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Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Guy


The Houston Chronicle, which endorsed Mitt Romney in the last presidential election, endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Here's why:

“These are unsettling times that require a steady hand: That’s not Donald Trump.” ‘

Any one of Trump’s less-than-sterling qualities — his erratic temperament, his dodgy business practices, his racism, his Putin-like strongman inclinations and faux-populist demagoguery, his contempt for the rule of law, his ignorance — is enough to be disqualifying. His convention-speech comment, “I alone can fix it,” should make every American shudder. He is, we believe, a danger to the Republic.’

Who are the people who continue to support Trump for POTUS? I wonder, do they know anything about our Constitution? Do they care? Does it bother his supporters that Trump is so grossly unqualified to be president and that many, many Republicans, who love country above party, have denounced him? 

Why do his supporters defend the indefensible Trump?  


Great news:

Trump Reeling As Clinton Gets 10 Point Democratic Convention Bounce And 15 Point 

By Jason Easley on Sat, Jul 30th, 2016 at 11:40 am 

A new poll taken after the Democratic convention revealed that Hillary Clinton had erased any gains that Trump made after the Republican convention, with a 10 point convention bounce and a 15 point lead.

RABA Research found: Among likely voters, Clinton garners 46% support to Trump’s 31%. Libertarian Gary Johnson now captures 7% of the vote, while Jill Stein sits at 2%. 

 A RABA Research poll conducted the day after the Republican convention showed a tighter race, with Clinton at 39% and Trump at 34%. Johnson was at 8% in that survey, while Stein found 3% support. …. 

 When asked if the Democratic National Convention was a failure or success, 38% of respondents called the convention a success, while 23% dubbed it a failure. 38% of respondents said neither, or that they were not sure. 

The RABA poll showed Clinton opening up a 7 point lead with men (42%-35%), a 22 point lead with women (50%-28%). 

Clinton also had 14% of the Republican vote, and she led by double digits with all age groups. 

 The poll was a bipartisan poll that was not paid for by any candidate, party, or organization.


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

FYI BREAKING: After first day of intelligence briefings, Trump leaks classified secret.

“Trump accidentally revealed sensitive and classified information about the locations of secret military bases. Trump arrogantly spoke to an audience at a Colorado Springs rally today, when he said that the U.S. should not have to pay rent for its military base in Saudi Arabia. There’s just one problem with this. There isn’t supposed to be an American military base in Saudi Arabia … the location of that base was classified for a reason, and now that protection has been compromised” (

For years, the Russians have used cyber espionage and disinformation to shape public opinion in the West. To undermine the EU. To destabilize Europe. To alter the outcome of an American election.

Last weekend, I asked a long-time friend who has been a former CIA agent assigned to Russia, recently retired. Here is his opinion (shared with permission):

"Exactly what you alluded to is terrifying to me... cause it appears to be working. The Russians have disinformation honed to a science at all levels, troll-farms to work on joe six-pack as he reads FB and the very very sophisticated FSB/GRU types working things like leaking timely emails. Russia is not a country... it's a slavic-mafia disguised as a country. If Trump wins we're f…" [expletive deleted].

Postscript: I have started investigating this story (leveraging my contacts) and will be scare from the Internet for awhile.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I saw this earlier on the internet, but the story wasn't complete. Keep us posted, please.

Shaw Kenawe said...

John McCain’s Granddaughter: For This Republican, Never Trump Means ‘I’m With Her’

So who IS supporting Trump besides Russian thugs and the poorly educated?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, here's another thing that will make Trump even more reviled than he already is -- reviled, that is, by sane people. The insane will still support him.

Donald Trump Insults Vets By Claiming He Sacrifices As Much As Fallen Soldiers
By Jason Easley on Sat, Jul 30th, 2016 at 2:44 pm
Donald Trump has insulted veterans by comparing his business success to those who have sacrificed their lives in battle for their country.

That, and oh yeah. He managed to insult the Muslim parents of the soldier who died while Trump was making sacrifices by enriching himself off of small businesses he cheated out of what was contractually due them.

We couldn't make a more repulsive character up even if we tried.

But wait! Pence said you can't fake "nice kids." Trump had nothing to do with raising them, and I don't think killing beautiful wild animals is "nice."

President Obama raised nice kids as well, but you don't hear the crackpots on the right giving him props for it because they're moral cowards -- they love a thin-skinned fraud more than they love America. Their shame will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Bluebull said...

