderers. Strongman dictators. He can't wait to be one himself. And the cons can't wait to put him in the White House and destroy it like he's destroyed his casino businesses, cheated on his wives, and earned the prize as the lyingest liar of this presidential race. That's who the cons hope will win the white House! But pleeeeeeze don't take him out of context!

Feel the Bern! said...

Wank files. Where you get this stuff? I see some kooky shit from teathuglicans like over at Huffington Post, but never saw that.

skudrunner said...

Isn't it the demonstrators who are the disruptive ones. At the trump rallies it is not trump supporters who are causing all the problems. Always interesting that at the -H- rallies there are no riots so I guess you could conclude that the right does not bus in people to cause trouble.
Why is it that the majority of arrests in Baton Rouge were from from outside the area. Could they have been paid to be protest like Ferguson MO?

The Wank Files said...

I read it in The Nation and in a right wing blog. Look it up. Buty Trump didn't just priase Saddam Hussein, he's showed his admiratiobn for Putin and for Kim Jong Un. Can you imagine how the wing nuts would lose their sh#t if a Democrat admired a Commie strongman? How come it's okay with wingnuttia for Trump to admfire Commie and Islamist dictators?? Can anyone explain?

The Wank Files said...

Typing on a smart phone sucks.

Anonymous said...

The President was up late last night consulting scripture for inspiration. This is probably a shock to Republicans who insist upon denying that the President is a Chris

Shove this in the face of those cons who deny Obama is a Christian. He's a better Christian than any of them.

Connie said...

I concur

Ducky's here said...

Why is it that the majority of arrests in Baton Rouge were from from outside the area.

Because it's a national movement, Skud.

skudrunner said...


Even for you that was a very weak response. The protesters are not interested in solutions just like rioters are not interested in the event. They are there to create a scene and get press coverage. Why doesn't the press ask a protester what would be their solution to the issue, because the press doesn't want a solution either.

The reason the majority of arrests are from people not from the area is because they are interested in disruption not in answers or solutions.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... are you too guilty of believing the worst in people?

Are you saying people are disrupting simply to cause mayhem? I sure hope not.

I see a great many people judging protestors by the worst examples possible and imputing that because some are bad, all are bad. And then i see those same people say we are not to understand that all cops are bad because of the actions of a few. How is that possible?

President Bush was correct... let's not judge the motivations and actions of entire groups by the actions of some.