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Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Photo Identity Theft on the Blog "My Voice/The Voice of Hope?" WE REPORT; YOU DECIDE

It appears a certain blogger's been quite busy this summer. 

First check out this blog that was once titled "The Skeptic," but now has no title, except the URL still carries the original address "theskepdickone."  On the blogger's profile page, we see listed under "My Blogs" a blog called "My Voice."

His profile reveals still another blog title, "The Voice of Hope:" 

"About Me

I live in the great state of New York. I'm honest, a part time musician, artistic, and I try to be funny when ever I can."

Here's the title from the August 18, 2010  post on "My Voice/The Voice of Hope:"

"Nancy Pelosi want to investigate the people that oppose the Masque"

Now return to the profile page and take a good look at the photo.  [Also, note the end of the URL address where it says "...greg.jpg."]

Kind of looks like...WOW!  It is EXACTLY this one:

And the man in that photo has several blogs, among which is this one

The blog I've linked to has an updated photo, but one can see that it is the same man whose photo was placed on the "My Voice/The Voice of Hope" blog--just a more recent one.

One other glaring inconsistency:   the blogger who set up "My Voice/The Voice of Hope," states he lives in New York [and he's HONEST!]

But the man who belongs to the photo, Greg Stein, says on his blog that he lives in Virginia!

You'll also note that Mr. Stein does not mention politics or conservatism or anything else listed on the "My Voice/The Voice of Hope" blog.  You know, the one run by the guy who's HONEST.

Also, the posts from December of 2009 through January, February, March of 2010 were mostly plagiarized from other news sources and no attribution given.

So this HONEST blogger stole a man's photo, placed it on his blog and used other people's articles to fill it.

I've contacted Mr. Stein to let him know about his identity theft

I'll keep you informed.

BTW:  "Just Sue" and "the malcontent" have been strangely quiet since last Thursday.


Dave Miller said...

What is amazing is that "The Skeptic" is a follower of "The Malcontent."

I never would have imagined that...

How does this keep happening...

Must be a series of coincidences...

Keep 'em coming Shaw, you can't make this stuff up...

Sue said...

Shaw it's out of control, but I hope you don't go nuts exposing the lying wackos, it could become a fulltime job! LOL! I'll check out the links...

Maybe we all should start flooding these blogs with comments that we are on to them..none stop comments. Do we have the spare time or energy?? I'll give it a go!

Shaw Kenawe said...

What is depressing is reading the comments left on the fraud's blogs.

Couldn't they detect something fishy about them. And believe me there are lots more. I've been working on this off and on for a while.

Right is Right blog for example uses a photo of an actress,Renee O'Connor, for its photo.

Many other steal photos of semi-famous stars or teevee personalities.

But to take a private person's photo, even if it is online, and pretend to be that person is just plain devious AND cowardly.

Sue said...

It's amazing, and there are some righties who come across as kinda smart but they are taken in and refuse to believe these morons are fakes! I think when people like silverfiddle puts himself on lisas and Mals blogs as a follower it makes him look like a wacko too! And I think SF is one of the smarter ones. Well at least he is always civil to me..

TAO said...

Nickie Goomba anyone?

They always are the first one to follow a "new conservative" blogger...

I am so devastated to find out that Heil Helga or the chick at Right is Right is not real...

I mean the amount of time Truth101 and I have tried to hit on her.....and to think it might have been The Malcontent we were hitting on...

Whew...thats ugly!

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

There always was an air of mystery in the tense relationship I had with Heil Helga. I wondered if she really was a woman and she/he/it/ hermaphrodite? always wondered if I really could give her the TRUTH all night long.

Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah...

Sue said...

I was thinking the exact same thing about Nickie Goomba today! The name is on top of all the cons followers lists! I have another one for ya, I'll be back after I find it again...

Yes TAO and Truth, sadly you were hitting on Mal, but he LOVED IT!

Sue said...

her blog is called Open Mouth Insert Foot, shes from NY and her words sound just like Mal! She hasn't posted since 4th of July and her picture looks suspicious....

Shaw Kenawe said...


Thanks for the link.

Here's the blog.

I checked out the photo and found THIS!

I think I'll send the real Barbara an email and tell her someone stole her photo ID and is blogging under it.

This is disgusting.

We need to get the decent rightwing bloggers out there to join us to stop this deceitful fraud.

