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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary: No Indictment

So, according to the FBI, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted on any charges related to the email controversy.

The usual whiners on the right are claiming "the fix was in." And the"nasty, loud, thin-skinned fraud," Trump, had another one of his toddler meltdowns over the decision, showing the country and the world how unfit for the presidency he is.

I wasn't surprised with the decision. William Weld, former Republican governor of Massachusetts and U.S. Attorney under George H.W. Bush, and present Libertarian Gary Johnson's running mate, predicted there would be no indictment coming because he saw nothing criminal in the charges. According to Weld, there has to be criminal intent, and there wasn't in Hillary's case. Bad judgement, yes.  Sloppiness, yes. But no criminal intent. 

If we were to indict and jail every politician for bad judgement and sloppiness, we'd have  a former president (George W. Bush) and vice president (Dick Cheney) serving time -- in addition to many other Republicans and Democrats who've made mistakes that have cost this country in lives and treasure.

The professional Hillary Haters, who have been looking for ways to send her to prison for years, were devastated by the FBI's finding and went on their blogs and news sites second guessing the decision, claiming justice was not served.

All of which reminds one of how the Democrats felt during L'Affair Plame.  The Democrats went berserk over what they considered a huge miscarriage of justice. The Republicans?  Not so much. It wasn't their ox being gored.

Will this hurt Hillary come this fall? I don't think so. Voters who can accept a scoundrel like Donald J. Trump, who has the worst record of any candidate for lying to the public, can accept the fact that his rival for the presidency was strongly reprimanded by the FBI for her poor judgement and carelessness.

That's the way it is in this election cycle, 2016.

PM Carpenter pretty much agrees with P.E.

Meanwhile, the Bloviating Baboon tells America what a great terrorist killer Saddam Hussein was, completely oblivious to the fact that Saddam was a sponsor of state terrorism. He actually paid the families of terrorists when their children blew themselves up in the service of terrorism. But the Idiot Trump doesn't care about facts, he plays to the ignorance of his supporters, and they reward him with cheers -- a veritable Stupid Fest.  


ORIGINAL Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Well the "professional Hillary Haters" are asking God to punish Hillary. And they believe the FBI director was "coerced" into not indicting her, and so that makes the United States a "Banana Republic." They've lost what minds they had over this. I guess they need to be mindless to vote for Trump. Now they are.

Dave Miller said...

We will all take what we wish from this. I would like to hear HRC explain the discrepancies between her statements and what the FBI put out regarding her past statements.

I believe she needs to stand before the American people in a wide open press conference and answer every question as they come to her.

If she wants any shot at my vote, and I doubt I'm alone in the left, she needs to stop hiding from the press, enter the real arena, and show us her mettle.

The character and sound judgement she has used to justify her campaign has been seriously impugned.

Will she respond? I doubt it...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Hillary HAS to do a lot of answering to questions. A lot. How can she run on the FBI finding poor judgement and carelessness? But as I observed in my post, has any administration been free of carelessness and poor judgement? There is an awful lot of Hillary Hatred bound up in this. What I'm trying to do is separate that from the real issue of judgement.

She knew she was going to run for president again. Why did she do what she did? That's my question.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Some people believe that Petraeus should be pardoned by POTUS because he did the same thing as Hillalry. Wrong. They forget Petraeus pled guilty of KNOWINGLY sharing classified information with his mistress.

Unlike Petraeus, Clinton did not "knowingly" store or share classified information in violation of the law.

Clinton was ‘extremely careless.’ That is not a crime, but she must do better in the future.

Dave Miller said...

This is huge. How she handles it will set the tone. If she stonewalls, she'll lose the Sanders crowd and the election if the GOP wises up and dumps Trump.

If they draft Condeleeza, the Dems lose hands down. At least IMO...

Rational Nation USA said...

I believe she needs to stand before the American people in a wide open press conference and answer every question as they come to her.

If she wants any shot at my vote, and I doubt I'm alone in the left, she needs to stop hiding from the press, enter the real arena, and show us her mettle.

The character and sound judgement she has used to justify her campaign has been seriously impugned.

Will she respond? I doubt it...

You hit the nail squarely on its head Dave.