Just when I think I can't loathe Drumpf any more than I already do, he opens his mouth and proves me wrong. As a veteran myself, I find his comments to be not only disgusting but some of the most anti-American crap I've ever heard. Clearly, he never served a day in his life and only cares about himself.

Rational Nation USA said...

Integrity is supporting and living principles you advocate. It appears some on the right do not understand this.

Conservatism, unless it reforms will lay in the ash bin of history.

ORIGINAL Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Mr. Bluebull, there's a major asshole on the majorly assholery blog Whose You daddy copying and pasteing your comment above like it was hers only changing some words to make it sound like it's a conservative point of view.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebull said...
"Just when I think I can't loathe Drumpf any more than I already do, he opens his mouth and proves me wrong.."

Well you'd think the latest from Trump -- insulting the family of the fallen soldier -- would open the rabid radical right's eyes, but I think they're immune to everything anti-American and pro-Russian that he does. We repeat this every day: The Rabid Radical Right loves a political party more than they love American -- and now we add a military hero.

RN, maybe after the current GOP crashes and burns a new one will emerge? Led by sane, rational people.


That's been happening for years now. Lisa's ideological idiot fanboys can't write anything original, so they steal other people's comments and IDs. It's what mentally challenged people have to do. There isn't one of them, save for the dissenters who post there, who can articulate a cogent thought. The average IQ of her witless pals is about equal to that of a can of lima beans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

More lies from the thin-skinned fraud. Watch him try to weasel out of debating Hillary:

Donald Trump is complaining that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party and conspiring against him by holding two of the presidential debates on the same night as NFL games. Trump complained about the issue during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, of ABC news, and even said he got a letter from the NFL commissioner saying the scheduling was “ridiculous.”

There is only one problem with Trump’s story. It’s a lie and an easily disproven one at that. CNN correspondent Brian Stelter reached out the the League and was told that they didn’t send Trump any letter. They did says that they wished the debates were on different nights, but firmly denied any contact with the Trump campaign.

Trump calls Hillary "Lying Crooked Hillary?"

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above is from Bipartisan Report.

Ducky's here said...

Well you'd think the latest from Trump -- insulting the family of the fallen soldier -- would open the rabid radical right's eyes ...
The question in this election is just how large the rabid right is because nothing is going to open their eyes.
The Democratic convention was a success and focused on a positive vision.
Putin's cabana boy is playing to every fear he can imagine.

It should be a clear win but again, do we know how large the rabid right is?
Right wing media has been cultivating it effectively for some time.

I'm also worried that the party is not well organized to take advantage of opportunities in state races.
It's a mixed bag.

Rational Nation USA said...

Gary Johnson is getting close to the magical number that would qualify him to appear on the national stage in presidential debates. A VERY excellent development.

What would be interesting is if Trump decided debates are necessary and announces he will not debate HRC. Given Trump's view he is never treated fairly it is a possibility methinks.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "Well you'd think the latest from Trump -- insulting the family of the fallen soldier -- would open the rabid radical right's eyes ..."

Or how about their eyes popping out of their heads when Trump says on national teevee talking about Putin and the Ukraine: “He’s not going into Ukraine, okay, just so you understand,” Trump responded. “He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.”

Stephanopoulos then pointed out that Putin is “already there” and noted Trump had said he’d consider recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea if he were elected president.

Ducky, nothing will dissuade those people, (and you know which people I'm talking about -- the ones who place a critically stupid thin-skinned fraud above country) -- nothing he's done will make them see him for what he is: "a morally untethered, spiritually vacuous man who appears haunted by multiple personality disorders." -- David Brooks

I have nothing but contempt for the whole lot of them. They will carry the shame of their willful support for the repulsive cankerworm who now heads their dying party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, that is good news for Johnson. He and Hillary may be the only ones debating.

Trump's people know that he can't go up against Hillary in a debate because he knows nothing about anything except casinos, golf courses,and beauty pageants. Trump proved again today how horribly ignorant he is on foreign issues when he stupidly claimed that Putin wasn't going "in there," -- meaning the Ukrainewhere he already is "there." Lots of people including me believe Trump's people will make him chicken out because he's so pitifully uninformed, but I believe Trump's ego allows him to believe he knows everything he needs to know about any issue. If he weasels out of the debates, he'll be known as a yellow chicken, afraid of Hillary Clinton! And he should be.