Shaw Kenawe said...

That second link was broken.

Here it is.

Dave Miller said...

Why is this stuff surprising? are any of these people real?

I am waiting to hear something from Mal, Right, Sue, or even Open Mouth.

I'd even settle for hearing from some of their other followers like Beth, Z, Soapster, or Patrick.

The silence seems convicting, but it is always better to wait for an official explanation.

Barring that, I guess we have to assume the worst, the evidence does not look good.

Sue said...

Good work Shaw. These fake blogs seem to all come from NYC. Mal and his buddies have way too much time on their hands. I wonder what they do for a living?

I have an idea, I believe Mal has started lisas blog too, I'm gonna try and get her to admit it...

Shaw Kenawe said...


There is value to having dialog with those who have a different point of view. Pamela can do this. She sticks to her convictions without degrading those who disagree with her. There are a few others.

You are able to comment on conservative and liberal blogs and do it with decency.

As I stated at Sue's place. This is not about shutting down anyone's blog. This is about stopping those bloggers who steal people's photos and make up identies using those photos.

So far, I've found 3 "Just Sue," "My Voice/The Voice of Hope,
and on a clue from Sue, we discovered "Open Mouth, Insert Foot." All of those blogs have taken someone's photo from the net and blogged under an assumed name and identity.

And I have found more.

This discredits much of what we've seen on those virulent rightwing blogs.

Why do they do such things?

Can they not argue their points on the merits? Must they cheat and deceive to make their case?


I actually think Lisa is her own voice. She doesn't sound like malcontent.

There's another blog I'm investigating: "The Mad Jewess."

It appears that blog is another one of mal's and he's stolen another woman's photo for it.

It is very strange that neither "Just Sue" nor "the malcontent" blogged on Sept. 11th.

It's been strangely quiet on both those blogs--blogs that have been posting daily.

dmarks said...

Remember, if they post something that looks suspiciously like boilerplate rant, just Google part of a sentence and you will find the rant to be spam on dozens of other blogs, word for word.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Sue - " I think when people like silverfiddle puts himself on lisas and Mals blogs as a follower it makes him look like a wacko too! And I think SF is one of the smarter ones."

Sue, here is an FYI about FiddleStyx. We at the Zone had a bad encounter in the March/April timeframe. He came to the Zone, tried to ingratiate himself to us and then proceeded to hijack an entire post with all 43 comments and hold these up as objects of ridicule. When one of the Swash Zone writers sent him a private email, Fiddlestyx violated the confidentiality of email by publishing it on his blog. IOW, mass plagiarism followed by a toxic breach of email privacy and confidentiality.

There are bloggers who engage in honest conduct, and there are bloggers who regard partisanship as an act of warfare. I am not wasting time on right wing bloggers anymore. I don't know who is trustworthy and who is not, and I am not wasting any more of my time trying to find out.

Shaw, please accept my congratulations for doing an amazing job in exposing these scams.
Criminal behavior ... there is no other description for it, and the entire blogging community needs to know.

The J Mopper said...

This one looks like a fake too:

...and not surprisingly follows other fakers, i.e. "Lisa"

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if those who were at the Beck rally brought along a blowup dolls in an attempt to boost the attendance figures.

Shaw Kenawe said...

J Mopper,

Here's a post title from "The Pragmatis" blog:

The Day After The Masque Speech

And this rant on another post {all in red} sounds eerily familiar:

"This Administration bends over 'backwards' to justify 'Anything Muslim'... WE are not a Muslim Country, but BO is trying to make us one... I, for one, will be elated when this Muslim/Communist POS is out of office .... We can then 'recover' and move forward in the 'American Way' .... This is just another 'slap in America's face' .... You 'BO Supporters' have voted for 'SOCIALISM' .... I hope you wake up before 'Sharia Law' comes to America!!"

Another rant on "The Pragmatis" is lifted from the comment section of another blog "In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and it is written by a guy who has a suspect blog called "I Speak My Mind Out."

Scroll down to it.

The Pragmatis sounds awfully familiar, and his rants are the same as several other suspicious bloggers' rants.

As someone else noted, they can't win any arguments on merit so they HAVE to resort to cheating, theft, and deceit.

The more digging I do into this operation, the more labyrinthine it becomes.

The people who have commented on these fake blogs have been suckered.

