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Friday, July 29, 2016

The GOPs' Tweets of Despair After the Wildly Successful DNC Convention

I hope the Conservative pundits, radio talk show hosts, and other well-known GOPers are not defenestrating themselves today. But from what I've read in their tweets, it sounds like that's exactly what they wish they could do after witnessing the huge success of the DNC convention and thinking about what a miserable failure Trump delivered to the RNC last week.  

Far fewer people viewed the GOP convention than viewed the Democrats' telecast. It was an unreservedly shining success for the Dems. For the Repubs? Not so much. (Again, another hollow, broken promise made by Trump when he said the GOP convention would be THE BEST the country has ever seen.)

The RNC 2016 convention is now universally accepted as one of THE WORST!

Here are the GOPers' Tweets of Despair From Talking Points Memo:

Conservative writer Ron Fournier:
Well done, @realDonaldTrump. You made Democrats a party of sunny patriotism and values.
You sure @billclinton didn't ask you to run?
— Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) July 29, 2016

National Review editor Jonah Goldberg:
Why this convention is better: It's about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn't love Trump, it offered nada.
— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) July 29, 2016

John Podhoretz, former Ronald Reagan speech writer and Commentary editor:
Take about five paragraphs out of that Obama speech and it could have been a Reagan speech. Trust me. I know.
— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) July 28, 2016

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld:
if repubs had championed their principles with specifics rather than embrace autocracy - they wouldn't have yielded this turf to dems.
— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) July 29, 2016

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson:
For Republicans who are not social conservatives, I have to imagine last night and tonight at the DNC are having an impact on them.
— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) July 29, 2016

Conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace:
So most of conservative media and the GOP spent the week rooting for Russia, and now the Democrats get to rally around the flag.
— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) July 29, 2016

Conservative Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes:
Snark aside: GOP needs to understand what is happening to them tonight…
— Charlie Sykes (@SykesCharlie) July 29, 2016

Do you know how old I am? Old enough to remember when speeches like this would've been given at GOP convention… Not Dem one. Brutal.
— Charlie Sykes (@SykesCharlie) July 29, 2016

Rich Galen, press secretary for Dick Cheney:
How can it be that I am standing at my kitchen counter sobbing because of the messages being driven at the DNC? Where has the GOP gone?
— Rich Galen (@richgalen) July 29, 2016

Conservative ops veteran Matt Mackowiak
This Democratic convention has been an unmitigated disaster for the GOP. Very well produced. Unifying. Patriotic. Bravo.#DNCinPHL
— Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) July 29, 2016

Amanda Carpenter, former spokeswoman for Sen. Ted Cruz:
I am sure hearing a lot more about God and faith at the DNC than the RNC.
— Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) July 28, 2016

Conservative blogger AGConservative:
Still stunned. Feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Obama just defended America & conservative values from attacks by the Republican nominee.
— (((AG))) (@AG_Conservative) July 28, 2016

Commentary editor Noah Rothman:
Republicans could have stopped all this.
— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) July 29, 2016

Daily Caller Writer Jamie Weinstein:
Now an immigrant medal of honor winner? If the goal is to reach independents and conservatives uneasy w/ Trump, well done Democrats

— Jamie Weinstein (@Jamie_Weinstein) July 29, 2016


Bluebull said...

It was an inspiring and uplifting convention from start to finish. I'm very proud to be a Democrat.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Senior Editor at The Federalist, Conservative David Harsanyi:

"Considering her unethical and reckless behavior, it’s baffling that the rival party would draft someone less trustworthy. The DNC reminded us that they did.

The DNC also reminded us that conservatives didn’t only likely give away this election (there’ll be many more of those) but that they’ve already lost something with Trump.

The Democrats put on a pretty solid convention, with memorable moments from both big names and average citizens. There were cops, moms, soldiers, and business people praising traditional American institutions like they’re rock-ribbed Republicans. But think about this: At a convention where an old-school socialist was celebrated in nearly every speech, the hard-left ideas of the Progressive Movement were wrapped in Reaganesque rhetorical flourishes and sold as American idealism. Don’t get me wrong, these people can still fearmonger with the best of them on guns, global warming, etc. — but Trump’s austere worldview and pessimism gave Democrats ownership of ideas about exceptionalism, meritocracy, and national optimism.

This is because Democrats understand incrementalism and the long game in a way conservatives don’t seem to. They pass Obamacare. They wait out the storm. They contend that fixing Obamacare’s variety of problems can only be accomplished with more liberal policy. Move forward; push for more whenever the nation’s climate allows it. If not, they’ll be happy to appropriate whatever political vernacular allows them to retain their gains. Conservatives act like every stalemate is a bitter defeat and every small victory is useless. And here they are."

Well it's gratifying to read a conservative acknowledge how dismal and disastrous a candidate for the GOP presidency Trump is. But make no mistake, Harsanyi is a typical Con overstating Hillary's flaws. She's a politician, just like politicians who have come before her. She's been driving Conservatives crazy for 25 years, and they've been trying to make her into a Devil for that long as well. Well, she's made history as the first woman from a major political party to get the nomination for POTUS.

Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.