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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Notorious RBG!

BTW. We here at P.E. love and admire Notorious RBG!

As a patriotic American, she is correct to speak out against a man who is entirely unfit to hold the office of the POTUS.  Historians have acknowledged this, dozens of leaders in the Tech industry acknowledge.  Our allies across the globe say Trump would be a disaster.  Hell, even illustrious Republicans from the Republican Party acknowledge the fact that Trump is a walking, talking jackass.

To remain silent in the face of a clear and present danger to the United States of America is to fail your country at its most desperate moment.

Brava Ruth Bader Ginsburg! 

Long may you run!

Glamour's Women of the year... The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many thanks to her for paving the way for women today.:


Bluebull said...

I've been saying the exact same thing, since RBG told the truth about Drumpf. Do those freaks not even bother to try covering up their obvious hypocrisy, anymore? After all the disgusting things Alito, Scalia, Thomas and Roberts have said about President Obama over the years, they have a helluva lot of nerve being upset about Ginsberg speaking her mind! Of course, without hypocrisy, the right would have nothing, so I guess i shouldn't be too shocked by anything those mutts come out with.

Disgusted Republican said...


A quick look around the far right extremist crazies of the GOP, they're the ones who actually believe Drumpf would be a swell president, shows that even they are about as happy as being hit in the face with a bag of hot nickles.

Especially satisfying is reading this:

"We’re stuck with Trump…at least if the delegates don’t have their way (one GOP delegate leading the fight for delegates to dump Trump had an interview on MSNBC today…he says the new rule that they can’t defect “doesn’t reflect the Republican party”

Hahahaha! They're still hoping for delegate defections to rid them of the ugly orange butt-faced

But what's worse is that the Fringe of the Crazy Crazies -- the ones who are so far right they're in Russia said this, in praise of Putin the former Commie KGB leader who is an authoritarian strongman who deals with his opponents by killing them. That's who these crazies admire:

"I like Russia’s Putin’s stance that in Russia, immigrants must learn the language and accept Russian laws. He chided Europe, American and the entire West. There is no room for Sharia Law, only Russia’s laws, customs, and language. All others must leave. He got a 5 minute standing ovation from their lawmakers. I only hope our next President will do the same. Trump, anyone?"

Laura Knows Best said...

I am not blaming or defending Ruth Bader Ginsburg in anyway, but it is so sad for our country that we have members of the Supreme Court falling asleep on court. She has served long enough and needs to be forced to resign, and sent out to pasture.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I wonder if LKB would have suggested Justice Scalia resign because he was too old. In fact, he was just 3 years younger than Justice Bader, and he'd still be serving if he hadn't died of a heart attack.

Justice Bader has all her faculties and is still able to do her job.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Politico

"If what RBG did is a disgrace to the court, she’s in illustrious company. Supreme Court justices have been messing in politics, including campaign politics, since the ink was still wet on the Constitution. In 1800, just a decade after the court was founded, so many of its justices were out campaigning for John Adams that the opening of the court term had to be delayed. Two-hundred and some years later, it’s more taboo than it once was for a justice to openly endorse a particular candidate—but that hasn’t really stopped the country’s top legal officials from taking sides: As recently as election night, 2000, when NBC declared for Democratic candidate Al Gore, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor told the guests at an election party that the Democrat’s election victory was “terrible.” (Of course, her criticism was a little premature, as we now know.) She then went on to participate in making sure nothing so terrible would happen, casting the crucial fifth vote in Bush v. Gore without blinking an eye. O’Connor had a long history of rooting for the Bushes in presidential elections. In 1988, she wrote to longtime political ally Senator Barry Goldwater, in a letter now in his public archives, that she “would be thankful if George B wins. It is vital for the Court and the nation that he does.”

Laura Knows Best said...

He may have been old, but he wasn't s sicko'

Shaw Kenawe said...

Laura Knows Best said:
"He may have been old, but he wasn't s sicko"

This is why few people respect the fringe righties: They often don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Justice Scalia was obese, suffered from diabetes and heart disease, and he was a heavy smoker. The very definition of a sick person.

Come back "Laura" the sock puppet and denizen of the Stink Rink when you know what you're talking about, which is probably never.

Ducky's here said...

Laura probably considers Justice Ginsberg an "activist judge" (i.e. Laura doesn't like her decisions) but in fact she is extremely cautious in upholding stare decisis unlike say Justice Thomas who will discard precedent in a heartbeat if he isn't nodding out during arguments.

We would be well served by more like Justice Ginsberg.