What is worse, they've exposed themselves as being unable to be critical thinkers and easily led to belive the disinformation they are being fed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BTW: The "I Speak My Mind Out" blogger has a photo up of a film star, Cam Gigandet, and one of the blog's followers is lisa's brand new blog "Who's Your Daddy."

It's all so interconnected, and getting very, very interesting.

Infidel753 said...

This is getting ridiculous. Who is that masque'd man? He's "a monstrous regiment of women"!

Maybe Malcontent is the only right-wing blogger on the whole internet, and the rest are just his fake identities.....

Sue said...

yikes could the one Malcontent be all the conservative bloggers??

Octo I did not know that SF story, he has always been respectful to me and my blog visitors. He is one of my regular rightie commenters.

lisa claims she is not Mal but I asked her why SUE's picture is kept up on her blog followers list. She hasn't answered me. I believe her blog is started and written by Mal and that's why she can't remove the picture. we'll see...

Dave Miller said...

Thank you all for making my morning with this thread.

J Mopper, the doll line was priceless.

And Sue, I went to Lisa's site just to see your quote and found this.

After a typical Malcontenetian rant, Shaw points out that most of the post is years old and false.

Lisa's response was that it was not totally false. It was a mix of true and false facts.

If you read it aloud with a classic valley girl accent, it is even better.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"false facts."--Lisa

There is no such thing as a "false fact."

But never mind.

Glad to have lightened your morning, Dave.

I've also found another brand spanking new blog called "Imagine The Impossibilities" with the blogmaster using a photo of a Hollywood actor, Sebastian Spencer.

And surprise! Surprise! Another rant about the "masque!"

We may be uncovering the hilarious fact that the rightwing blogsphere is actually run by one guy in a "masque."

The J Mopper said...

Why is Mal against "a short allegorical dramatic entertainment of the 16th and 17th centuries performed by masked actors"

Seems rather capricious and arbitrary to me.

Next thing we'll hear is that he's opposed to violins on television!

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, we bow to your investigative abilities...

Lisa has now taken down her blog, and started a new one, and of course is being followed by Mr. Imagine the Possiblities... As in imagine the possibilities if he used his real identity...

You can see it here...

It is interesting that the URL for ITP has the name Sebastian in it, since it is his identity that he has stolen.

TAO said...


Well you are widely read...

Surfing my regular haunts of conservative blogs I notice that those that did link to the malcontent have deleted the links...

Keep up the good work....

Pamela Zydel said...

Shaw: I had my suspicions about these so-called Conservatives, especially after 60+ of them left my follower’s list in a matter of one week.

Just a note: RIR's first picture was of Kathleen Parker, then (s)he switched to Renee O’Connor. Again, not a big deal when it‘s a celebrity of sorts, but really, how many people actually know Kathleen Parker? or Renee O’Connor for that matter? It’s deceptive no matter what way you look at it. And the identity theft of Sue X is totally wicked.

I was busy all weekend so haven't had a chance to write a post about this, but rest assured, I will be. We need a united front on this issue--Conservatives AND Liberals because this identity theft is a universal issue, and it’s just plain WRONG.

Anonymous said...


I told you when you lost those 60 followers that reality was only three of them were real!

At least now you know that REAL people follow you!

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Bourgeois Elitist) said...

I don't know who Cam Gigandet is. I do know who Renee O'Connor is though. I used to watch her and Lucy Lawless all the time on "Xena Warrior Princess"... still I thought the Right is Right Profile picture looked like Heather Locklear.

My profile picture is mine... a picture I took that is, not a picture of me.

Also, if anybody wants to know my real name they can find out by purchasing a CD from me on eBay or Amazon. The links for both are at the top of my blog.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Helga stopped using Kathleen Parker's pic when I started calling her Kathleen.

"Heil Helga" was a better fit anyway.

The illusion of large numbers has been a ploy of theirs since I started blogging. Locval bloggers carry on converstaions with themselves for days. At least they're not so starved for time that they feel they have to make up identities like our pal Mal. They just post as anonymous.

How long before our favorite Long Beach NY troll makes up another identity and comes here to refute what Shaw has uncovered?

Dave Miller said...

Who knows what evil lurks in the darkness of New York, Oh Grand Exalted Ayatollah?

Perhaps The Shadow...

