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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump Campaign Scrubs Logo One Day After Launching It


The Trump campaign couldn't get something as easy as a logo right. 

After launching the Trump/Pence design, which invited oceans of ridicule over it, the campaign scrubbed it, and they're probably working on another disaster even as I write this.

What a mess. 

Is there no coordination or even thoughtful review of what comes out of the Trump campaign? Didn't someone with political savvy see what a train wreck of a logo it was before they sent it out for the country to see and mock?

From Raw Story:

"After a day of ridicule for a poorly designed Trump/Pence campaign logo that launched a thousand memes, the Trump campaign disappeared the design from their official website overnight.

 Following the Twitter announcement of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as businessman Donald Trump’s choice of a running mate should he still be given the GOP presidential nomination, the logo was unveiled online and immediately became the object of derision.

With some commenters noting the T&P styling and comparing it to dangling toilet paper coming off a roll, others pointed out the penetration of the Trump ‘T’ into the Pence ‘P’ had a disturbing sexual connotation that became the subject of much mirth."


 The reviews are in on Trump's announcement of Pence as his Veep, and they're awful. 

Jason Easley of PoliticusUSA: 

The reviews are in on Donald Trump’s announcement of Mike Pence as his VP, and they vary from calling Trump’s performance insane to pointing out that the Republican nominee demonstrated why he is not fit to be president.

Ezra Klein at Vox pulled no punches:

"Donald Trump’s introduction of Mike Pence was shocking. Forget the political mainstream. What happened today sat outside the mainstream for normal human behavior….What started as farce continued as farce. Trump emerged without Pence. He spoke, alone, at a podium adorned with Trump’s name, but not Pence’s. And then Trump proceeded to talk about himself for 28 minutes. There is no other way to say this than to say it: it was the single most bizarre, impulsive, narcissistic performance I have ever seen from a major politician."

Katy Tur of MSNBC:

"...Trump spent a good portion of the time talking about, frankly, himself, relitigating the primaries, talking about all the deals he’s made…..also want to say that Donald Trump spent 29 minutes before he — talking about himself mostly — before he went to Governor Pence. If you’re going to compare this to past VP introductions, Mitt Romney spent 8 minutes and 30 seconds before getting to Paul Ryan."


Shaw Kenawe said...

From PoliticusUSA:

"One response to...[a]tweet was not to be put off: “Trump Pence. Put another way TP, WHICH WE KNOW IS TOILET PAPER. In other words, a couple of a** wipes. Fitting.”

So yeah, Trump stepped in “it” again. Obama’s logo it is not, and Trump even managed to out-do Jeb Bush, taking the opposite tack of Jeb’s attempt to draw attention away from what he is. Rather, Trump seems to be embracing it.

It is hardly a surprise that after being unveiled Friday, the new logo was replaced Saturday minus the violation of Pence’s “P.”

Trump has never seemed to take his campaign seriously, and the unintentional comedy of his logo rollout certainly hasn’t helped change that perception."

Rational Nation USA said...

According to some on the reich, er right, it went perfectly and Trump was presidential.

Anonymous said...

The censorship of inconvenient comments is why I stopped coming here. Thought I'd give it one more try. Oh well.

Dave Miller said...

And many of the people who have chided Pres Obama for years about being a narcissist are happily going to vote for Donald "I spent 30 minutes talking about myself before introducing my VP pick" Trump.

You can't make up the pretzel logic these folks are twisting themselves into so they can support a non family values, non conservative, uninformed bigot, blowhard and extreme narcissist.

Pretty incredible. they've sold the soul of the GOP...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, as we know, not all conservatives have sold their souls to rationalize their support for Trump. Look at the list on the post below to see who they are. Perhaps it will be those morally courageous Republicans who will rebuild the GOP after Trump destroys it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, those folks who think Trump is "presidential" have proved themselves to be without any moral compass. IMO, they are the same sort of blind dupes who thought the little man with the mustache was going to make Germany great again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @8:44. If your comment wasn't published, it was because it was probably insulting, name-calling, or trollish. and not a thoughtful argument. I'm under no obligation to publish a comment that insults me or others in this forum

Flying Junior said...