I have always had serious reservation with respect to HRC's integrity and trustworthiness. The FBI report cast her integrity and trustworthiness into even deeper question.

Because HRC's opponent (Trump) is so seriously flawed I was seriously close to deciding my vote was going to her. No longer is this a near certainty. While I may have been born at night it sure as hell wasn't last night.

HRC is, in my opinion playing the American peoples for fools and this is likely because she believes we're either gullible or stupid. Simply put, I no longer have a grain of trust in her ability to make logical, intelligent decisions that are in the best interests of the American people. More later at RN USA.

Anonymous said...

Butthurt is really strong on the right today. They wanted Hillary's head on a pike and didn't get it, so the entire US government is corrupt. WATBs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Condolezza Rice has emphatically said she is NOT interested in public office.

But, hypothetically, if she did run, she'd be asked the same question the right has asked Hillary about her qualifications to be president: What did she accomplish as Secretary of State? She was GWB's National Security Advisor when the U.S. suffered the worst attack on its soil. No one, BTW, questioned HER judgement nor her competence after that disaster.

No one instigated an inquest after the GWB administration destroyed thousands of emails, nor did anyone ask to investigate Colin Powell AND Condy Rice about the personal email servers they used.

Hillary Clinton used poor judgement and was careless, but an awful lot of this piling on is attributable to Clinton Hate Syndrome and the desire to see her crushed. I'm not particularly enthralled with her, but I'm curious as to why the right is so hysterical over her and her failings while at the same time willing to accept Trump who is a known liar and utterly unfit to be president.

They detest Hillary because she's not trustworthy; they like Trump but he's untrustworthy.

Go figure.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: General Petraeus and his leaking of classified information to his mistress:

"He retired from the Army in 2011 to take a job as director of the CIA, only to resign in disgrace a year later when it was revealed that he had leaked classified information to his biographer and one-time lover Paula Broadwell and then lied about it to the FBI. Thanks to a deal with federal prosecutors, Petraeus pled guilty to just a single misdemeanor and served no jail time, allowing him, as The New York Times reported last year, “to focus on his lucrative post-government career as a partner in a private equity firm and a worldwide speaker on national security issues.”

He LIED to the FBI. But the wingers are willing to pretend this is the same thing Hillary did. They're crazed with Hillary Hatred and unable to see how ridiculous they are in doing that.

Ducky's here said...

@Dave Miller - This is huge. How she handles it will set the tone. If she stonewalls, she'll lose the Sanders crowd and the election if the GOP wises up and dumps Trump.

The Bernie bots are already livid. There has already been a lot of resentment over the super delegates and how the primary was handled. Gonna be tough to bottle that.

Myself, being in Massachusetts I can vote for Jill Stein without much affect (other than throwing some support to the Greens). But you're in Nevada aren't you Dave? The loss of Sanders supporters there could be a real game changer.

Those words, "President Trump" are always there regardless of how faint and regardless of how flawed she is (and she's no prize).

Jerry Critter said...

You know what? It is not a big issue with most of the voters. Hell, they think a server brings them dinner in a restaurant. BFD

Rational Nation USA said...

You just might be surprised Jerry. This is no small or laughing matter.

Not if one is a Real American. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Trump has no political record of decision making.

Dave Miller said...

Ducky.. yep. Nevada... a very purple state, in spite of the GOP holding every statewide office.

Funny thing... our Gov is really no fan of Trump, is pro-choice and raised taxes and gave the whole bundle to education. The GOP hates the guy, except when they don't. Because he is wildly popular, even with those positions, Joe Heck, a GOP congressman, is running commercials with his picture alongside Sandoval.

It's a little surreal here.

Flying Junior said...

I can't even take you guys seriously.

In the first place, the FBI is crawling with right-wing ideologues who would love nothing better than to derail the Hillary Clinton presidency. We're not talking Elliot Ness.

I can't believe what I am reading. Looking forward to further rants at Rational Nation U.S.A. Hillary doesn't need to court the votes of people who don't support her. You will be swept aside in the tidal wave of Americans who support her whole-heartedly. Vote for Jill Stein? Well, at least that makes a little bit of sense. It is certainly a very nice thing to see a good person like Jill gain some national support.

Condoleeza? Don't tell Rheince Priebus and Mitt Romney! They just might make it happen. That's the goofiest thing that I have ever heard.

