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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tonight's Republican National Dumpster Fire's Theme is "Make America One Again."


The horse's ass who for the past 17 months has done everything his demented mind could imagine to divide this country is now pivoting to the "National Healer Hero" mode, because no one will notice that he's alienated every demographic group in America so that the only people he's one with are angry old white men.

Donald J. Trump, who will be the Republican Party's nominee tonight, has insulted and divided the following people over the past 17 months:

Native Americans
American POWs
The disabled

(I made up those last three.)

Tonight, he's going to tell the country that he was just kidding when he denigrated and slandered all those people who aren't as rich and famous as he is and that he really didn't mean it when he said stuff like Mexicans are rapists and killers. And that, he thinks, will turn him into the Great Uniter.

Only it won't.

Everything he's said about Americans up to this point is what he believes and it is a window into his very disturbed, very chaotic mind.

And here's more evidence that illustrates how completely unfit Donald J. Trump is for the presidency. He knows nothing about anything, except how to put his gaudy initials on tall buildings.

Good luck, Donnie, and thanks for all the fish.


Bluebull said...

I can't wait to vote against Drumpf this November. I'm expecting/hoping/working to make sure he loses in a huge landslide. We can't take anything for granted, however, and we MUST make sure we get everyone out to vote. This isn't the time for apathy. We saw what that brought us in 12 and 14 when the wingnuts, with the help of gerrymandering and apathetic Democrats, cemented their death grip on Congress (which now has a 7% approval rating!! Thanks Republiclowns!!)
Can't wait to hear "Madame President" come November!

Rational Nation USA said...

Watching Trump's speech last night held no surprises. It was exactly as expected. Bash Obama and Clinton and paint a dark picture of American decline under the current administration with a continuation should Clinton become president.

Trump hit all his hot button issues, the ones he has been on like a rabid dog since last June, but, not surprisingly he failed to give any specifics as to how he was going to fix any of the problems. I guess we are expected to just trust him because he says "trust me".

I really look forward to the facy checking report on last night's speech by Drumpf.

Bluebull said...

Specifics would mean he's actually got a fricking clue what he's talking about and, clearly, he doesn't. Nor do his followers, apparently.