Coming soon to a rightwing conservative blogspot address near you soon!

Teeluck said...

This is so disturbing on so many levels, wow.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Now that Dave mentions it I think Long Beach NY would be an excellent place to build my new "Masque."

Susannah said...

Hi SK~ Haven't been by for a while. Saw a reference to yours/Pam's 'investigation' over @ BPB. Followed links here.

What's all this fuss about? -- I asked myself...I hadn't noticed 'fake' blogs, just that lots of 'em pop up & are active only briefly. Since most of you here are Left-ish, you may be interested in a Right-ish point of view on all this (?) I don't know, call me crazy...

Personally, I'm not interested in bloggers whose only aim is to 'rant,' even if it's a sentiment w/ which I agree. It's silly, sophomoric, doesn't advance 'the cause' & just isn't interesting. I appreciate good writing, see?

I don't care if someone wants to keep 2,3,4,5 blogs all w/ different profiles & "alter egos" (who has this kind of time? they surely don't live in my world!). And I couldn't give a rip if some actor/actress' photo is 'stolen.' I DO take exception (as I said @ Pam's blog) when a person's pic is swiped for the purpose of bullying, intimidating, to get that individual off the boards...Incidentally, I have personally only witnessed this from the Left (not that Right doesn't do it -- people are people).

One last thought...Shaw, you asked this question:
"Why do they do such things?"

I asked the same question over @ Pam's & BPB, & was really puzzled...who has this kind of time??

Then I see all the strings of comments, multiple posts, the extensive 'investigating' & the loads & loads of energy going into 'exposing' the person/people.

And it hits me: somebody somewhere is ROFLMAO -- all day long. I say this with the very best of intentions, really, SK. I think -- maybe -- you guys have quite possibly 'been had.'

Take it or leave it. Just an observation...

Susannah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shaw Kenawe said...

"And it hits me: somebody somewhere is ROFLMAO -- all day long. I say this with the very best of intentions, really, SK. I think -- maybe -- you guys have quite possibly 'been had.'"--Susannah

The point of our investigation was to stop the unethical use of people's photos on these blogs.

I wonder, Susannah, if you would like to see your image on a made-up blog that was entirely contrary to your religious and political beliefs, with a profile full of lies about your image. You may not so blithely dismiss this as nothing more than pranksterism if your face were placed on a blog without your knowledge or permission.

You completely ignored that point of our exposing these blogs.

One of the blogs has a photo of a fallen police officer from Oakland, Calif., with lies in the profile of that photo.

Others have taken individual images from facebook and social networking sites, stolen those photos, and used them for profile picutres.

I've been in touch with the people in those stolen photos and they are very upset and angry that this has happened to them. They are real people who've had their images placed on blogs they do not agree with.

One of the blogs "Just Sue" that engaged in this sort of theft has shut down, as have dozens more.

That you see this situation as someone having a good laugh on Pam and me is a reflection of your values, not ours.

Decent people find these blogs reprehensible and dishonorable and do not think Pam and I have "been had."

Apparently, you're not one of them.

I say this with the very best of intentions, really.

Susannah said...

SK~ I didn't come by to argue. I do think what you & Pam are doing is of value. I do care that people's character is being besmirched; my best friend in the whole-wide-world was one of them...and it successfully 'got her off the boards,' and that's wrong.

But I also think that someone, somewhere is getting a kick -- a sinister kick -- out of all this. And perhaps the less public attention, the better. Just making a sincere observation; totally not trying to start a fight. And really wasn't looking for hostility from you.

Don't worry, SK, I'm disconnecting from this comment thread, & won't be back any time soon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Susannah, It was your snarky comment that prompted my reply.

I wasn't born yesterday. That remark is meant to demean and diminsh the work Pam and I are doing.

Nowhere in your comment did you say a word about the dishonesty of people stealing other people's photos and placing lies about those photos in the profile sections of the blogs.

You conclusion to all that we've been attempting to uncover is that someone somewhere is having a good laugh and we've been had?

That's mockery. And when I respond you play the part of the injured party?

You're a clever woman, Susannah, and I've locked horns with you many times. You bait, taunt, and use cutesy interjections in your comments; and when you've gotten as good as you've given, you play the victim.

You believe the less public attention over photo ID stealers is better than uncovering the deceit?

I just don't live in your universe.