I take it you were all waiting with bated breath for a nice juicy indictment such as criminal stewardship of government secrets or something of that nature. Obstruction of justice, maybe? Fun is fun. But there comes a time when you simply wise up and give up the chase.

Dave Miller said...

Seriously FJ? While I'm no Hillary fan, I'd agree with any sane adult that HRC has been the target of a number of suspect investigations.

I'd love to see a lib in the WH, but I don't think she is that person. She changes positions almost as much as Trump. Has she done some good stuff? Yes, but will she bring home the bacon that libs want? Doubtful.

Comey has shown himself to be no amigo to the right. He's a fair and reasoned guy, and he saw evidence of at least a pattern of differing answers to the classified info questions after she left office.

I want to know why and hear how she addresses that and many other remaining Q's.

As for Rice... I doubt the GOP would do it, and yes, as Shaw said she has issues, but she would galvanize the GOP base and unite that party. She'd be a formidable candidate against any Dem, let alone one with unfavorable ratings almost as bad as the Donald's.

Rational Nation USA said...

I take it you were all waiting with bated breath for a nice juicy indictment such as criminal stewardship of government secrets or something of that nature.

No Flying Junior, speaking for myself you're dead wrong. My hope was that the FBI would find zero evidence of squat, end of story. However such is not the case. Sorry you think I'm a jackass partisan like so many on the right. If complete allegiance to a seriously flawed democratic candidate is what it takes to be considered rational by the left then I'm certainly going to remain a proud defiant independent.

Trump is totally unfit for the presidency, a man that should not get near thee Oval office. HRC is a seriously flawed candidate but even given that she does have greater qualifications and is likely less dangerous than in many ways than Trump, in short, the Lesser Of Two Evils.

Frankly I have not made up my mind yet, but there is a great likelihood it will be for a third party candidate.

BTW, my post yesterday was MOT a rant Flying Junior and you won't find another one today. I reported the facts followed by my interpretation of those facts. It is what it is my friend.

Flying Junior said...

Always great to talk to you guys. No, your post was not a rant. I actually went over and looked at it after I read this post. The report doesn't exactly make my hair stand on end. Surely not every email concerning classified information would need to be kept classified even today seven years after the fact. Maybe the FBI can tell us what harm has been done? What email was read by what party that did exactly what harm to whom in our government or citizenry? There is nothing really there. Contrast that with the Bush administration deliberately outing an undercover CIA operative who was travelling to sensitive countries.

As far as her truthfulness concerning emails... Can anyone even attempt to recall every email they sent three to seven years ago? It's a preposterous argument. It's just a big mountain of nothing.

The Progressive American said...

Shaw didn't the wankers on the right say Obama should pardon Petraus because he leaked information like Hillary did in her emails? Anyway, whoever the dumbasses who said that, they should listen to the head of the FBI to understand their dumbassery:

FBI Director: Petraeus Leaks Were Much Worse Than Clinton Email Mess

The former CIA head intentionally sharing classified intel and lying about it is “the perfect illustration” of a case worth prosecuting, James Comey said.

Petraus sharred clssified information with his lover and then lied about it. Hillary didn't come close to that treachery. But it didn't hurt Petraeus at all did it. He's still considred a hero in crazy rightwing circles. Most of this email crazed right wing hollering is because it's about Hillary. Petraus did way worse. But where are the wingnuts calling for him to be thrown in jail?

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is what Comey said about the investigation... "In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here." ..

This is why the TeaPublicans and some Democrats won't accept. Hillary was careless, but not criminal. Period.

What Petraeus did was criminal. Period.

D.K.J. said...

"Republicans and conservative media have been running around screaming at the top of their lungs that other people were prosecuted in similar cases, but Clinton wasn’t. However, as the FBI Director testified that isn’t true. The Petraeus case was nothing like the Clinton case. David Petraeus was caught on tape admitting to his mistress that he knew he was leaking classified information. There is not evidence or precedent for a person in Hillary Clinton’s situation facing criminal charges.

Director Comey went on to say that he thought that the hearing was good for transparency and democracy, but throughout his testimony, Comey has largely backed up what Hillary Clinton has been saying about her use of private email."