Nobody in their right mind ever associated President Obama with narcissism, right? That label didn't fit GWB either.

When he got elected in 2008, I used to call him President Moses, because he would lead his people out of darkness. Remember the song, Electric Avenue? Here was my little song of victory:

Don't you know we're going to rock on down, Barack Hussein Obama? Then we'll take you higher. (repeat)

You wanted Hillary Clinton, I share your love for her!

Don't you know we're going to rock on down, Barack Hussein Obama? Then we'll take you higher. (repeat)

Narcissistic? I expected more from you.

Yes, we do hope that the element that rejected Trump will be able to pull together the fragments of the republican party such as exist. Why not? It's worth a try.

I, for one, will dearly miss president Obama. He has been so wonderful to us. He has been so valuable to me. Stevie Wonder in the White House? God bless America. Sadly, he has been called to be either the Comforter-in-Chief or perhaps, Pastor Obama. At least he forestalled the eventual destruction of the world.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I'm not convinced that the BB-Idaho comments are really here because he submitted them. His name is not linked with his avatar, so until I hear from him with the avatar, I'm placing the the comments in the "Spam" folder because it's likely a troll from the Stink Rink posted those comments without BB-Idaho's permission.

Flying Junior said...

Sorry to go off on you Dave. I know that you were not stating such a point of view. It's just that I tend to dismiss people with a certain level of Obama Derangement Syndrome as somehow intellectually hopeless. You had a right to make your point. What I should have said was that I do not find it surprising, ironic or inconsistent that such a person would support Trump.

Where I live, almost no one will mention his name in polite society. People in my closer circles simply shake their heads or shudder or express their depth of disgust. Even children. It can be a little bit dicey to discuss politics at all with a typical male chauvinist conservative. It seems that these guys, while frightened to confess to voting for Trump, would much rather be bitten by a powerful dog than ever see another Clinton in the White House.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The NYTimes on Trump's announcement of Pence for his veep choice:

If ever there was a moment for Donald J. Trump to share the spotlight, his formal announcement of his running mate on Saturday was it.

Instead, his introduction of Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana was a remarkable reminder that ultimately, the Trump campaign is about one person.

He called Mr. Pence his “partner,” but before the governor took the stage, Mr. Trump stood there alone and talked for 28 minutes, delivering a long and improvised riff that emulated his rallies instead of a traditional vice-presidential debut.

Looking away from his notes, he talked about Hillary Clinton, terrorism, his primary victories, his crushing of a “Stop Trump” movement. Donald Trump, Mr. Trump said, understands infrastructure and how to build a border wall. He even got in a plug for his new hotel in Washington.

After roughly 20 minutes, Mr. Trump reached for his notes. “Back to Mike Pence!” he declared, turning to Mr. Pence’s record of job creation in Indiana. Then he used the reference to the Hoosier State to remind the 150 people in attendance that he had trounced Mr. Pence’s endorsed candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, in the primary there."

Narcissism personified. He reeks it, he lives it, he is it.

Bluebull said...

Drumpf can't go 2 minutes without boasting and bragging about himself. It's a sickness with that nasty old man.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Cleveland, The Weekly Standard:

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was reportedly enraged he didn't earn the VP spot, according to a top Trump campaign official.

While minding my own business at the Starbucks inside the Westin hotel this morning, I saw a man engage Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in conversation about the VP selection process. The man, whom I couldn't identify, suggested that Pence was a smart pick and Gingrich would've been a disaster.

"Christie was livid, right?" the man said at one point. "Yeah," Manafort replied.

Christie has made no secret that he was disappointed he wasn't chosen to be Donald Trump's running mate. "[I] don't like coming in second. Ever," Christie said Thursday. But the conversation overheard by THE WEEKLY STANDARD Sunday suggests Christie's feelings were far more intense than mere disappointment.

*snort, snort*